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  1. Qobuz is a fantastic service. But their team is small and exhibits the worst manifestations of sloppy design practices which is endemic in most of the software branch of the engineering profession. Because of this, it would be helpful for Qobuz to offer an easy, fast and reliable mechanism for downgrading to an earlier known-good version of their several softwares. This would obliterate much of the angst, frustration and complaint aimed at Qobuz.
  2. I am running the last moOde v6 release: 6.7.1 and it works perfectly. With Qobuz via BubbleUPnP and Radio Paradise. (I don't use LMS.) Possibly because of its newer Linux kernel. I gave up with the next couple of moOde releases 7.0.1 and 7.1.0 - too buggy.
  3. There is no difference between Allo's images and those from moOde’s website. The version offered by Allo seems to be arbitrary. I found version 7.0.1 to be buggy. I would not be surprised if the next release, which was 7.1.0, also had more bugs than the last version of version 6, which was 6.7.1 and which for me works flawlessly.
  4. I guess Qobuz have been busy with the Sonos thing, which is a good thing because it's sad for recorded music that so few people know that Qobuz exists - typically for less money, for essentially very similar catalogue, for no compression, and avoiding MQA palaver. Sonos is popular and will promote what Qobuz has to offer. Here is a review of streaming services by a fairly respectable magazine - Wired - and Qobuz doesn't even get a mention as an also-ran! Tragedy.
  5. Tragic. For fear of this happening, I have been wanting to use Soundiiz to backup my Qobuz playlists and favourites. But Soundiiz seems only interested in "syncing". I do not want syncing - I do not want Soundiiz to be writing anything back to or modifying my Qobuz account. I want "copying" or "backing up", not "syncing". In fact, in their help, they say "For legal reasons, Soundiiz is not creating any backup datas for third party music services connected." Anyone familiar with Soundiiz who knows what's going on? If I delete stuff in my Qobuz account, and then sync Soundiiz, will i
  6. Yup - that's what I said. I reckon that Ropieee does not need extra drivers to support this device. I reckon your problem lies elsewhere. I would focus on Ropieee rather than moOde. Ropieee really ought to work. moOde is a small project in itself. There is only a change in SQ if there is a bug, or if you have an old or cheap DAC which is not designed as well as it might be. There has been a bug (or feature deficiency) in the Linux kernel for the last year or so, which caused clicks & pops for some people on some DACs, but that seems now to have been fixe
  7. Sorry to hear that Pog. I doubt I can help, since I do not know Ropieee XL. But if we're lucky the following may help: I assume that you've got it all working over Ethernet? If not, that's the next step, even if it means a long ethernet cable lying untidy over the floor for a few days. For the sake of your confidence - the ComFast dongle did work extremely well. Right First Time. Without any additional tweaking... ... although of course, on moOde, there are several things which need configuring, such as country, networking mode (although even this is detected automatically
  8. Thanks Mark. I hope you will forgive my urge to respond: A bug list would be far more than nice. I don't believe that Tidal and Spotify and Amazon would be in the slightest bit interested that Qobuz have bugs in their software. Qobuz's issues are exposed publicly - and not resolved very effectively - in this very thread. In fact, anyone Googling for Qobuz on this site will come across this thread entitled "Issues" long before any thread about "Qobuz brilliance" or some such.
  9. There have been many occasions when people here have taken the time to experiment with and analyse issues, and then to compose unambiguous, informative issue reports, only to receive a one-line response such as "We already know about that. It will be fixed sometime." Contemptuous. With just a little more forethought and organisation and information, they wouldn't need to spend yonks of time working with people here.
  10. Hang on. Don't throw the baby out with... Qobuz is almost unique in offering hi res and truly hifi audio without the fuss and faff of MQA. The current version of the W10 application has some bugs which may be causing your sample rate faults. Qobuz reported a fix is due, just a page or so back. This has not been a long-standing problem (as it has been, for example, with the Tidal app playing through the popular "ADI-2 DAC" DAC by RME) and I reckon it is worth believing that a fix is imminent. (Although of course it might not fix your symptom, granted.) I use a RPI/MoOd
  11. You may like to add to your list "Continue to stream using Volumio", since Qobuz have said that they do not guarantee continuing to allow streaming from FOSS or DIY players such as Volumio and MoOde. And have already been making it awkward for such developers to be able to support Qobuz, such as by disabling keys and API documentation.
  12. Yes. I have an Allo USBridge Sig which works very well on wifi. One would not expect to hear any difference in sound quality between ethernet and wifi, and indeed on my set-up, I cannot. I use moOde. It seem that some or most wifi dongles will not work with my USBridge - it may be the same with Digione and/or other players. Allo sell two wifi dongles which do work. But for some reason I have never been able to find out, Allo disable their cheaper dongle from working. They do not warn you about this, and it is a (week's) faff to undo their disablement. I bought their ComFast dongle
  13. Search has become wonky in some situations: I searched for "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy" Two correct versions were offered immediately. I clicked on the artist (Sarah McLachlan) in order to research the differences between the two versions. But under "Sarah McLachlan" these two releases do not appear at all. Instead, there are dozens of releases by dozens of people who are not Sarah McLachlan. I browsed to Peter Gabriel to search for Mercy Street. There are so many releases listed under "Peter Gabriel" not by Peter Gabriel that I gave up. I have been noticing this "n
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