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  1. hi i have updated to the last version 3.5.13 ,and i would like to know if i can have the old color i'm running high sierra , it becomes blue , i liked the old color gray thanks
  2. Hi i have a weird problem i have updated to the last version , i had the same problem with older version from 3.1.5 to the last i have tried to import an ntfs hard disk , and audirvana plus freezes , it did happen on itunes checked this hard disk and it's perfect , under windows 10/7 muscibee , foobar2000 and audirvana plus for windows ,i have no provlems the freezing is while is scanning this volume i have used mp3tag for windows and i have Cyrillic files name and tags have you notices some problems like that on sierra and high sierra ? audirvana crashes during the scanning of the volume thanks
  3. hi it should be out a+ for windows , but still nothing
  4. Hi cables make a big difference when i bought them for my amp ,cd player and speakers in 99.9 copper well , they did and do a big difference now i don't know about cable like ugreen or belkin , they are cheap , well with their copper without oxygen and douple shield they sound different for me thanks
  5. hi i have missed Bruckner - Symphony No.9 (Muti) , if you like classic music is amazing can't stop to listen cheers
  6. hi can't understand why they don't add to the official foobar components page thanks
  7. +1 MASSEDUCTION St. Vincent Ctrl SZA Melodrama Lorde A Deeper Understanding The War On Drugs
  8. hi i have create a script for mp3tag to download last.fm tags and it create keywords and mood field is there a way to let a+ read these field? or should i change keywords and mood tag to other name tag so a+ can read and i can perform a search? thanks
  9. hi i don't think it's right, i connect my cd player marantz special edition kis with my amp marantz or densen and they are connected to my speaker with very exansive cable copper 99.9 and they make an huge different ,i bought in high fidelity audio store hi i live in Italy I don't want to spend a lot of money for my laptop or smartphone ,just because i play vinyls and cd originals so i bought a ugreen cable , the noise is almost 0% what i want to ask is these cheap cable of belkin or ugree , (with very low noise) do have an impact in the audio player quality? i mean do they sound opaque , less vibrant then cheap old cable without isolation i guess ugreen and belkin use dual-shielding & high-quality polished metal connectors and ferrite bead thanks
  10. hi I use very exansive cable to connect my cd player to my amply and my amply to the speakers ,i really spent a lot i 'm talking about the best cheap cable to connect a smartphone or laptop with integrated audio card i would like to know about this cheap cable (that avoid noise) could sound worse than normal cable (noisy) ? i know it's a silly question thanks
  11. hi may i ask your favorite cable to connect your dac to your amply? let's avoid the copper 99.9% cable just because they are so exansive i have tried ugreen and urgen ,haven't found any differences i found this link cable review they put amazon cable the best may i know you feebacks? thanks
  12. hi i have found resampler compare and this winner thanks
  13. hi thank you much! you did help me a lot i'm tring foobar wasapi push (i can't hear differents between push and event) + foobar resampler (sox ) "even it's outdated i guess Sox it's the best resampler in the next days i will listen with my headphones may i ask you which audio player do you use? and if i may which resampler do you use?
  14. hi only when i use a dac ,right? about the internal audio cards don't matter thank you all cheers ,happy holidays
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