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  1. Excellent Alex! I would have been more than willing to split the difference. I hope you have a volume seller on your hands.
  2. Alex I really appreciate you taking the time to provide an early feedback on the EtherRegen. I hope the beta testing goes smoothly and we will have the product available to us soon. Thank You
  3. Hi. I need some advice on the best location for the EtherRegen in my set-up. Between Router and Mac Mini or between Mac Mini and DAC? Current set-up Router --> Mac Mini Roon Server powered by UpTone JS2—> DAC Ethernet input (Ethernet sourced from Mac Mini configured in bridged mode) Thanks
  4. "Overall detail retrieval, smoothness, dimensional layering, space between instruments are all took a nice step up." Elan120, your observations of the improvements of the LPS2 over the LPS1 are spot on. I am using it to drive an UltraRendu. Kudos to Uptone Audio on another great affordable product.
  5. I just did yesterday. I installed both Mac High Sierra and Roon onto the SD card and unmoumted the internal HDD. This combination along with the MMK conversion kit and the JS-2 has netted the best sound quality I have obtained from the Mac Mini so far. I will try Superdad’s suggestion for loading the music files to a Ram Disk next.
  6. Based on what I have seen reported from owners, it could take up to two weeks before full performance is realized.
  7. I recommend the Bel Canto EX integrated. It has accepts both analog - including phono - inputs, digital inputs, ethernet, USB, SPIF, Toslink and has a head phone output. There is also an amplifier bypass and sub output with built in crossover. It can process MQA and is Roon ready. Really well thought out product. Bel Canto has excellent customer service and an excellent history of providing upgrades to keep their older products current. http://www.belcantodesign.com/home/black/ex-integrated/ex-int/
  8. I was using a Mac book pro feeding a Ultrarendu outputting into a Bel Canto Ref Link. While the sound was good I felt it could improved upon so I decided to experiment. I bought a base model Mac Mini (4GB of RAM/none SSD) and Uptone Audio’s MMK and JS-2 power supply. My music player is Roon with my music mainly sourced from Tidal. The Ultrarendu’s Ethernet is connected directly to the Mini via a network bridge. Doing so bypasses my router for an improvement is sound quality. I realized a big step up in sound overall compared to the Mac Book Pro with the biggest improvements in naturalness and dynamics. So, yes, improving the source makes a difference no matter how good your down stream components are.
  9. Haven’t tried the HD Plex but everything I have read seem to imply the JS-2 is a higher quality performer. I have the JS-2 driving a base Mac Mini and couldn’t be happier. It is really excellent all the way around, dynamics, clarity, tonality, naturalness, everything is all there. Good luck!!
  10. I installed one of the these to connect a Regen to the DAC in my father’s office system. The impact was huge and immediately obvious - lower noise floor, improved clarity and increased dynamics. My father could not believe the improvement and stated that this must be the highest return for the dollar in HIFI. Anyway, I am going to purchase one to compare against my Audience USB cable which I think is excellent. Great product!
  11. I found the Mac Mini to be sensitive to vibrations (much more than the MacBook Pro) which I addressed with a vibration control platform. I also upgraded the stock power cord for additional improvement. These changes were needed to extract the full potential of the upgrades. In short, the improvement over the MacBook Pro is significant. It is more dynamic, more musical, more real. The georgeous JS-2 and the MMK kit are an awesome combination. I will try network bridging and the booting the operating system from an SD card.
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