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  1. The power off procedure works fine, as expected. The power on also works fine and Roon + HQPlayer play at the first attempt. I guess this is due to click the Apply button after changing the backend. HQPlayer becomes refreshed. The procedure works, although I think that too many steps are required. I can do them, but it can be too much to a plain user. The pressing power off button method is easier although in the next beginning a double play must be executed. Anyway, thanks to @Em2016.
  2. There is even a quicker way: Just push the button of the PSU 😀. NAA image is resilient enough. The only downside is that I have to click twice the play button. It's not perfect but it isn't a big deal either. In either case, when I come back to home I will try your suggested procedure.
  3. Thanks, @Em2016. I can see the point. Sometimes, one can be in a hurry and he/she just pushes the power button at the PSU. I can try this out of curiosity, it seems the way of powering the system off in a controlled way. The procedure would be: 1- Go HQPlayer Embedded webpage and change backend from network to ALSA (or another NAA) 2- Push reset button at Up Board. 3- After 2 second, Up Board is powered off and then power off the DAC. The next power on cycle would be: 1- Power on the DAC 2- Power on the NAA 3- Enter the HQPlayer webpage and change the backend from ALSA (or another NAA) to the actual NAA.
  4. I understand. Perhaps, because of this, HQPlayer is not notified that NAA is going down either. That's precisely the reason for using NAA in my case. To me, both options work fine, but this is a good reason to be the chosen one.
  5. Hi @Miska, here further information about the behaviour of NAA with embedded DAC in Rotel RC-1590 (AKM 4495 based). The Up Gateway, where NAA runs, boots an image of NAA from eMMC. I dettached the Up Gateway from the DAC and brought it to my desk just for testing. I attached a keyboard, a display and USB drive with HQPlayer OS 4.11. I wanted to boot from the USB drive without erasing the NAA image in eMMC drive. Once it booted, I checked out that the HQPlayer OS has not a SSH server enabled. OK, so it is not an option to do a remote power off. After that, I removed the USB drive and booted it again from the NAA image and I tested the reset button while watching the display. It took a couple of seconds or so while it went powered off. Wonderful! But when the UP Gateway is attached to the DAC, the power off procedure from the reset button takes around a minute, maybe a bit more. I presume that all this time is required by NAA while "fights" with the DAC before closing. Perhaps, NAA ends giving up and closes abruptly and it does not inform hqplayerd. So in the next run of Roon + HQPlayer I have to play twice. So, there is no benefit from executing a controled power off and I can power the Up Board off by pressing the power button at the PSU. I think you said that NAA image loads in memory, so I guess there is few chances of damaging the image. In case it fails, I can load it again in eMMC. I have not found any issues with HQPlayer Embedded 4.11 although I have not tested the new features, but it works fine in my system.
  6. I do belive you and I appreciate your effort very much.
  7. Hi @Miska, it's fine that way. HQPlayer is your product and you know better than anybody the path to follow with it. As a costumer, I currently have a number of options to play music with my systems, all of them already paid, so I won't have extra costs. All of them will let me listen to music with high quality and all of them are valid to me. DSD from HQPlayer, from Roon or PCM (upsampled or not) to a DigiOne, all of them sound great. Everyone of them has its strengths and its weaknesses, but all work for me. I am a happy user.
  8. Not an option Not an option Not an option ... in order to deal with NAA.
  9. I rescued my USBridge and connected it to my DAC/preamp instead of the UP Gateway. I also reconfigured Roon to upsample to DSD128 and used it instead of HQPlayer for a few days. I have not experienced any issues the days by using Roon -> RAAT -> RoonBridge (over DietPi on USBridge) -> DAC. It didn't fail a single time. There was two differencies from my former setup with HQPlayer: USBrigde vs Up Gateway and RoonBridge vs NAA. So, yesterday I went back to HQPlayer but this time I used NAA over DietPi on the USBridge. But I found the same issue with HQPlayer: The first attempt failed. I tested the same conditions on both setups. I like HQPlayer, but I have to choose between live with the first attempt fail or use Roon as DSP too. I think it would be interesting to improve the discovery protocol between HQPlayer and NAA so it would be more resilient. HQPlayer is great doing its job, it just needs to improve a few functional aspects.
  10. This is a new log file. The state this time is as follows: DAC/Preamp in standby mode -> On NAA On. It has not been powered off. It's on from this afternoon HQPlayer On. The NAA remained powered on, but the DAC went into standby this afternoon and on again now. Again, fist attempt failed (entries at 21:38) and second attempt worked (entries at 21:39). Should I also power the NAA off (shutdown process) before powering off / standing by the DAC? hqplayerd.log
  11. The NAA is shutdown with power off button from the PSU, so the hard way. The NAA images, as far as I know, has not SSH server. Should I use then the reset button in the UP Gateway in order to launch a proper shut down process?
  12. This morning I have enabled log in HQPlayer. After a few minutes I have tried to play and it worked at fist attempt this time. In the log there was NAA checks logged every second. I stopped playing at 10:36. The inital state was: DAC/Preamp off, NAA off, HQPayer on (24x7) but I have touched its configuration in order to enable the logging. Startup order: DAC/Preamp and then NAA. This afternoon, I tried it againg. The inital state was the same: DAC/Preamp off, NAA off, HQPayer on. Power on DAC and then power on NAA. This time the first attempt (at 17:13) failed and second attempt (at 17:14) worked. I have attached an excerpt from the hqplayerd.log with the last entries from this morning and the entries from this afternoon. 17:13 failed 17:14 worked hqplayerd.log
  13. Hi @Miska, I just updated yesterday HQPlayer Embedded to 4.11.0 and after a couple of days testing, I am still havig the issue with the first play. When I play for the first time, Roon does nothing: no error, no play, nothing. When I insist, the second time that I click play. Roon + HQplayer, start playing. The NAA runs your latest NAA image. So far, I have not found any further issue with version 4.11.0.
  14. These issues have been solved in version 3.5.14. Thanks @damien78!!
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