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  1. Thanks for sharing (I payed a little more, but still a bargain).
  2. Denon AHD 9200, I prefer closed headphones (woodies!!!), I already own a AHD 7200, which is pretty good, but the 9200 is on another level. Now listening to this album:
  3. Visited our hifi-dealer today (Ouch!, said my wallet...). Now listening to Bach with my new cans, happy as a child in a toyshop:
  4. There is a review (Kanto TUK) on hifichoice.com now.
  5. A new addition to my Evans catalogue, it's becoming a favorite.
  6. Again a very nice Joshua Redman album
  7. The one and only vegetable song is in Dutch, I'm afraid: Drs. P - Knolraap en Lof, Schorseneren en Prei Google YouTube, if You want a translation, use Gxxle Trxnslxte (or give me a PM (spoiler: it's about turnips, leek, etc.)). Have fun!
  8. Never listen to Live at the IT Club, must check it out. Now listening to
  9. There wasn't any magic in the first place... Their claims were too good to be true/too ridiculous from the beginning.
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