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  1. Once again, I'm having trouble with the AMM application. I am getting the following error message. There is no documentation available to help me understand what the problem is. Any ideas?
  2. Well, according to everything I’ve read online, AirPlay is lossless, converting music to ALAC lossless format in 16/44.1. On Roon forums they mention that the Roon applications treat as lossless audio. Nevertheless, I expect that even on CD quality content , having the Aurender stream from its own TIDAL core to it’s DAC induces less jitter than having the TIDAL stream reach the iPad , convert to ALAC send the new stream to the Aurender through WiFi and an intermediate router. I have no idea if this will result in real differences on sound quality.
  3. Thank you for the clarification on the USB option. In fact, I am always using Conductor. Sometimes my wife and kids want to play their own Tidal playlists and they prefer the Tidal app. To be honest, for playing music from Tidal alone I also prefer the Tidal app over Conductor. In any case, why should streaming via AirPlay sound inferior? Isn't my iPad sending CD quality at 16/44.1? I understand that Hires / MQA tracks are expected to sound better through conductor as they contain more information, but for normal Hifi streaming there should not be any difference I guess....
  4. Quick question. When I am using the Tidal app on my iPad to stream music on my A10 over AirPlay, I’m getting two options beside iPad. One is named exactly as my A10 unit, and the other one is named like the first one with “-USB” appended in the end. What is the difference between these two options? Is there a difference in sound quality between them , or between them and Conductor?
  5. I would be extremely surprised if the soft dome tweeter of the Harbeth would be the culprit. It seems to me you should start trying our other DACs.
  6. Since DAC and vinyl present the same issue, I will not raise a comment on the PS Audio DAC. It seems you have reached , or exceeded, the limits of your room. You probably need room tuning.
  7. OK, I have just tried the new conductor app on my wife’s iPad running iOS 12 and everything looks fine. I am running iOS 13 beta on my iPad , so I guess that either the Apple developers will fix it , or the Aurender developers will fix it after iOS 13 is sent down the pipeline for everyone. Should I report this as a bug to Apple?
  8. The “search” field on the top right of my IPad , kind of overlaps with the line below it. Is it just me?
  9. Quick question on the Tidal implementation on Conductor. I can’t seem to find the “Track Radio” feature. Is it hidden somewhere , or has Aurender simply decided to skip it? It is a rather nice feature and since there is simply no way to use the Tidal App to control the A10, we rely on Conductor....
  10. Bummer... Albums on the local HDD and on the NAS as well show twice in the app. For a while it seemed to work fine, now it’s back to double vision. Any ideas on how to solve this?
  11. OK, things start getting better.... After running the AMM once again, duplicates are not shown anymore. The local album is shown , and only when an album has not been copied to the local HDD , only then the album on the NAS is shown. On my second point, it seems that the app can display the albums, but it sort them by album year... Not very helpful unless someone can remember when each album was recorded. The third point on the MQA is still puzzling me...
  12. Hey everyone, new A10 owner here with a few questions. My library resides on a Synology server and but I have copied only a part of it to the A10 HDD due to size constraints. One annoying issue is that an album stored both on the A10 and the NAS show twice on the app when my NAS is turned on. Am I doing something wrong? Second point. I choose a gender on the app (say classical) and I am getting a list of all albums with their individual tracks. Not very easy to navigate. Is there a way to get some kind of hierarchy, such as Gender / Composer /Album? Third point is the filter selection in the app. It is grayed for all content, implying that all comment is treated as MQA, while this is clearly not the case with my entire library. Is that correct? Thanx for any pointers here!
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