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  1. Up for sale , 2 cables of 33 cm PPA Studio TZ YUN III Sata Cables . I ask 200$ Tha sale is for 2 cables . ( 100$ each) Please note: Paypal fees, shipping and Insurance to Usa and Canada is included in the price .
  2. Hi Kirbyt . I am interested to bought your dac . Im from Canada, Québec.


    I am a CAM member to .

  3. Hello . Mihaylov


    I am interested to mod a nic like yours


    I have bought the tcxo , nic like yours and i have a 5v lpsu . but I don't know how configure the installation of the tcxo.


    Do you have a shema or other pictures ?


    Ithank you



  4. Hi Nikhil


    I see you have a Job Int .


    Do you recommend the Job Int ?


    My speakers is a Spatial m3 4ohn . min 3.2 ohm 94 db


    Thank you



  5. For those who have a nas Synology with a double nic you can run a bridge with a root command. I have tested on a* Synology ds214 + and it works with Sotm sms 200 and minimserver or asset upnp . Open ssh option in nas configuration *With putty ,connecting to your nas with ip of your nas .** Sudo su ( password is the same as you synology.) insmod /lib/modules/stp.ko insmod /lib/modules/bridge.ko brctl addbr br0 brctl stp br0 off ifconfig br0 (ip of your nas) netmask up brctl addif br0 eth0 brctl addif br0 eth1 ifconfig eth0 promisc up ifconfig eth1 promisc up route add default gw (ip of you router) dev br0 exit
  6. Hi . This is my impression with the latest upraded


    It sounds more compressed, the notes (cymbals, piano ...) are shortened, the soundstage is narrower but deeper. Less clarity, gives the impression of having less noise, a bit like the microrendu. . The bass attack is fast but short.


    Can you share your impressions on the news updates?

  7. I prefer the sound before .. the latest upgrade kill the sound. Can i come back before this update?
  8. Spatial hologram m3 , m4 turbo S . They combine the richness bass power of an 802 Bowers with the openness and clarity of a Klipschhorn or la Scala.
  9. I had a Bryston Bdp2 with a W4s Recovery , I sold to buy a Microrendu. I tested the Recovery with the Microrendu and the sound was not good. A lot of inner detail was not there, so I sold the Recovery, I should have kept it to go with the sms 200
  10. Nobody have a issues to play "Natif DsD" over Squeezelite ? I can only play "DoP" .
  11. Hello . I have the sotm sms 200 and microrendu for more than 2 weeks . The servers is connected on hdplex , 7v for microrendu, 9v for sotm sms 200 . Curious link usb for 2 server. "Has my hear " The microrendu has a more analog sonorities with bass more pronounced and deep, the soundstage is deeper, the high frequency are more silky, the voices are natural. All the micro details is here , The sotm sms 200 it clearer and shiny with a forward sound , better micro detail , dry and light bass, better voices "more degreasing ". In comparison the sotm sms 200 lack of "meat around the bone " For my taste. I think the regen or recovery can help the sotm to make it more analogic but the microrended is perfect without any addition. The comparisons were made with DsD and high resolution files .
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