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  1. MQA is capitalistic grab of money, it seems. Anti-MQA crowd stand up for uneducated, helpless audiophiles, that needs protection from greedy capitalists demanding licensing fees for nothing. I thought "antifa" and others (especially left-wing militias of past, before socialism won undoubtedly in western countries) are not afraid of arms.
  2. Why not “radical left wing”?
  3. @ALLOaudio Do you have in plans a case for rpi/katana with enough room for mounting of pair of xlr sockets (that will be soldered out to katana board) in the case ?
  4. Problem with Ritter nad alike is not child labor in Africa (that seems remote), but chemicals in it (impacts millions of consumers). Just check ingredients.
  5. That Andy (nice work on exposing him guys) posed as “old dog”, but he did not know basic netiquette. You don’t attack autochthons nor ask questions answered elsewhere on forum/discussion group. That was suspicious
  6. I smelled it out 2 pages ago, that is reason you are here. To undermine the credibility.
  7. Nowhere to be found in the quote an opinion, that sound from Roon is inferior.
  8. @Jud Stop mixing up legal contracts, licensing agreements and right management. They are all separate matters.
  9. Roon is good, but their IOS control point gets killed (closes unexpectedly) or freezes much too often. Also iPhone control point could have more (all) options/GUI features (be on par with iPad/computer). iPhone Plus have big hi-res screens, there is nothing, in my opinion, that prevents feature parity with iPad app.
  10. $10 for 320kB/s mp3, $15 for RBCD, $20 for hi-res. How much more can you pay for better quality (there is no more cost for encoding, just for transferring more bits over network)? Real value of music is in music, not in amount of bits.
  11. Please see 45:45 in https://developer.apple.com/videos/play/wwdc2017/501/ “On the FLAC side, we have the codec, file and the streaming support”. Apple had built in FLAC streaming support.
  12. I speculate RBCD quality with FLAC will be the only option in AM. Same price as current AAC. Pure speculation (=conspiracy theory): There must be a reason (in addition to desire for jack removal) why Apple removed headphone’s DAC from iPhones (about the time it implemented hardware FLAC decoder), thus promoting (or forcing) better, external DACs.
  13. You must call Apple they have false statements on their pages (i.e https://www.apple.com/iphone-8/specs/). I believe that official specifications mean, that iPhones 7 and newer have hardware decoder for FLAC (and most likely API hooks for the decoder). Since replacement cycle for iPhones is 2-3 years depending on country, then we should expect FLAC support enabled soon, this or next year (if business agreements get obtained on time). After new AM service gets announced FLAC support for iTunes and iOS Music apps will get enabled. Cheers, Max
  14. Knowing how Apple operates there is a reason why they introduced FLAC support in iPhones/iOS. They need to grow installed base of such devices worldwide before they introduce lossless (FLAC) music service.
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