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  1. I'm going to wait until someone can confirm that there is a "significant" improvement in SQ before I try the subscription. I don't need a lot of features and Audirvana works better for me than Roon. I quit using my Roon subscription as soon as I tried Audirvana. Yesterday's presentation referred to some additional features but it wasn't clear to me if they were anything I would use.
  2. Has anyone compared the 512 Engineering Symmetrical Power Source input transformer to one of the Stromtank units and have a preference?
  3. I switched from 3.0.? to 3.5.7 on Saturday. I soon realized that there was a significant and unexpected improvement in sound quality. I'm surprised and delighted with how my system sounds now but I wonder if this change is temporary or permanent. Is 3.5 optimized for the current version of Mohave? Will the sound quality slowly deteriorate as Apple updates the operating system? Do other users typically experience a degradation in Audirvana sound quality as Apple updates the operating system until there is a major update to Audirvana?
  4. My DAC is 2 years old, my turntable is 29 years old, and my speakers are about 20 years old. It appears that the issue may be with the phono section. I haven't been listening to analog too much in the last few years. I wasn't getting the same level of enjoyment that I got out of analog as I did in the past, but recently I noticed that I had to turn up the volume significantly higher for my turntable than I did in the past to get the same sound level. After turning the volume up, the turntable sound pretty good now. I usually turn the volume up to about 15% for digital (I don't thi
  5. I have a 28 year old Exposure amp and preamp. They seem to be operating OK but it also seems like I need to turn the volume up a little more than usual to get the same sound level that I used to get, especially when I'm using analog playback. That led me to wonder how long an amplifier should last. What are people's thoughts on the life of an amplifier?
  6. @damien78 Is it possible to restore a deleted Tidal playlist. Twice I have accidentally deleted a large 2000+ track playlist when I was only trying to delete 1 track. It's a lot of work to recreate this playlist. Is there some easy way to restore the play list?
  7. I have Roon installed and was considering replacing it with Audirvana. Since installing Audirvana, Roon won't play through my dac and I can't compare the two. Did you have a way to shut off or remove the exclusive access that Audirvana has to be able to play Roon?
  8. I installed the trial version of A+ 2 days ago. A+ works fine but I can't play any other applications through my DAC. I've tried unchecking the exclusive access mode box but it didn't make a difference. I've also tried to quit A+ but that didn't help either. Is there a way to disable or change something in A+ to allow you to play Youtube or other audio through your DAC? I've got to believe that this has been addressed before, but I have not been able to find any solution on line. For a while I was able to play audio from other applications through my iMac speakers, but I can't even
  9. Thanks for your response Charles. I have 3 dedicated circuits in my listening room for audio. If I keep the computer off those circuits, would that eliminate most or almost all the noise on the AC connected to my hi-fi?
  10. Hi Charles, My iMac has an S/PDIF optical digital audio output (at the headphone output). Before I buy a 3.5mm mini toslink optic to full size cable to try it, would you expect the S/PDIF optical output from my computer to sound better than using the USB or ethernet input to the QX5? Is most of the EMI and RFI from the computer usually transmitted through a USB cable or is other EMI and RFI emitted from the computer just as significant? Since the QX-5 completely eliminates all jitter from the S/PDIF input, would you expect one toslink to cable sound just as good as another?
  11. Hi @Charles Hansen: When streaming Tidal through the QX5 would you expect better sound quality using your PC/Mac and Roon to control Tidal in the ethernet input? Or would the sound quality be better keeping your PC/Mac out of the loop and stream directly from your router to the ethernet input and using the Mconnect as a controller?
  12. I'm using my IMac as my core but wonder how much improvement there would be with a sever like the Sonic Transporter i7. Did you feel you lost much in sound quality when you switched back to your IMac? Also I'm streaming Tidal at 176.4. I heard that it would sound better than 192 since 176.4 is a multiple of 44.1 hz.
  13. I tried Roon upsampling today and it seems to be a bigger improvement than I expected. I asked Alex at Ayre about upsampling and he doubted if it would be an improvement, but said he's never tried upsampling and would have to check it out when he gets a chance.
  14. Does anyone have any experience using Roon or HQPlayer upsampling on the QX5? Is there any benefit to applying up sampling to the QX5 input?
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