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  1. Thank you for your reply & time , Bob !
  2. Hello RWW , No , I haven't edited meta data ... So , I presuppose this should be done and how , please ? T.I.A.
  3. Same here , A10 1.5 y.o “Wait updating data” more often than necessary. For a time (months back) A10 would do this at short interval s , every 10-15 minutes - perhaps the updates fixed this.?...
  4. Issue resolved here (streaming track skipping), by going into iPad settings > Aurender App > Reset all settings .
  5. Hey all, Long time lurker here , that's why I now own the A-10 for the last two months - An impressive piece with all it brought to my system(s) presentation , very satisfying ! Mark - I too am having the same symptom you describe - If that is helpful ; We'll just have to be patient , I guess , for this bug to be worked out . I believe there has already been a further update, which then included this glitch . And thanks guys for each of your informative posts . BTW - Very nice micro details, fuller fleshed out and smoother presentation w/MQA sourced software , here ! MG-3.7i < Parasound A-21 < ARC tube preamp LS-17se < Aurender A-10
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