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  1. Looking for software recommendations for my own small DIY music server/player. What would you recommend since Win 10 wasnt your choice?? Trying to figure out what to run for local files. I will not be using Roon or any streaming services
  2. OK... I wrote Jriver and they claim it can be run headless as well but didnt elaborate much as to how or if I should use Windows or the Linux versions... They only told me to Google Jriver and headless.... great customer service....
  3. This a server/player? or server only?
  4. Are these for x86 hardware? So many people recommended options but they were not for x86...
  5. Too late....And again Im not that critical to know the difference until someone can sit me down and A/B test PSUs,
  6. Basically what I meant by what to run on it is what OS/Player... Like is there a Linux solution that will meet my goals of this system, or will Win be a better option. Trying to see whats out there that will make this as polished of an experience w/o needing to drop $5000 on a commercial music server. Like I said My goal is to make this a server/player attached to a USB DAC thats attached to my amp. So I dont want to have to have a TV attached to it to see the UI to pick songs, etc, I want to make it headless and control it via a phone, tablet, or a Harmony remote.
  7. Hi, New here... Had some spare PC parts and wanted to build a tiny music server. Nothing high dollar or fancy, just the basics to play audio file over my network to a DAC. Currently specs are a Asrock (forgot model) ITX motherboard, Socket 1155 i3-3220T (35W TDP), 16 gigs of DDR3, 500 gig NVMe connected to a PCIe adapter. All in a Streacom F1CWS Evo chassis with a Mini-Box 150W Pico PSU. Even with the CPU fan, its absolutely dead silent due to the BIOS settings allowing me to step the fan down to almost nothing. My issue is what to run on it. Goal is to plug it into my audio setup and controlling it w/o needing a TV or monitor. Completely headless using a phone/tablet or a Harmony remote. Is this possible? I have yet to decide on the OS since I have no clue if this will even work. Open to suggestions or recommendations. Free is best, but might consider paid applications if they will do what I am trying to do. Thanks
  8. I have one of these with custom shelves bolted to the sides with crap already on them.... This isnt mine but close http://www.k-beckinsale.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/ikea-jerker-desk-dimensions.jpg
  9. My DAC/Amp is a JDS labs O2/ODAC Rev B combo with RCAs outputting to the amp
  10. I'm not home but if you look up the Dayton Audio DTA-120, that will give you a very accurate depiction of the amp size I need. maybe a tiny bit larger...
  11. Still wont work... it sits on my desk under 2 monitors next to my DAC. I am limited on space hence my need for a small footprint amp...
  12. Nice but it might be a little wide... I need something along this line size wise https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/31kk-eIlrvL.jpg
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