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  1. Be careful when restarting, as the CLEAN power supply for the DigiOne Signature needs to be connected BEFORE the DIRTY power supply for the Pi in order to obtain the best sound quality from the DigiOne Sig Ed.
  2. Does Allo intend to produce a case for the DigiOne Signature Edition with the Raspberry Pi 4?
  3. Do Allo I tend to produce a case for the Digione Signature with the new Pi 4?
  4. Thank you, I will try Ropieee again with a known good micro SD card. If that does not work, I will load an SD card with DietPi and install Roon Bridge in that way.
  5. Thanks, I have tried that, but it just doesn't work - flashing green and red lights, left for several hours - nothing installed and Pi not showing on the network
  6. I have been happily using my DigiOne Signature using the latest version of Moode Player. I now want to use the Raspberry Pi as a Roon endpoint. I have tried several times to install the Roon Bridge software using RoPieee on a new SD card , but I cannot get this to work. What am I doing wrong? When loading RoPiee should I power the Pi from its own micro USB socket or should I use the two power sockets on the Allo DigiOne Sigature?
  7. There is currently no ready made image file available.
  8. Hi rappo69 The recipe process required is very complicated and requires a good working knowledge of Linux. The good news is that a much simpler two step process will soon be available from www.moodeaudio.org when Tim Curtis releases beta 12.
  9. You will need to check on your router's web page or use a network scanning app to see the actual IP address used by your instance of Moode. It is not necessarily
  10. Moode Player will no longer be available as an image file. Tim Curtis has decided that the work involved is too much. Instead, if you have a good working knowledge of Linux, you can add it manually to a distro such as DietPi using the material that Tim has provided. Otherwise, just wait for a week or two and Moode Player will be included in a forthcoming release of DietPi.
  11. For technical background see the BBC R&D blog "Delivering Concert Sound" http://www.bbc.co.uk/rd/blog/2017-04-radio-3-high-quality-flac-dash
  12. Tim will not release the update until all testing is complete. We are all waiting patiently!
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