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  1. Early on I realized that metadata would not (and probably never) meet my expectations -- for me it's all about playlists for my library. So, with an eye towards simplicity/manageability, I focused on a very limited tag space and defined a simple tag vocabulary of my own that could benefit only myself. It meets my needs as I audit (using JRiver) every track that I add to my library. With JRiver's help, I easily realize the playlists (smartlists) that I can import to my player of choice.
  2. This will give you an idea of what JRiver offers.
  3. SMB'd to my mR as Guest, all I have access to is 'storage_readonly/'. In order to access '/var/lib/mpd/playlists' I would need to connect as a privileged Registered User. I am unaware of such a User and Password. Am I able to change property 'playlist_directory'? Alternatively, I am unaware of an MPC (Android, IOS or OSX) that can export/import playlists. (?) Until I can backup and restore playlists, MPD comes up short in the long run, and I will have to consider another mR application than can.
  4. I just asked him, and he said it's limited to the 5v rail. He gave no response regarding the potential impact.
  5. Yes, I have the same experience. To mitigate this, I first touch my power supply and then touch the mR.
  6. FYI, after discovering that the blue LED stopped working on the front faceplate of my 100W v2, I got the following response from Larry on 2019-05-20:
  7. I’m using MPD with a share path from my NAS. I learned that playlists are kept by the MPC (Android in my case). I have searched far and wide on my Android’s file system and could only find a cache for cover art, but nothing representing playlists. On my mR, ympd shows all of my audio files in ‘/nas’ (where Drive Mounter maps my music from the NAS) and all of my playlists in the root folder. Contrary to what I “learned” above, this suggests that my MPC is generating my playlists on the mR, when I would prefer to have them generated in ‘/nas’ where I could backup copies for recovery. I recently learned this the hard way when my micro card became corrupted and I had to replace it -- unfortunately, I had to regenerate all of my playlists. I have yet to find an Android MPC (such as M.A.L.P.) that provides a way to specify a playlist path. Is this the nature of an Android MPC app?
  8. This is borderline off-topic; however, it can help Android MPD users more fully enjoy MPD from mR. For those using Android MPD clients (such as MPD Control, MPDroid or Mupeace), I discovered two unusual behaviors (unusual because MPaD does not have these handicaps) that are worth noting. First, the cover image file must be alphabetically first inside a folder; I make up for this by naming my file '_cover.jpg'. Second, if you edit WAV file tags, you will likely end up with a chunk tag format (such as 'ID3v2.4.0, INFO Chunk', visible by Metadatics <Mac perspective>) which is unreadable by Android MPD clients which consequently fail to display cover art; I got around this by using an audio editor (such as iZotope RX) to export the WAV to an AIFF file, reloading with the AIFF file and exporting it to a WAV file, which has a tag format that is chunk-free (convoluted yes, but at least it works).
  9. Gladly. External Drive Mounter accesses my Asustor AS5002T NAS for music and cover files. I have included settings for MPaD as well as MPD Control. I favor MPD over UPnP because I can switch large playlists (200+ entries each) more quickly with MPD.
  10. I figured it out! It does not involve PHP. In MPaD, URL is '' and I decided to set Cover Filename to '_cover.jpg' so that my lame Android client, MPD Control (which seems to expect that the first alphabetic file in each folder be the image file) works as well. <ugh!> Thanks for helping out Jesus and Ted.
  11. Mounting the drive and accessing the music is not my issue. The web server path is my challenge and the tips you reference do not cover the web server, Jesus. Focusing on Ted's information and using my wife's MPaD, Cover Wizard indicates that the cover was not found, referencing ''. I've got a feeling that the beginning of the jpg path is not correct.
  12. I tried naming the file 'cover.jpg' and then 'folder.jpg', while aligning my client's cover filename to each one -- no joy. I think I am missing at least one fundamental. In mR's External Drive Mounter for SMB, my mount point is '/music/flac/nas'. What should my client's path-to-music be? 'covers/flac/nas'? I tried that without success. I suspect that path-to-music is my root issue/mystery because it is based on mR's http configuration, which is a black box for me.
  13. Does the MPD implementation support cover art? I tried <album folder>/Folder.jpg without success.
  14. My mR ran very warm, but not too hot to touch. Nonetheless, I decided to get this extruded aluminum heat sink (1.813" wide by 3" long) for less than $15 (most of that cost was shipping and handling). It does not rest on the slightly raised ends.
  15. Thank you, Jesus. I have used MPD Control and BubbleDS Next on my Android, where I have used MPD Control to build my playlists. Apparently they "cross-pollinate" my playlists in such a way that my wife's Linn Kinsky on her iPad can enjoy the playlists as well. Not really sure how that happens.
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