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  1. This continues to be a sticking point after reading this. Which is why I listed two commercially viable retailers more than capable of meeting your commercial needs and working towards a parts list they will use to build it for you. Once that is set we can address improving audio performance for your leisure time.
  2. You have a very subtle mind I'm not making much of an impression upon. 😶
  3. If the monitor base is small enough and the extra height isn't a problem, sure. Why not.
  4. Sit on the floor under your desk next to the subwoofer. Hmm, all that bass locked up in a mostly sealed off cavern is not ideal is it? Hardly replicates the experience of a large open room where ALL speakers are aligned and acting together with no barriers to sound reaching your ears. Now what if we place the sub on top of the desk between the other two speakers and attempt our near field experiment again? Even behind a monitor we get bass better time aligned and accurately portrayed.
  5. On AS the term necessity equates to if this feasibly will have an effect on the order of .001% improvement it must be tried, weighed, and measured before discussing it in great detail. Lighten up.
  6. Didn't see a new thread so I'll link two reputable online sellers of prebuilt computers. I, and many others here, are happy to help point you in a better direction if you have specific questions. Based on your reply I think that for the time being the discussion of specific parts should be with the company who will build the server and provide support on it. Falcon Northwest Puget Systems
  7. If you can place the sub on the same surface as and roughly between satellite speakers it they could be an avenue to better sound for you. Otherwise I would look more seriously at two speaker options with larger woofers and good tweeter implementation. What is important is your appreciation of music grows through intelligently picking hardware that matches the environment it will be used in. Good speakers can sound just as irritating as bad ones.
  8. But as @JTS provided ample proof of. Tuning BIOS settings related to overclocking border on necessity. That it means your computer will run cooler and more efficiently. That understanding the principles inform decisions on how to refine these settings for different tasks/programs.
  9. I continue to be unimpressed with the quality of insults formulated out of Connacker. Much less the initials CC. Drawings instrumental in the mind of those typically responsible for these type of attacks are also severely lacking. Gotta love Midwestern mediocrity. I think you need to be more inspiring as a leader @The Computer Audiophile. 😂
  10. @ChrisVH Beyond removing the less refined hardware choices in your list. Requirements for photography editing interfere with "design me a server for Roon/HQP" as a dedicated audio pc. I really think you'd be best served starting a thread devoted to address balancing the extraneous needs with a high level of SQ. Somewhere the subject of multiple component turnkey systems and focus on your system as a whole could be fully expounded on.
  11. I see what the issue is. Unless @StreamFidelity uses RGB RAM, listed a gaming builders website in his post, etc. it should have been obvious something didn't add up. Assuredly most here are intelligent enough to gather we were both replying to the same person who did post a link to a gamingcentric website where his build including RGB RAM was compiled. My studiousness in making sure quote boxes remained in place following interruptions to phone internetting will be exemplary from this day forward. Oak and tusked wild sows indeed. I purposely don't list equipment and make direct references sparsely. Long experience with "gear forums" that has born out here as well. To that end, been completely honest that after pinging Juusi I put together an i5-8400 server that does DSD128 EC quite easily with minimal cooling. The money saved over an i9 went directly into swelling my music collection. Good audio equipment is getting cheaper, MCH SACD/DSD are not.
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