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  1. I wasn't there either -and- refused to watch the clips, so my judgement is even better: It has been one of the best performances I have never witnessed. It's only because you lot keep mentioning it was equipment instead of a life performance, because honestly, I can't tell.
  2. I wasn't even there, but I told a friend anyway, and he agrees with your friends. I guess we're on to something. @fas42 You can not make informed observations based on Youtube videos. The playback quality is low and the complex chain of electronics prohibits that you are able to distinguish where certain abberations are coming from. It is just not possible, no matter how much you would love it to be otherwise. There is a reason why recording studios and the equipment associated with them are somewhat larger than a phone or tablet. There is also a reason why with concert registrations the microphones are decoupled, and they're not being held by a moving and breathing human being. You may be happy with listening to a classical recording being made using a phone, but I prefer less after-thoughish approaches. @The Computer AudiophileThe above implicates that I won't be watching any of the clips, can you also provide screenshots? Much more interested in those.
  3. Not only multi-factorial, but those 'facts' can even be contradicting. It's a lot about the music, acoustics of the room, and equipment you grew up with, and the memories you attached to it. It's no different from smelling something that brings back memories really.
  4. Ah "value"... such a nice can o' worms. Give me unlimited funds and I'd buy a watch that costs more than my dream car, which in turn costs more than my dream setup. To be honest, I have limited imagination when it comes to dream setups, but still, the picking order is very clear to me. But as things are, my setup costs more than my car, and my watch is broken and I can't be bothered about it.
  5. The playback qualities i think I'd let both pass, I wouldn't be locking myself up in a room in the 60s. Much more fun to be had in other places. Yeah baby.
  6. No, I don't consider myself to be The Measure Of All Things. That's actually all there is to it.
  7. I'm sure it does, but you can listen to your equipment all you want, and it's nobodys business but yours. You should seriously read the editorial above this thread and lighten the hell up.
  8. It was Linn, in a discussion on their forums, but as they closed everything down I can't find the discussion anymore. I also can't remember at which distance balanced gets the edge. Anyway, my point was that it is debatable, which is what is happening.
  9. Opening a very shiny can of worms here, but I couldn't resist. I'll be leaving now. 😇
  10. So what if they do? Who are you to deny them their hapiness?
  11. I think you're Confused. 😇 It is more than a generalisation. Most of our history and all but a few cultures revolve around the collection and exchange of shiny objects. We have several senses and to me it seems weird to deny one sense when feeding another. So, enjoy the comfort of your room and favourite chair, the way your equipment looks, your favourite music, while drinking your favourite beverage. It's a hobby, it should be enjoyable me thinks.
  12. You really worry to much about the choices other people make. If someone enjoys their bling looking setup, just let them enjoy it. Everyone makes choices. I'll give a simple example; if you have a budget A and an amount of spare time B, you have to decide how much time you are going to spend on listening to equipment before buying. Travelling to dealers and shows cost money too, it it will consume both time and money. Everybody has different amounts of money and time and it may be more difficult to get access to brand C over D, or the other way around, so, outcomes will differ. I bought most of my setup when I had little time, as I was working abroad most of the time. The upside being that that increased my budget significantly. So I made my choices based on those parameters. Nobody should judge me about that, nor will I judge others on their choices. And no, my setup isn't 'shiny', but if it would, it would be my business alone.
  13. I have read that plain RCA provides better S/N over (very) short distances. The writer being the chief engineer of a well known equipment brand. So this general guideline is already debatable. Well sure, but less-designed equipment will provide so much noise that you may not hear the contribution of cables. So this guideline is debatable as well. I agree full heartedly. In my case, I have 14 RCAs, 9 power cables, a lot of speakercable, UTP, HDMI etc, so I have a severe shortage of 90 degree angles. Keeping them away from each other worked pretty well, considering the challenge. With my setup, and all the cables, RFI is more of an issue. The quality of components is high enough not having to worry, much, about conducted noise. Once again, debatable. 😊 Again this depends on the reality you live in, but as a general guideline, sure. I can't debate either, being happy being the most important. A lot of people are unhappy and start projecting their misery on the equipment of others.
  14. Luckily, trying them yourself provides the best results in figuring out if cables matter to you. 😉 My theory is that it is more about shielding than about the cables themselves, and that results differ much depending on the abundance of cable spaghetti, EM noise and the sensitivity of equipment used. It is the only explanation I can come up with that explains why people have such different experiences and strong opinions about them. Obviously this is debatable as well, so I'm already bracing for impact.
  15. I'd suggest that you'd visit a dealer and start listening to a couple of devices. This way you can make up your own mind. Real scientists love doing experiments. As waveforms are a 2 dimensional affair, the perfection of the bits is only half the story in the digital domain, so the scientists you mention seem to have one-dimensional approach, which is really never a good thing in science. And than we have the tricky part; convincing the bits to transform themselves to music. It's all mighty complicated, really.
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