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  1. The last Windows 10 upgrade destroyed my PC. I had to go back to a bare machine and reinstall everything. Now when I try to add tracks to my N10 it says "access denied" (although I've done it before a thousand times) and asks me for network credentials. I've tried everything I could think of but nothing works. Any hints will be appreciated.
  2. In order to get Tidal to sound nearer to my stored music on my N10 I've done tweaks such as isolating the router from the Ethernet cable and upgrading that cable to an audiophile level. But while the sound has gotten significantly better it still seems to lack the "body" of played stored music. I'm seeking and open to all suggestions.
  3. Maybe so but I can't see how it could get any better since the SQ from Tidal is indistinguishable from tracks on the N10 SSD.
  4. Baaske Medical. http://baaske-medical.de/en/isolation/ethernet-isolation/223-network-isolator-med-mi-1005
  5. I have an N10 which I love. When I first got it I compared a single track that I had loaded into the N10, with the same track played on an Oppo player, and the same track streamed from Tidal. Their SQ was in the order mentioned. From this Forum I found some tweaks, namely isolate the Ethernet cable from the router with a medical grade isolator (about $160) and use a straight tun from the isolator to the N10 of quality Ethernet cable (I used Ghent Audio). The first tweak (isolation) significantly increased SQ but the second (I had been using conventional cable from Best Buy) raised the SQ so that one couldn't distinguish between locally stored tracks and streaming tracks. I am amazed. I was of the "bits are bits" school and couldn't believe upgrading the cable would so improve streaming. My Ghent cable is 8m long and also cost about $160.
  6. There were posts awhile back on improving Tidal streaming by upgrading ethernet cable and adding ethernet isolation. Could someone point me to the posts?
  7. Thank you for the advice. I need to do a lot of editing. The files were corrupted during transfer from cloud to PC to USB drive to N10. I wanted to delete them on the Aurender and reload good versions.
  8. I have just bought a N10 and started loading tracks from a USB drive. Although they loaded some tracks on the drive were corrupt. Is there way to delete these tracks from the N10? There doesn't seem to be any edit facility on the conductor app.
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