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  1. Finally I can use Audirvana. I had a very old computer and it was almost unusable. So much that I couldn't listen to streaming services. Now I bought a new computer and it's very good. I'll keep it for second after Roon. Although it has some small annoying UI things it's not bothering me at all.
  2. Why? I always discover new music. It integrates perfect with Roon and Plex and Qobuz isn't available in my country.
  3. The only thing closest to Roon is Plex. But with limitations. Although it's excellent in terms of streaming since it's got clients for every device in existence it also supports DLNA for local networks. And on top of that it has remote support so you can hear your music from every part of the Globe assuming that you have a decent upload in your house. The first bad thing is that it's not bitperfect. No high res music or MQA if you use Tidal. I don't know if with HDMI passthrough can do something since I have a USB and I can't test it. The second problem is t
  4. Unfortunately when you live in a country with #6$%@&$%# data charges you have to do something. I listen a lot of music on the road and the local radio stations are full of $%&^$^@4 music. So I prefer to pay Spotify than my Provider. Back home I use Tidal. I've got speakers with Spotify Connect but I use Roon + Tidal for listening.
  5. Unfortunately not. It is always there. I can open or close it but it doesn't disappear completely. A few pixels of sidebar with the icon are always there.
  6. I use the software from the first beta and bought it immediately. But it is not usable. I've got mechanical disks for my system and media files. I also have Roon, Foobar2000, jRiver and Plex. All of them are fast. Not lightning fast but considering my 10 year old computer it's OK. Audirvana on the other side is very bad. Even with Tidal as the only choice. Constant freeze. Of course I've made a lot of uninstallations but the problem remains. If I add a local music source the thing gets more and more worse. I'm considering an SSD but I don't know if it's only that. Apart from the pe
  7. I have both Spotify and Tidal. Outside my house I use Spotify because it's smaller bitrate since in my country we have expensive mobile internet. I've found some playlists with many songs of Classic & Progressive Rock and I hear mostly them. In the house on the other side I use Roon + Tidal. Their integration is excellent and the Roon Radio makes my day everyday.
  8. I'm a simple man. I don't like various deluxe - special - extended blah blah blah albums. Only the official discography. So my job is very easy. I use the following folder structure. Artist / Year - Album / Track - Title. I also have various special folders like Collections, OST and Classical Music. And my most important folder is the one named 0000000000. This is my incoming folder. Everything gets in there first and is sorted by codec and samplerate. Eg FLAC44 or FLAC192 or DSD128. When I have time i do the tagging as I wrote before. And I know where I am so it's very
  9. Is it possible to hide completely the right tagging sidebar? It's not useful to me since I use other programs.
  10. Most file taggers have an auto rename function. I use tag&rename in windows and I have created a use case when I tag something from discogs. Automatically it renames the folder to year - album and the files as track - title. So with a single move I have done half of the job. After that I move the folders to my main disc under artist name.
  11. When the window opens and fill in your pattern, it has a checkbox that says "move entire source". If you enable it it will move everything in to the new position. But be careful because if you have various files in there it will move everything. Once I had a folder with a few hundred files from various artists. When I moved the first batch everything disappeared because they all went to the new location. So watch out for different files and subfolders.
  12. Somehow the Linux installation of your Aurender is a little messed up. You should contact the company. These machines should not give such errors. Not that they are uncommon. But we get them in our computers because we have 100% access and we can do something stupid. But in your case you have no access on the machine. So it never should have happened. But I'm impressed from the message. It shows that it has an actual GNOME desktop. I always thought that it should have something very light. The actual error is that some programs can't communicate. Maybe it's relevant tha
  13. The samplerate is an internal property of a file. Somehow you have to read it. So you can't use a generic program. It must read that property and only a media player can do that. It's very easy. Although I use Roon for my music and Jriver as a generic media player F2K is also installed with a lot of addons. Exactly for that purpose. With Directory Opus they are my Swiss Army Knifes. They can do almost everything and are very light.
  14. Why don't you use Foobar2000? Add Facets and create some filters. I use %codec% - %samplerate% and have FLAC - 192000 for example. Then you select your files and right-click them and select "File Operations => Move to" In the window that opens you enter at first entry the top level directory that you want to store the music and in the second entry you write %path%. It will copy what you have selected in to the new location. It has auto preview and you can see before what it will happen. Also see section 6 of the following link sine it has the above variab
  15. But don't forget the power consumption. A modern 8core desktop CPU needs 50W - 100W. An Apple A12 has 3,64W - 4W for 6cores. So we have 25 times better power efficiency. In total we have 16 threads in vs 150 threads assuming in maximum load of 100 Watts. How much worse do you think it will be? Don't forget that we are talking about UNIX systems meaning full support of SMP. Maybe in High End Xeons will be there. But in normal desktops ARM will take us very soon.
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