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  1. Has Qobuz mentioned adding MQA files? .. I see that they are not listed as a partner at the MQA site...MQA files sound more like live music than Hi - Rez files.... Hi- Rez files do sound better than CD files..But MQA is what you want if you want to hear the correct timing of the music..The correct timing is what gives MQA files the sense of live music that no other digital files can do...I have noticed that those of us involved with live music ( I play piano )...find that MQA is what we want to hear ... I am beginning to think many people just don't have enough experience with live music t
  2. "This is music arriving in your room via the Internet, for a fairly minimal monthly charge—an exponentially increasing body of recordings for playback with sound quality that’s, at the very least, as good as the best present  high-resolution digital files."  "but I am not the only one, I hope someday you'll join us"....The more you hear live music the more you will like MQA. 



  3. There are only two reasons I can think of why someone would say that MQA is not the BEST sounding format. NO other format comes close to the sound of MQA files. 1) That streaming MQA files will cause your business to fail. No one needs to buy high Rez files which do not sound as good as streamed MQA. 2) You have not spent enough time listening to live music.......and you have spent to much time listening to CDs.... Its about the timing, MQA gets it right, all other digital doesn't...Its that simple...and because the timing is correct, you will recognize more informati
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