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  1. I was truly amazed regarding its dynamics and spaciousness. The Nucleus just isn‘t comparable. In my opinion, Roon Nucleus is overrated. Roon itself is good with its excellent GUI, but the sonic quality is far more important to me. Best move I made for a long time!
  2. And what a nice welcome it was provided by the N100H! Soundwise, it was the Darkside 😁!
  3. Long time no posting in this forum! I just ordered an Aurender N100H with a 4 TB HDD. As a matter of fact, I used to have an N100H, but I got distracted and sold it. Mostly by Roon, that I had installed on my Mac Mini 2018. Roon sounded a little thin and naturally, the thing to do was to buy a Nucleus! But the Nucleus didn‘t sound much better, after extended listening, the sound became fatiguing and never was very satisfying IMO. Remembering the smooth N100’s smooth sound, I started to long for it and cursed myself of having it sold. A few days ago I asked the local dealer for a demo N100 just to test it with my new Devialet. It only took me a few minutes to realise the N100‘s smoothness, the sound that emanates from a clean black background! A feeling I never had with Roon‘s Nucleus. I called the dealer today to order a new one. It should arrive in a few days. Looking very much forward to picking it up! Will post pictures as soon as it is in my audio chain.
  4. On my Mac mini (2018, i7, Mojave ver 10.14.4) quitting Audirvana 3.5 does not work. The spinning beachball displays and I need to force quit the application. Quitting neither works with the shortcuts (command Q).
  5. Did that and Audirvana now plays perfectly! Thanks for your help, Damien, very much appreciate the swift response!
  6. I downloaded Audirvana 3.5.4 yesterday onto my Mac mini 2018 (MacOS Mojave 10.14.4, i7, 3.2 GHz). Installation and everything went fine. I have my library stored on a Samsung T5 2TB external SSD. Now when I start a track, Audirvana tries to play it, but stops immediately after initiating play. Very annoying! Has anyone observed a similar phenomenon? I should add that the previous Audirvana version ran perfectly fine with exactly the same setup. Any feedback is highly appreciated! Thanks!
  7. ACT‘s recording in general is outstanding!
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