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  1. You close desktop audirvana using remote audirvana with Tidal, does that happen to you? https://community.audirvana.com/t/audirvana-remote-use-crashes-desktop-audirvana/12650/21
  2. I had saved Tidal's bookmarks, now with remote apps I can't keep them.
  3. https://community.audirvana.com/t/playback-stopping-10-seconds-from-the-end-of-song/2242/34 How can we help you solve the problem? Since 5 days on my setup I have not had the track pause, high sierra latest version and audirvana latest version on imac.
  4. Me too Tidal does not load over the 50 covers on the remote app, but the annoying problem is the pause of the tracks at the end of the song.
  5. https://community.audirvana.com/t/playback-stopping-10-seconds-from-the-end-of-song/2242/11
  6. As not said, it happened to me again with both Tidal and music on Hd and nas, ram memory set to maximum, the bug happens to me on two imacs. How sound is great.
  7. Maybe I solved it, I set the maximum available Ram in Audirvana, for now no pause and errors.
  8. I have to rectify the bug also happens with Tidal, as possible to solve, thanks!
  9. With Tidal this bug does not happen even for 12 hours in repeat album.
  10. Hi, many times it happens to me that Audirvana pauses by itself at the end of the track at about 8-9 seconds and I have to manually go to the next track, does it happen to you too? I have the latest version.
  11. The same thing happened to me yesterday, I had to shut down and restart the imac.
  12. Hi, sometimes there are micro interruptions when I listen to a song via usb on a local hd. Audirvana 3.5.9
  13. Great job Damien, now the synchronization is working.
  14. On the other hand, if I transfer an internal album to external HD in USB or HD from the Mac, the sync is very fast.
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