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  1. I'm an enthusiastic fan of Qobuz, as others are fans of DACs, headphones etc. But for me, there's nowhere to chat and gossip about Qobuz. I don't think there are any other products/services whose main thread is titled "issues"? The other thread, "features", is helpfully focussed carefully upon product management feedback. Is it perhaps a pity that most discussion of Qobuz is always associated with "issues"?
  2. I didn't notice that elephant. What did it look like? When was it it stumbled into the room?
  3. Where there's a will, there's a way. There are some very talented, expert, creative and honest people willing to contribute if only Qobuz were willing to collaborate.
  4. Hello @David Craff Qobuz has invited me to pay ~£150 to renew for the next year, which I am keen to do. But I listen to Qobuz through Moode on my Allo RPi, authorised by BubbleUPnP. If I renew for a year, will Qobuz continue to permit me to listen via this choice of streaming? Or will I be forced to play from the Qobuz app on my Windows PC (which does not sound good), or to buy an expensive streamer? I get the impression that Qobuz are not collaborating with the FOSS community as effectively as they collaborate with the commercial manufacturers? Regards, Mark.
  5. A post I made (about Concertmaster) over on the "features" thread is relevant to this. Any comments @David Craff?
  6. Allo (who sell RPi-based products) have made a couple of statements in posts on this site that the D90 doesn't work reliably with Linux. E.g. and Might be fake news, but beware.
  7. Concertmaster Another area where Qobuz - and also its competitors - are struggling is with metadata (or even just categorisation) for classical recordings. Possibly, this is more awkward for Qobuz given that they position themselves as a classical fan's service, more than do Tidal, Amazon or Spotify. So I am encouraged to see this classical front-end for Spotify: https://www.hiresaudio.online/classical-music-front-end-for-spotify/ https://getconcertmaster.com/ which looks fantastic. Wouldn't it be great for Concertmaster to be fa
  8. Thanks guys. I checked with my Audiolab MDAC and the problem is the same. So it's sounding even less likely that Allo's explanation above (Linux flaw) is correct. Is there anyone out there please using S2D with Allo's USBridge and moOde? This is a big puzzle and Allo have lost interest now that my product is working (following their downgrade fix). (It's not broadband or LAN or USB cable or power supply or file server or Qobuz. Works fine with 2 year old version of moOde/Linux.)
  9. @suzywong I don't know - is it? I asked here because Allo sold me the dongle, and I have searched and cannot find anyone else selling the dongle, and so it seemed fair to assume that this is an Allo quirk. Surely others here in this thread have been curious about this? I have been assuming that the version of Moode supplied by Allo is a custom Allo build for the Allo products - possibly only for the USBridge Sig. Am I right, or is Allo's version just the same as the one available from Moode?
  10. I have been playing music on my S2D via Moode on my new Allo USBridge Sig. I have an issue with clicks, which Allo have resolved by downgrading me to Moode v5/Linux kernel 4.14.92 from June 2019! (Latest version of Moode is v7) (My bug report is here: Allo say "Some DAC's having issue with the latest Linux kernel versions. And it is working fine with old kernel versions. Mainstream kernel of the OS ,we cannot alter." I am surprised to learn that this popular and fairly-recent DAC is no longer compatible with Linux. Have others had trouble with the S2D on Allo products, o
  11. Why is wifi blacklisted? I would be curious if someone could explain please why Allo's 802.11n 2.4GHz wifi dongle is blacklisted in the version of Moode we download from Allo? After spending some time fault-finding, Allo instruct that there is a trivial solution, which is to comment-out the blacklisting line in a config file. Allo's dongle is the only entry in the blacklisting list! What's behind this?
  12. Allo have provided a workaround to the issues I had of hearing clicks on my new USBridge. The workaround was to revert to an old version of Moode (or an old version of Allo's build of Moode?) - namely 4.14.92. Now rock-solid. Lovely! Further details: I tried both settings of Moode's "USB (UAC2) fix" - no difference. Can anyone tell me what this does? Clicks were worst at 192kHz and rare at 44.1kHz - hence clicks not being caused by mains-borne electricity-supply noise. The issue was manifest when playing from USB flash drive, as well as from Qo
  13. Thanks Audio_Allo - I suspect that will be helpful to future members of our community. @techboy and others - note that if this doesn't work, then in addition to Audio_Allo's instructions, you may well simply have to obtain write-permission for the file that nano is modifying. (nano is simply a text editor.) Anyone else please - why do some OSs blacklist some drivers? 🤔
  14. Sure - if I am "allowed" to. But I would rather send it to everyone, in this public thread, once and for all. There's clearly something I don't understand here. Am I not meant to make the fix public for some reason? Why would @allo.com send it to me as a PM and not let everyone know??? @Isaacc7
  15. Allo sent me the fix by PM. It's simple. What's the big secret? Is there any reason I should not post it here for all to see?
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