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  1. 🙂 I noticed there are quite a few releases, with different art work. This is the cover from the 2020 release. Must say I like this cover (although Mingus is missing). Now listening to one of my favorite Mingus albums.
  2. I am afraid I also have to have Book II...
  3. Imho one of the versions of this music every music lover should have in his library. Happy listening!
  4. +1. We faced the same dilemma last year. We bought the bookshelf-speakers. They are easier to place (most of the time), and, to my ears, a little bit faster and more detailed. It helps I am no bass-head (ts et moi share the same musical taste, no desire for a sub). But if I were you, and willing to spend 11k on a pair of speakers, I would certainly want to hear them in my room (and with my amp).
  5. Not a very original choice, I'm afraid...
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