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  1. Definitely. We have seen & heard the great man in concert. Although he was already long past his prime, it was an evening to remember.
  2. Perhaps I should have posted this in the MQA-thread...
  3. I had to have this one. Great album.
  4. That would be nice. If he also fixes the sorting issues, I am happy.
  5. I have 2200 albums in my library, transition went smooth, no complaints about that, so far I do not miss any albums. But Audirvana is still analyzing
  6. First impression: SQ is good, I have to get used to the feel & look, but so far I like it. What I do not like: sorting options do not work well. But perhaps I have to wait till all my albums are synced. W'll see.
  7. I could not resist buying this album:
  8. I will know that after I have seen/used Studio. If I like Studio, I will probably subscribe. If I don't like it, I will stick with 3.5 (and JRiver).
  9. I agree. But there is another law you should not forget: it's not about what it costs, but what it yields.
  10. You are damn right. I must say I do not like the subscription model (although I understand the reason why), and I do not know the extra's the new software offers are useful for me (I do not stream, not interested in internet-radio), but I like Audirvana (sq, easy to use, very good UI). And $ 70 a year... at the moment I am looking at six headphones (number seven is in use), our speakers, not exactly budget-friendly, are powered by a Mac tube amp.. what are we talking about? I do not know I will stick with Audirvana or not, but I will give it a try. Besides
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