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  1. I have found a couple of minor errors in Audirvana 3.5. They can be seen in the Spanish translation version. I have made a couple of screen captures to show them: cap01.png: The label "Listas de reproducción" (Playlists) is too wide to be shown. Its far too long in Spanish that in English. It should be taken into account. Besides, I don't like that "PISTAS" is all un uppercase, "álbumes" all in lowercase and "Listas de reproducción" is in first uppercase only. I think a homogeneous style would be more appropiated. Particularly, I like first uppercase style. cap02.png: The word "CONECCIONES" is mispelled, the correct term is "CONEXIONES".
  2. By the way, where does Roon fits in this order?
  3. Thanks!! I wondered if there were a preferred power on/off order. My HQPlayer uses to remain on, because the Intel NUC is running 24x7, the NAA is running 24x7 too. The DAC goes either power off or standby after playing. It works fine close to the 100% of the time.
  4. Hi again @Miska, I have run a couple of tests. Here comes the outcomes: Test 1: Initial state: DAC off, NAA on, NUC off. Procedure: NUC ON DAC ON cp /etc/hqplayer/hqplayer.xml /etc/hqplayer/hqplayerd.xml.bak Roon play -> Playback failed because $ couldn't connect to HQPlayer Reapply NAA on HQPlayer Embedded config page diff -u /etc/hqplayer.xml /etc/hqplayer.xml.bak No output from diff command, but the timestamp of hqplayer.xml has been updated after the reapply. Roon plays and now it works. Test 2: Initial state: DAC off, NAA on, NUC off. Procedure: NUC ON DAC ON Roon play -> Playback failed because $ couldn't connect to HQPlayer systemctl restart hqplayerd The timestamp of hqplayer.xml has not been updated. Roon plays and now it works too. Well, I guess that when I find problems (not usually, but I have faced them sometimes) I should in the first place poweroff the DAC and the NAA and after that, a restart of hqplayerd would solve any issues.
  5. I will run a few tests this afternoon and I will let you know the outcomes.
  6. The NAA is a UP Board with your NAA image. In HQPlayer Embedded config page, in the NAA combo box, it is already selected the correct NAA (default naa), but it does not work in the first place, but when I select (again) the same naa that is already selected, and apply the configuration, it starts working again. The hqplayer user has no problem with permissions or it couldn't save the configuration. I know, it's weird.
  7. I have tried it a few times and it has not worked for me. I have tested the restart of roonserver and hqplayerd in different orders and none of them have worked for me. But, the selection of NAA from the combo seems to work 🤔
  8. Hi @Miska, I have my network configured through /etc/network/interfaces. So I have two options: 1- DAC and NAA are "ready to play" when HQPlayer Embedded starts. 2- After powering on DAC and/or NAA, I have to go to HQPlayer Embedded configuration page and select again the NAA. Well, no big deal for me, I can do that. I don't know if there is a way to overcome this issue from HQPlayer Embedded and/or from NAA. Perhaps it is DAC dependent and there is nothing to do, but it would make the life easier to non-tech savvy users.
  9. Hi @Miska, I am running Debian 9. NetworkManager disabling is the first configuration I make after the installation process 😀 The NAA is started at the time that HQPlayer Embedded starts. The DAC (actually the preamp with built-in DAC) is either in stand-by or off. So I guess there is a dependency between HQPlayer Embedded and network subsistem. Could I overcome this by editing the /lib/systemd/system/hqplayerd.service file?
  10. Roon Core and HQPlayer Embedded run together in my NUC. The NAA runs in a UP Board. They use to work well, but after every reboot, when I try to play Roon through HQPlayer Embedded, I get the message "Playback failed because $ couldn’t connect to HQPlayer". The solution is easy: I go to the HQPlayer Embedded config page and then I select the NAA again, i.e. I select the same NAA showed at the combobox and that's all. Even the solution is easy, I guess that it should not happen, right?
  11. I don't know if I understand you well. If you would like to reboot the USBridge without unplugging it, you could acces it with a SSH client (PuTTY for example). You would need to know its IP address, so a static IP address or a DHCP reservation would help. The default administrative user and password are: user root, password dietpi The you could exec the command: shutdown -r now (for reboot) and shutdown -h now (for shutdown)
  12. Thanks @Miska. Yes, the image is the latest. I am using 3.5.6. I have attached the output from the command lsusb -vvv. lsusb-out.txt
  13. Hi, I am running tests on my brand new UP Board. The first of them is booting with NAA Image. For the moment I am using a USB stick (actually a microSD card + USB adapter) for convenience. The setup is easy and quick. It worked seamlessly with my current HQPlayer Embedded setup. The only "non-positive" point is that I can not play native DSD with it in my DAC (built-in DAC in preamp Rotel RC-1590 which is AK4495 based) , I have to use DoP. I only can play native DSD with USBridge and its Allo modified DietPi. I will keep running my tests. I want to compare its reliability to USBridge's. I could try booting the HQPlayer OS image too and compare. Another option would be boot DietPi even Debian + NAA package. I guess I will go for one of the Signalyst's images and when I am sure, I will try to boot from eMMC.
  14. @Miska, a question about boot order and/or dependencies: In my setup, Roon Core and HQPlayer Embedded run in the same Intel NUC with Debian, NAA runs in a USBrige with DietPi (soon also in a UP-GWS with HQPlayerOS or Debian, we'll see). The duo Roon + HQPlayer works smoothly most of the time, but where there is any issue with any component and I have to restart any one of them (Roon, HQplayer, NAA, the NUC, the USBridge, etc.) I have to spend time restarting services (roonserver, hqplayerd, networkaudio, etc) until I manage to put the system in order again. So I wonder if there is a recommended start sequence/dependencies (or forbidden sequence that I should avoid) among these components: DAC, NAA, HQPlayer Embedded, Roon Core. IMHO, it would be a nice adding to HQPlayer Embedded (and NAA) some kind of self-healing/monitoring functions that could make life easier to non-technical users.I can handle myself these issues, but not every body can. I guess it would increase the number of your potential clients. I am aware that there are devices and pieces of software that are out of control of HQPlayer. Maybe in future releases... Thanks.
  15. A final question, @ALLOsupport. This is not a big deal for me, I am just curious about it. I have the Piano 2.1 DAC configured in Dual-Mono mode. In this mode, should it work up to 384 kHz, right? From Roon I can see the Piano 2.1 DAC and it rates it up to 192 kHz. As I said, this is not big deal for me because I am not upsampling from Roon Core to the Roon Bridge in the DietPi's Sparky, just I wonder why. Best regards.
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