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  1. Thanks! De gustibus non disputandum est. But I will give the CSO-version a listen.
  2. Hi Rajiv, what do you think of the Abbado/BP recording? (I never heard the Abbado/CSO recording, but I'm familiar with the MTT-recording, and the Abbado/BP). Happy listening!
  3. Thanks! Just bought the album (24/96 download). Also bought Annie Fischer (Beethoven, piano sonatas). I like the way this thread make me spend my money 😛
  4. Now listening to this album on Bandcamp (De Beren Gieren):
  5. Listening to Jan Garbarek, enjoying my new ear warmers ...
  6. Hello, Yesterday I spoke someone who said very good things about this dac. Very possible I am gone give it a listen. But I do nog find much reviews on the net. Someone out here who is familiar with this dac? Kind Regards, WAM
  7. I could not resist this one. 24/96 download (Bandcamp).
  8. Most things are already mentioned. What is more and more important to me: - Reliable company with proven products (I do not mind paying a McIntosh-price if a get a McIntosh build quality and service) and a reliable dealer. - User interface (my hobbyhorse, most apps a fine for rock, but quite disastrous for classical, a problem if you don't like Roon). - Value for money (I like the Mc MHA 200, but it's way overpriced in the Netherlands, so looking for something different). - The most important one: WAF (my wife et moi share this hobby).
  9. Old news. But I agree. Don't start me talking about Dutch tax laws... But it's not only in the Netherlands. Look at the US, the filthy rich are experts in avoiding taxes. Wealthy Dutch "move" to Belgium. Well paid athletes move to Andorra, Monaco, etc. Everybody wants their governments to take care of the the old folks, the sick, etc. everybody wants decent education for everyone, an army to guard our way of life, etc. The problem is nobody wants to pay for it. But an empire on the cheap is a illusion (ask the Brits...), But let's talk music, now listening to
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