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  1. So in theory, you shouldn‘t have to design gRNA to wipe out the MQA gene 😊 Is that so that MQA starts to appear in Qobuz? I‘ve never noticed.
  2. No need for genome editing in Tidal, switch to Qobuz that has an MQA-free genome 😁
  3. So, you guys think, the Roon NUCLEUS should have some CRISPR baked into its main processor 😁?
  4. I also went the dietpi upgrade route. Something's wrong with this upgrade. I didn't bother anymore and installed Ropieee. Much less hassle and it's comparable to dietpi soundwise.
  5. Didn't know this one, will have a listen to this evening!
  6. This is an unbelievably good album! Not the Miles Davis 'jungle' funk, but REAL good funk jazz! Great suggestion!
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