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  1. Must check out the new Rhiannon Giddens album. Now listening to some nice Beethoven:
  2. I'm getting old... I bought a C&W-album...
  3. I agree. Thanks Bluesman for your explanation! Another interesting album is Andras Schiff's take on the Diabelli Variations: he plays them on a 1921 Bechstein and on a 1820 Brodmann fortepiano.
  4. I have not read everything yet. But the Fazioli/Steinway thingy triggered me. I have the Bach Partita's/Angela Hewitt recording (Steinway) and a sample of her latest recording of these fab music, Fazioli. I did some A-B, and there is almost no difference (disclaimer: to my ears...). The devil is in the "almost", I think. The Fazioli sounds more " Bach" to my simple ears. There is a difference, a subtle one, but it is there. I liked the Memorex ad, brings me back to my youth (and I love Ella). This thread will be a sticky for me, it is fascinating.
  5. Yes, Saturday, arrived this evening 😊
  6. I am not into open headphones, but this review makes me greedy... Thanks!
  7. I have Buch I in my library, so the purchase of Book II was mandatory...
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