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  1. Hi Charlesphoto, Please may i applaud your efforts in 'exploring the boundaries', at least in my terms! I too would like to follow your lead in a limited way and cascade a Cisco 2960 (8 port) into my etheRegen via SFP. Please could you advise which Modules you are using for your cisco? I am looking for a budget pair to experiment with , LC multimode probably.
  2. Hi, I am trying to decide whether to choose a Farad super 3 or Paul Hynes SR4T to power a Chord Qutest...... Any further reports would be gratefully received.
  3. Hi Audiophilers, I am in a quandry regarding LPS's.... The 'business' end of my digital chain includes an UltraRendu, isoRegen and Chord qutest. I have an Uptone LPS 1.2 and a Paul Hynes SR4T, leaving a third power supply to be acquired. Two questions to be addressed - Which additional power supply to go for? Uptone, Hynes, Farad? Which power supply to be applied to which device? Any views or opinions gratefully received.
  4. I am on 'ordered in May, build in June' list , but still no notification of despatch. If i may ask, have you had a notification or just hopeful?
  5. Hi Karl, I was trying to establish whether your power supply was an 'ultra capacitor' supply or otherwise, and of sufficient current capability. Either scenario could cause initial connection problems. A cursory search would indicate the the ATL lps can deliver upto 2A, so no problems there. In general terms, switching everything on at once via the socket is probably not helping to establish the necessary network connections. Good luck with your investigations. frojo
  6. Hi Karl, Do you mean an UpTone LPS ? Or some other device. frojo
  7. This looks like an attractive space saving option. If an upright position helps with heat dissipation, is there an orientation which would be preferable? i.e. sfp cage down or up in the case of the Etheregen.
  8. Brain fogged 🤪- probably i have it the wrong way around. Drop outs @ 10.5V, but all ok at 9V (problems started after adding an SFP module) I have just checked the SBooster site and confirmed that the MK11 has 50% more current capability than the MK1. Shame i commented at all really! SBooster 9-10V MK11 - good to go
  9. I have an SBooster 9-10V MK1 which i ran my etheregen from- plain sailing at 9V until i added an SFP module and started to get dropouts... had to increase the voltage to 10.5. (i think the MK11 has slightly increased power delivery, so it might not be an issue) I did not notice much of an increase in case temperature on either setting. I am using a JS2 at 12V now - hot!
  10. Quboz connection via Audirvana working again 😀 Apparently a problem at the Quboz end not Audirvana
  11. I have the same issue and there are others whom have posted on the Audirvana Support forums. it would appear to be specifically El Cap users withe the latest 3.5.35 update. Hopefully a fix will arrive soon
  12. I purchased my UltraRendu in combination with an sBooster 9-10v as a package from SGC, therefore i am little concerned to find that running at 9volts is specifically 'not recommended' on the Sonore website.... Has the advice changed or should SGC not have been selling the sBooster for the UltraRendu?
  13. Forgive me for confusing you - The Sonore Optical module is a converter (RJ45 -> Fibre) In either scenario you will still need the sfp modules (and fibre) to connect sfp cages together. i.e. your ubiquity router and the etheRegen.
  14. I beg to differ. Martins proposed system is similar to my set up..... I found that introducing fibre into the chain in between my Airport extreme and the etheRegen improved the streaming capabilities and slightly lowered the noise floor on the rest of the system. An optical module may well enhance that improvement.
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