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  1. Must say I had I really good laugh reading your review 😊. To be honest: I am a huge Miles Davis fan, but I cannot stomach his recordings after In a Silent Way (yes, I managed to listen 2 minutes to Bitches Brew..., just do not like this kind of music (Return to Forever comes to mind)). Now listening to Lou Donaldson: And enjoying a nice pint: Cheers and happy listening!
  2. It was one of the funnier commercials in my (much) younger days. And I adore mrs Fitzgerald's music.... Never bought the tapes though, never owned a proper cassette-deck (I wanted a Nak, but by the time I could afford one, the days of the cassette-deck were over). Thanks for sharing, brings back memories of a bygone age, the golden era of hifi..
  3. Enjoying a nice Verboden Vrucht (won't post the bottle.. nude lady on the label...), and Art Blakey...
  4. Good music... and a nice pint (from a small local brewery).. life's good 😎
  5. Great music for another (too) warm summer evening
  6. Makes me think of W.C. Fields: “If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.” (sorry guys, couldn't resist 😎)
  7. Lazy music for an hot summer evening
  8. And this is the very reason I do not buy MQA-capable dac's. Just do not want to take the risk (I am not smart enough to understand the technicalities, so better safe than sorry...)..
  9. The Vault is not bad for it's purpose. I am afraid every app has trouble with metadata, BlueSound is no exception. You need software to fix it (I use Tag Editor). You can use it with Audirvana because you can use the Vault as a nas. (Audirvana sees the Vault when you start up your mac). You have to import the files from the Vault in Audirvana. Did you already visit their support pages? Their helpdesk is also quite responsive. Hope this helps.
  10. Do I need another WTK? Nope. Could I control myself? Nope. Makes my curious about his other Bach-recordings. (Do I need more Bach keyboard music? Nope. Do I think I can control myself? Nope....
  11. That won't be easy, there are not many single box tube solutions out there. I was looking for one myself, and ended up with an Unison Research SH. Beautiful amp, nice dac, but it is not balanced and not a streamer, not Roon-ready. Perhaps Woo? You could check out headfi.org and/or InnerFidelty (avoid Rafe Arnott's "reviews" , you should look for the stuff Tyll wrote). If you forget the tubes, you have - depending on your budget - a lot more choice (GoldNote, DCS, Auralic, to name a few).
  12. What are the other ones (my favorite is Boulez). Now listening to
  13. Yup, that's what dealers are telling me. Only people looking for high end mention it (fomo, I think. Perhaps that's the reason manufacturers are doing/offering MQA). What I hear, is that people are moving away from Tidal and opting for Qobuz. Goodby to the " what the artist.... blabla...".
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