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  1. Audiosciencereview tested this and they found sandpaper cleans the best.
  2. My EtherREGEN has been in my system for about 100 hours now and has settled in nicely. I am experiencing the same soundstage improvements and better microdetail retrieval that many others have already described. Looks like John and Alex have really hit it out of the park with this one, congratulations guys! I have a little bit of a special use case with my system so I thought I would pass along my findings with the EtherREGEN. I have a 2-channel active system and I am using an exaSound e38 / PlayPoint combination (both LPS-1.2 powered ) for my DAC and network bridge. The e38 DAC sounds best to me when playing DSD256. I am finding that I can play 8 channel DSD256 to the exaSound through the EtherREGEN using Roon without any stuttering. With HQPlayer the best I can manage is 8 channels at DSD64, but DSD64 with the EtherREGEN still sounds MUCH better than DSD256 without. All of the usual disclaimers apply. I have set up my network to minimize network traffic to the PlayPoint and I only know enough about computer networks to be dangerous to myself and others, so I can’t help you with your setup. Looking at the switch ahead of the EtherREGEN it looks like Roon is sending about 94-98 Mbps to my PlayPoint so it is very close to stuttering and any additional network traffic would cause problems. The takeaway is that it is possible to play multichannel DSD256 through the EtherREGEN using Roon because at least one crazy audiofool is doing it and he is very happy with the results! And, as always, YMMV.
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