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  1. Damien Very much enjoying A+ 3 both sonically and in terms of library management - thank you! One (hopefully) small request - is it possible to add "playlist' as a criteria in smart playlists? It would be useful for editing out various playlists from larger genres (avant-garde or swing from jazz for instance), or combining multiple dynamic playlists into larger groupings.
  2. eenecho

    Audirvana Plus 2.6

    Force quit and resync. I have a library of over 300,000 songs and A+ syncs currently in about 2 hrs. My original resync from 2.5 took about 10 hrs - I calc'd replay gain in batches, otherwise the program crashed.
  3. Most of Chords DACs (Mojo, Hugo, Hugo TT, Dave) incorporate a digital volume control for the analog output stage - they do no separate out a "direct" output (the 2Qute does). The designer insists the digital volume control is as sophisticated as the digital filtering conversion, and recommends direct connection to a power amp (and demonstrate their products this way). Unlike the Hugo, the Mojo was designed solely as a portable headphone DAC/amp (no RCA outputs). That said, I and others have found it works fine direct into a power amp, as its output is identical to the Hugo. Regarding Y-connectors, I prefer them to an RCA adapter - I prefer the Nordost but a variety of companies produce them.
  4. I use the Mojo as a DAC/preamp with excellent results with both a Linn SS amp and an Audion tube - it has more than enough gain for either, and a very low output impedance which makes it compatible with most power amps. I connect via a Nordost Heimdall 2 iKable, the Blue Heaven also works well for less money. I generally use the Mojo for volume adjustment and leave Audirvana at full volume, but occasionally adjust via the Audirvana remote. The volume control can take a bit of getting used to - I find it simple and intuitive.
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