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  1. This disc arrived this morning, looking forward to a nice evening listening to nice music.
  2. Hyperion releases a free sampler every month. I think they are fun. Backside: you will end up buying more music than you intended (nothing wrong with that, though; I do not use Qobuz or something similar).
  3. +1. B&W, Monitor Audio, KEF, to name a few.
  4. Perhaps you should read Bluesman's Roon Vs. JRiver | Clash of the Titans article. Good read. -> Using Audirvana myself.
  5. Having a Mingus-evening. What strikes me, is the freshness of the music, it's timeless (disclaimer: the picture shows a black disc, mine is silver (and ripped to flac (play both)).
  6. I can recommend her Kunst der Fuge. Great recording.
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