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  1. also very nice on a Sunday evening (and other evenings) 😎
  2. Heart-warming Bach on a chilly evening:
  3. WAM

    Bass Players

    Let's not forget Charnett Moffett
  4. No album of the evening tonight for me, just songs of the evening... (the benefit of a decent streamer, just browsing our nas).. enjoying our new speakers ... - Doors - Riders on the Storm - Aretha Franklin - A Natural Woman - Elvis- Memphis Tennesee - Gillian Welch - Pallet on your flour - B.B. King - Eyesight to the Blind - Townes van Zandt - Hunger Child Blues - Teddy Thompson/Kelly Joners - Wondering - Otis Redding - Dock of the Bay - Roberta Flack - The First Ever I Saw Your Face - Allman Brothers - Please Call Home - Eric Clapton/ Duane Allman - Mean Old World - Little Milton - Satisfied - Fontella Bass - Rescue me - etc... ... I could go on for hours...sorry, bit of topic... enjoy the music!
  5. Great review, honest, transparant, well written. I hope my better half bought a winning lottery ticket this morning... and you are right... It makes a compelling case to stop tinkering, and just enjoy the music. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?!
  6. Sorry, missed that. Funny that Karajan still fascinates people (including me, must try his Beethoven and Bruckner).
  7. What about Kleiber? Now listening to his Beethoven 7
  8. Branford Marsalis for me this evening:
  9. Primare DAC 30, main system, MF MX-DAC/sBooster head-fi-station.
  10. Considered the Mutec for a while. But no dealers around, nobody in the neighbourhood familiar with this kind of devices, not the faintest idea how such a device would work out in my set-up(s). Pulled the trigger last week, and ordered one. Integrated it in my head-fi-station. Holy cow... So much more speed, detail, etc. Moved the Mutec to our main system, same thingy. Just ordered another one. The postings in this thread were helpful, to put it mildly, thanks and cheers guys! 🍺
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