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  1. Totally agree. Ext2-DSD512-ASDM7 are good enough and easy to use for my i7 6700. Also, I found jriver playing SACD ISO is also very very good, in most cases seem to be even better than HQP up sampling red book.
  2. Just wondering, what did you upgrade to?
  3. Ok, after some break-in and uninstalling some unnecessary apps on computer, I feel this DAC is the best I’ve ever had, combined with Roon/HQplayer, it delivers super clarity with strong 3D presentation. I’m just connecting onboard USB port and entry level Corsair PSU. Can’t imagine how sound would be if I upgrade those two. Very very happy for this DAC change.
  4. I also found poly-sinc-ext2/ASDM7 at DSD512 is superior and using this configuration at the moment.
  5. Finally joined this club and I’m happy. Had a quick listen and first impression was really good, not overwhelmed though. Very clean and great instrument separation, great soundstage width and depth. Bass is a little shy, I assume break-in can improve that? Or because my PAD Diamond 30th Anniversary Silver USB cable? Currently my i7 6700 computer can only do ASDM7EC DSD128, I’m thinking, should I get a M1 chip Mac and use this computer as NAA or stick to this computer and upgrade USB Card/PSU? Anyway, this DAC is great.
  6. georgios

    HQ Player

    Thanks for checking that but this is Macbook Pro which will have better ventilation.
  7. georgios

    HQ Player

    Can someone confirm if new M1 Macbook Air can work well with DSD256 and EC modulators? I’m very interested to purchase one.
  8. georgios

    HQ Player

    Hey Miska I'm new to HQPlayer and now waiting for T+A DAC8 DSD to arrive. It looks like the better solution is now Apple M1 computer, isn't it? I guess I can save the funds of upgrading my current computer (i7 6700 without K, 32 GB memory) for power supply/USB card to buy a M1 and current computer can be used as NAA to get the best sound quality out of it? Is it right?
  9. Interesting. I also saw someone commented the highs of D8D DSD512 sounded blurry compared to PCM.
  10. Agree. We just care how much we can squeeze out from one equipment to make the best out of it. DAC8 DSD shines at relatively low price when feeding DSD512 signals. I’m very interested in how good it is. Is it really ultimately analogue like? I’ve listened some very high quality DACs, if I want to buy it I want to make sure it is really worth the trouble swapping.
  11. Hey guys, I’m a bit late for this pary, am I not? :) Does T+A DAC8 DSD still stand in this cult? I’m eager to join as I’ve got i7 and HQPlayer. :)
  12. georgios

    HQ Player

    Thanks, can you please enlighten me about clock sync strange behavior of HQPlayer?
  13. georgios

    HQ Player

    Hi Miska New user here. I'm using HQPlayer to upsample my CDRips to 24/192, and quite satisfied with the result. Just two questions for you. 1. I'm using a firewire computer interface Prism Sound Orpheus. When I was changing clock sync source from local to external or the other way, HQPlayer would simply disappear and I needed to restart it again. It's not that I will do that quite often but am just curious why. 2. If I use a Firewire/USB interface for digital output and connect external DAC via AES connection, will HQPlayer still work as good as it should w
  14. I'm interested in that dac, any more input?
  15. Thank you, Mr.C. Just wondering if the hardware of MacBook Pro supports 24/192 or not? Yesterday I tested MacBook Pro 13(MB990) in the apple shop, found there was no options for choosing optical output, anybody knows why?
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