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  1. Although my main interests are classical and jazz, I try to keep an eye on pop/rock. So once in a while I buy a few music magazines, I poor myself a good pint (a La Trappe Quadrupel this evening 😛) and browse YouTube. Listening to what's new. I haven't bought this album yet, but it's high on the greed list. If you fancy sixties/seventies soul, give this album a listen!
  2. Not exactly easy listening, but a beautiful album nontheless
  3. One of my favorite recordings of these beautiful works:
  4. The sound quality is a bit dusty, but I do enjoy these recordings.
  5. Aries G1 works with wifi, but has no dac. If it's possible you should give your short list a listen.
  6. Mahler 8 is not exactly my favorite Mahler symphony, but I like the story of this one:
  7. Began the day with Ivo Janssen, now listening to Bill Evans
  8. I listen to lot of jazz piano (Bill Evans, Horace Silver, Bud Powell, to name a few), but I keep returning to this Brad Mehldau album:
  9. During our search for a new amp we used (among many other tracks) Doors: Riders on the Storm. If I was looking for my umbrella, we had a contender.
  10. The first installment in a series of five. I like it, already bought the second disc, looking forward to the rest of the project.
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