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  1. Release 3.5.38 NOT FixED offline tracks/albums status display files with off line status are not off line and are playing at the moment.
  2. 3.5.29 Update is available. https://audirvana.com/delivery/audirvana3_5_releasenotes.html
  3. New Great Remote Audirvana App in the App Store. Great job @damien78!
  4. New Official Audirvana Community Forum: https://community.audirvana.com/
  5. @Booster MPS Playing an album, plays the whole album here and don’t stop after the first track. Looking at the meta data and going back gives no crashes here. On the Ipad “A through Z” is indeed giberish.
  6. First stop playing and then you will see an empty playlist.
  7. I had to look in the dictonary what ' a mess' means, because English is not my language, but I can't agree with you. I had problems with the database but at the moment it is ok. And I'm a heavy user with more than 12000 albums:-) There are still a few bugs, but in general the program works good now. I do nothing with the BUILT IN OUTPUT because I only use my Apple Airport.
  8. Jos, Thank you for your answer. I just gave him a new try. I contacted Damien and found a solution by myself. Deleted a NAS drive and added it again. Now he is indexing. It cost me too much time, because I want listen too music.
  9. AUDIRVANA FORUM There is an official Audirvana forum. Is it not better to move all to this forum? Questions and answers are combined in a treath and it seems to me that @damien78 has a much better complete survey of all the problems. You will find the Audirvana forum here: https://audirvana.com/forums/index.php
  10. Today I returned to 3.2.16. That program works as it should be. Why not bring all the good things to 3.5.9?
  11. Almost............... Problems with my network drives MANUAL/AUTO. Damien is searching.
  12. I have 4 NAS drives with music. Two of them are in the settings on AUTO and the others on MANUAL. All drives are playing music but I can't sync these MANUAL drives. What to do?
  13. The synching problem is here for 99% fixed. I think Damien will soon come with an update.
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