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  1. One of my favorite live recordings:
  2. I use a Melco N1, app. 1TB musicfiles. I do not use a streaming service (I like to own my music).
  3. I am not the greatest Schubert-junk. But his music is growing on me. I could not resist this Matthias Goerne-box-set. I must confess, I am impressed. The box with 12 disc's is beautifully executed, the singing/playing is gorgeous, the sound quality is very good. If you like music, give it a listen, forget it is "classic music", there is only good music (and the rest, said The Duke).
  4. I snapped up this beautiful box. Now listening to the second disc.
  5. I will stick with Beethoven this evening.
  6. You are talking about the Sonnet Morpheus?
  7. Thanks, that’s what it’s all about, sharing good music!
  8. A recent addition to the collection. Always had a soft spot for great soul music (or whatever you may call it).
  9. Thanks for your review! Enjoyed reading it (but I am slightly biased... I'm addicted to my SR 507/SRM oo6ts combi...). And indeed, Stax is classic, I lusted for them decades before I could afford a pair. What also strikes me: in many reviews of headphones the name "Stax" pops up.. there has to be a reason for this...
  10. I you like Scarlatti, you should give this album a listen:
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