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  1. After reexemaning my choice to go with a 12V Farad3 for my Nuc7i5dnke, I've contacted Mattijs and was able to exchange mine for a 19v unit. The 12v unit already impressed me, but the 19v does indeed give more dynamics, a better controlled bass and also a better sorted 3d image. This is of course in my system, but I do think the 19v generally is a better choice for a NUC. Either way, the Farad3 really is a tremendous upgrade.
  2. I've bought a Farad 12V for my NUC ( 7i5dkne). I run euphony From USB or AL in RAMroot with no disks attached. I've chosen the 12V so I could be able to use it to power a CPU in a future build. I also think the 12V version is more widely used in switches and converters etc so it might be more future proof. Just my thinking. Can you tell me why you'd recommend the 19V instead of the 12V? Better dynamics maybe?
  3. I've been following this thread on daily basis from the beginning, but this is my very first post here. Really sorry for that 🙂 Last week I bought a Farad3 from Mattijs. It's a 12V version to use with my Nuc7i5dnke running Euphony. Before the Farad I used a new version HDplex 200w. There really is no comparison. The Farad is superb! Much more grip and ease, it's dead quit, much more details and beautiful decays etc etc... 'At the end of our first day together I disconnected her and put her on my bedside table. Just to be close' 😊
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