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  1. The postman brought me a new disc today:
  2. Good point. I am afraid I do not use Tidal (or another streaming service). All my music is on discs (the silver disks ripped, but we spin them as well).
  3. Now listening to string quarter no 8:
  4. You did some A-B-testing " before" and "after"? > I'm in the market for a new pair of bibs (Isidore is also tempting) 😌. Back on topic. I'm also in the market for a dac/headphone-amp. First RoE: no MQA. Shortlist, but open to alternatives: UR SH, Luxman DA 250. Someone an other suggestion?
  5. Never thought I would like this one, but I think it's good, very good.
  6. That's a superb set. I like it a lot. Now listening to Brad Mehldau:
  7. I am afraid I am becoming something of an old warhorse myself... I bought this album in vinyl some 40-odd years ago.
  8. One of the old warhorses in my library:
  9. Agree. Their Janacek and Prokoviev recordings are splendid.
  10. I am afraid the bearded one does not do reviews, he does "reviews"... But no doubt the HD820 will be nice.
  11. An obvious choice this evening...
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