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  1. A final question, @ALLOsupport. This is not a big deal for me, I am just curious about it. I have the Piano 2.1 DAC configured in Dual-Mono mode. In this mode, should it work up to 384 kHz, right? From Roon I can see the Piano 2.1 DAC and it rates it up to 192 kHz. As I said, this is not big deal for me because I am not upsampling from Roon Core to the Roon Bridge in the DietPi's Sparky, just I wonder why. Best regards.
  2. Hello again @ALLOsupport I have changed the dongle from USB 2.0 to USB 3.0 and the behaviour is the same. I have booted up the Sparky with the Ethernet cable attached, then I have enabled the Wi-Fi interface and it worked but when I have dettached the Ethernet cable, both interface stoped answering my pings. But I have made another test. I have booted up the Sparky with only the Wi-Fi dongle and it worked. It seems it works when the Wi-Fi dongle is enable in the first place with no Ethernet. It doesn't seem a problem of USB 2.o vs USB 3.0. I haven't tried to attach and detach the Ethernet cable after that. Now I know how to make it operational. Thanks!!
  3. Thanks @ALLOsupport. I will try the Wi-Fi dongle on USB 3.0 port this afternoon. I will tell you.
  4. Hello @ALLOsupport. So how could I specify to the Piano 2.1 DAC that there is a Kali in the system on Sparky? The Wi-Fi dongle is connected to one port USB 2.0. Should I install it on the USB 3.0 port? Actually, the Wi-Fi dongle works, but only if there is also an active Ethernet connection, which it makes no sense.
  5. Hi @Allo, I have just build a DAC with Sparky + Kali + Piano 2.1 DAC, an aluminium case and a Wi-Fi dongle. The building process was easy. Then I installed DietPi for Sparky in a microSD, after the initial update I am running version 6.21.1. I followed the Allo documentation, but I have a problem with the file /boot/config.txt that I would like to modify in order to disable on board soundcard with dtparam=audio=off and in order to disable internal PLL because I use Kali with dtoverlay=allo-piano-dac-plus-pcm512x-audio,glb_mclk The problem is that there is no /boot/config.txt. I tried to create one in /DietPi directory, but it seems it does nothing. Where can I configure those parameters? I have another problem with the Wi-Fi dongle (the one that Allo recommends): I have configured it and it seems to work... but only when Ethernet cable is attached. With Ethernet cable attached both interfaces work, without Ethernet no one of them works (Ethernet is obvious, of course). I run RoonBridge on top.
  6. Yes, 100 Mbps is enough for DSD128, DSD256 and DSD512 playing. Take into account the processor power you would need in you HQPlayer host for reaching DSD512. You would need (for stereo music) ca. 13 Mbps for DSD128 (including data and communication headers overhead), ca. 26 Mpbs for DSD256 and ca. 52 Mpbs for DSD512 out of 100 Mbps. Data for each stereo stream.
  7. acatala

    Why Roon?

    I am a big fan of Roon, I became a lifetime member just after the 15 days trial period. I play Roon to my stereo with a RPi + DigiOne attached with coax cable without any further DSP and sounds great. I play Roon to the same stereo with an Allo USBridge attached with USB cable using HQPlayer Embedded in Roon Core upsampling to DSD128 and NAA in USBridge and it sounds great. I also have tried playing DSD128 to USBridge as Roon Bridge without HQPlayer Embedded and it also sounds great. I am an Audirvana+ user too, but I use it at work for playing Tidal and Qobuz there without using their apps.
  8. It is not enable in Roon in a regular basis. It just was enabled one day while I was testing.
  9. Yes, I do. The DAC is built-in the preamplifier (Rotel RC-1590) and I either power it off of put it in stand-by from the remote. The lattest times I am using the remote. As I said before to @Miska, Roon Bridge and NAA run simultaneously and this behavior happens with NAA. I will try to find out why NAA seems to be "sleeping" the first time I try to play music.
  10. Thanks @Miska. I will do some research with that. Perhaps it has to do with something specific to USBridge's DietPi. We'll see. USBridge's DietPi runs Roon Bridge and NAA at the same time. It seems it is not a big deal. Just in case, I disabled Roon Bridge but there was no difference at all. So I have enabled it again and I also enabled it as an output at Roon Core, just as a backup output for DSD.
  11. Hi @Miska I send you the log files from hqplayerd and networkaudiod. It seems that USBridge (networkaudiod) has not a configured NTP client and it shows an hour lesser, but both logs are simultaneous. I play for the first time at 16:44 and fails, wait until 16:45 (only for logging purpouses) and play again and it works. hqplayerd.log networkaudiod.log
  12. Hello @Miska. This afternoon I have enabled the logging facility both at HQPlayer Embedded and NAA. Today the things go right. "Bad luck". Anyway, I have left enabled the logging. As soon as I detect it, I will send you the logs.
  13. Hi @Miska, for you information, I have detected a small issue with HQPlayer Embedded and NAA. Not a big deal for me, I can live with it. I just tell you in case it is interesting for you. When I click play in Roon, but only the first time I do it after executing Roon, the stream to HQPlayer Embbeded and NAA, does nothing and after a few seconds I get the message "Roon lost control of the audio device", but then I can click again and it works with no problem all the time until the next execution of Roon. My current setup is Roon Core and HQPlayer Embedded run in a NUC with Debian 9. The NAA runs on a USBridge with DietPi 6.19.7. The DietPi runs Roon Bridge and NAA at the same time. I disabled Roon Bridge but it made no difference. I also changed the value of the parameter aotg.urb_fix from 1 to 0 in /DietPi/uEnv.txt, but it did not work either, so I rolled it back to 1. As I said, this is not a big deal for me. If you need any log or further information, just ask to me.
  14. @Miska, where could I get that Debian kernel? Is that better than using your NAA images as suggested by @Em2016?
  15. This weekend I have been testing an Allo USBridge that I had ordered. The USBridge came with Allo DietPi 6.1 installed and ready to run. This DietPi run Roon Bridge, Signalyst NAA and other media software simultaneously. I disabled most of this software but let running Roon Bridge and NAA. I configured my HQPlayer Embedded 4.7.1 to point to the new USBridge and did not configure anything else. I tested and it worked at the first try. Nice! After this first test, I updated HQPlayer Embedded to version 4.8 and USBridge's DietPi to 6.19. The update process for the USBridge was long due to it patches every single version from 6.1 until 6.19, but eventually it ended. I tested the system again and it still worked. Nice again!. By the way, I updated DietPi from the console not from de GUI. After that, I thought of testing the Roon Bridge from Roon, I don't know why, but I did it, perhaps just for fun and see if I could send a stream from Roon Core to the same USBBride (and the same DAC) alternatively to USB Bridge and NAA. Well, it worked too, but... oh surprise!!! When I was streaming to Roon Brige, I noticed that my Rotel RC-1590 display showed "DSD" instead of "DoP". So I went quickly to the HQPlayer Embedded config page and unchecked the DoP option and... HQPlayer Embedded (through NAA) also played in native DSD with an Allo USBridge. That's nice for me because this way, I avoid that ugly pop sound every time I start playing DSD and stop playing, due to the change in the DAC between DSD and PCM. I don't know if this posibility to use native DSD is due to DietPi version, Allo DietPi, or.... I don't know, but I am happy with this. In the next weeks, I will test too an UP Gateway, recommended by @Miska. I will test it running Debian Linux and installing the networkaudiod and I am going to test it with the HQPlayer OS image. And the question here is: Will I be able to play native DSD too with UP Gataway and any this two software configurations that I am going to test?
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