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  1. It‘s one of the most popular Soul Jazz albums ever, recorded live at the 1969 Montreux Jazz Festival!
  2. Yes, it’s the 192/24 version I listen to. Again, not too bad, yet not comparable to a good recent 192/24 master. But absolutely enjoyable.
  3. So, the mic cannot be connected straight to your pc running Sonarworks? At least my calibrated mic works straight with my Mac and REW. The USB cables connecting mic and DAC have to have a certain length to be able to measure comfortably. I had to take my device out of the rack to get everything connected. Our cat enjoyed it!
  4. John Coltrane ‘58. The Prestige Recordings (high res) isn‘t too bad at Qobuz https://www.qobuz.com/ch-de/album/coltrane-58-the-prestige-recordings-john-coltrane/w3v0gzcgneavc I quite enjoy it in my system.
  5. You could install TeamViewer to get access to your Mac. I was always wondering why one would want to reverse signal polarity. I someone can enlighten me?
  6. No hurry whatsoever in reporting back! Enjoy Sonarworks.
  7. Super! I‘d be interested to learn from your experience with Sonarworks.
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