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  1. Hi @ericucothanks, unfotunately they both appear to be multi mode devices.
  2. @jabbrthanks for that, clearly a lesson learned. I'm new to fibre and it seems to be a bit of a minefield with regards to compatability as proven by some of the posts. Excuse my ignorance, I presume SR is multi mode and LR is single mode in which case I need an LR module which is indeed the FTLX1471D3BCVI31.
  3. Unfortunately his doesn't seem to be the case. I recently bought an Intel X520-DA2 which I was using successfully with Cisco GLC-SX-MM sfps to connect to a MC220L and a Meraki MS220-8P. After following this thread I decided to try single mode and so ordered some of the £10 FTLF1421P1BCL off ebay and some Commscope TeraSPEED Fibre Patch Lead Duplex SM LC-LC OS2 9/125 LSZH FFWLCLC42-JXF007. I've managed to get the Finisars to work between the Meraki(1 Gigabit full duplex (forced)) and an MC220L{Force) but when I insert a FTLF1421P1BCL into the Intel X520-DA2 that port dis
  4. Hi, I'm interested in getting the FTLX1475D3BTL but wanted to check if you know whether these are compatible with an Intel x520-da2 PCIe adapter card.
  5. I have a Allo USBridge Sig which I have been using as an NAA with RopieeeXL but I was interested in trying the straight NAA image. Since the USBridge sig uses a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 should this Pi3 image naa-4112-raspberrypi3.7z work? I tried using it but the USBridge does not boot and stays on the rainbow screen.
  6. Just wanted to say thank you to David from @Focus Fidelityfor how quickly he has made it now possible to export Mono filters for use with HQPlayer. I've only had a brief chance to listen to the filters in use, but I'm very pleased with the results.
  7. Hi Miska, Focus Fidelity does do phase corrections. So referrring back to my previous question is it at all possible to carry out measurements with REW via HQPlayer and the NAA and keep the signal path the same as during music playback.
  8. Thanks @Miska. One other question, I am using an NAA but could not work out how to include it while taking the measurments with REW so ended up plugging my DAC into the control PC. Does this change in signal path make much difference to the measurements and if so is there a way to route REW test signals through HQPlayer in order to keep the NAA in the signal path?
  9. @mitchco thanks for that I will give it a go. @Focus FidelityDavid thanks for offering to add the mono feature, I'm sure there are quite a few HQPlayer users who will benefit from it.
  10. I've recently started looking into convolution and generating filters using Focus Fidelity. This is probably a stupid question but I just wanted to check, does HQPlayer do the convolution before upsampling and therefore do I match the sample rate of the filter to the source material or HQPlayers upsampled output?
  11. Hi Mitch, great article. I bought a license. I'm intending to use the filters with HQPlayer which requires seperate filters for the left and right channels. I can't for the life of me work out how to export the filters for the seperate channels. Any help would be much appreciated.
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