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  1. I would say no, it wouldn’t create an audible improvement. Upgrading the XLR connections isn’t one that historically makes much difference unless you have a very highly resolving system, but even then expensive cables may not make a meaningful difference.
  2. I bought an RME ADI-2 DAC/Headphone Amp. Should be here in a couple days. Look forward to hearing it with the new headphones!
  3. I purchased a pair from underwoodhifi.com. I let them burn in for around 100 hours as recommended and to my ears they send great. I have to admit I haven't done any headphone listening until now since the late 70s through pair of Koss 4AAs so I wouldn't be a very good resource for comparisons to other headphones currently available. I'm looking at headphone amps so I can listen to them in my home office. I work from home full time and I need a headphone amp/DAC that I can connect via USB to my iMac as my office system has no provision for headphone listening. I pur
  4. Just to clarify, I use an Antipodes server, not Innuous as my source. Big improvement over using a Synology NAS. The Antipodes runs Roon Core and also functions as my Roon Ready player.
  5. I prefer the USB currently over Ethernet. I use USB because the Antipodes Server is said to work best with USB vs. Ethernet. I haven’t done any comparisons over time but I did compare them a couple of weeks ago and I didn’t hear any difference.
  6. To me, in my system it make quite a substantial difference. Worth the $720.00!
  7. As mentioned previously, I bought a new MDx upgrade board for my Bricasti M3. The new MDx and old MDx boards are shown below. Installation was a very straightforward procedure to swap out the old board with the new. You can see the new chips on the board. Took maybe 20 minutes. Also, took my time to make sure all connections were good and all screws went back into the right places. Will let it play overnight to break it in. New MDx board below: Old M3 non-MDx board below:
  8. How would anyone know that? Not mentioned in the article anywhere.
  9. Yes, sorry. I was referring to the webpage, not the Status on the M3 display. In any event I have ordered the MDx upgrade kit and will install it when it arrives next week.
  10. Interesting , I don’t have a “Status” menu.
  11. This is what my M3 shows. Don’t see anything about the input board but I know I don’t have the MDx hardware.
  12. Before paying $700.00 for the upgrade I asked Bricasti via email what the MDx board offered and their response is in my posting.
  13. View Classified *** REDUCED - M5 Streamer Selling my Bricasti LIKE NEW M5 as I have move dup to the Bricasti M3 DAC with streamer/ethernet option to reduce box count.I'm the original owner and purchased this from an Authorized Dealer on March 1, 2020. Check my perfect feedback on dozens of transactions on USAudiomart and on Audiogon (userID - sfseay). Over 380 transactions on eBay with 100% positive feedback. Come with all accessories and original factory boxI have owned the Aurender N10 and Lumin U1 and I hear very little to no difference between them and the Bri
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