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  1. I could not resist buying this one. Now listening to nr 7.
  2. I bought the 50th Anniversary Edition (" Newly Remixed and Remastered" it says...). I received the disc only yesterday, but the first impression is that sq is damn good (I haven't heard others visions, so I have got no reference). {For what it's worth: I spin my discs in a Moon 260. I also rip my discs and use a MacBook Pro/Audirvana for desktop listening (or an Auralic Aries G1 if I am to lazy to feed the Moon, (Moon and Aries use the same dac, the Moon pulverizes the Aries)).}
  3. Music from Big Pink, one of the best albums ever recorded:
  4. A great album from a great guitarist:
  5. Nope, but I certainly will, thanks for sharing!
  6. Tthe first Brahem-album I bought, must say I like it a lot.
  7. Yup. I visit two dealers regularly. The first dealer is very much an analog guy. He told me: " nobody asks for it" . Digital audio is not his core business, but it is telling. His knowledge on mqa is pretty much non existing, and he is fine with that. The second dealer is specialized in digital audio. His customers ask for it. He takes a neutral stance, and tells them it is not necessary. He is selling the more expensive stuff. I get the feeling that, if someone is buying " higher end" digital hifi, they want mqa, because it is available (and not because it sounds so good). They just do not want to miss out, in case... (let's pray it does not happen).
  8. I think you will get more info on Head-Fi.org, or the other usual suspects like Headphone.guru (although this particular amp with these planars doesn't seem a logical combi to me, people who use these cans tend to spend a lot more on their amps).
  9. I like the Blue Note art work, but, for me, this one stands out:
  10. Nothing wrong with listening to the blues... While you share a nice pint with a loved one... Never tasted this one before, but this is a very nice nun... And this is what happens if you use three pair of cans... they behave like copulating cobra's.. Happy listening everybody!
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