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  1. I think the gif from that MTV Unplugged performance said a lot about what they were facing. Much has been written and said about this series, by those involved or in attendance, that could be looked up. At least PJ can't complain it lent them inconsistent results. This level of homogeneity between an example official studio, stadium, and small venue acoustic recording could only result from control over production being exerted. If not offer proof rock stars enjoy their cinq à sept more than most.
  2. Could you please detail both your vinyl playback chain and the amount of times your (as unopened as it is complete, I surmise) PJ vinyl collection has been played. I'm willing to follow this conversation to the AS Vinyl sub-forum to avoid a lengthy in depth conversation here. The comment @Solstice380 made, not assessing how wonderful it sounds, about DR of a live studio recording using acoustic instruments had merit. Even if the delivery and subsequent responses were tinged with irrepressible amounts of smirking. In the last month I've bought a few PJ cd's; "20" and "Rearviewmirror" (Greatest Hits). Both albums contain a DR6 and a DR7 disc. Neither unexpected nor broadly out of line with the particular qualities of their other recordings/live performances. I enjoyed it for what it is and didn't wish for something on the order of a Beatles/RS re-imagining in an unbelievable quality the band duly swears is authentic and of impeccable provenance. Original CD release, not pristine vinyl or a modern remastering.
  3. About the time GL ramped up his campaign to "fix" his entire oeuvre. I took in my first movie on LD, the original Star Wars. Was shocking how much worse it was than a VHS/BetaMax copy. So I tried a movie originally released in the format and it was no better. Physically, they are pretty comical too.
  4. I suspect so. If anything Qobuz' response to problems has been gracious for having them pointed out. This UK example is what we have come to expect.
  5. @Blake Interesting stuff lately. Do you ever explore off the beaten streaming and release path into unofficial versions, remixes, live, or consumer edits like the dead slow version of a Men I Trust track I posted awhile back? Speaking of Men I Trust, acoustic effects present in uploads on this channel reminded me of the atmosphere from this handheld video of an unannounced fashion show taking place in an Australian supermarket doing normal business. White Lies - Peace & Quiet (33S Remix)
  6. How aware are you the speakers in your account profile picture look like a shaft with belhead from most angles?
  7. Have to wonder if this was out of frustration with attempting to play SACD .iso after updating his long out of date firmware.
  8. New update just launched this morning. Thought I found a bug which quickly resolved itself. Numerous attempts to recreate it failed leaving me to believe it was buffering or local storage verification related. @dmackta could you provide an overview, or link to version changelog, so we can see what this update addressed.
  9. Less about the 5 w/ch device than the idea not being new. Also exploring the idea to talk to an amp designer about whether a one off cord is technically a better decision than using a one off adapter. You might even find someone crazy enough to remove the speaker terminals and install the desired headphone outputs.
  10. Sorta like bending over and looking in the mirror. Only worse.
  11. @AudioDoctor Audiophile travels recently lead me to a McCormack design from years ago. https://www.stereophile.com/headphones/796mcc/index.html I'm cautiously interested in what happens here with your crazy idea. Or should I say how you are planning to go about this. In any case, since I saw the other thread I thought to provide alternative means of connecting the headphones to a stereo amp. In reverse of the above.
  12. Musically this was not enough to my tastes to post. On the basis of artistic merit and current events I found it an incredible simple piece of cinematography. Therefore I'm linking to the Vlog/making of video detailing what went into producing it.
  13. @RichardSF I believe they have a service going through their entire catalog (slowly and one expects accurately) removing duplicate albums/tracks and a separate or cooperative effort bringing artist listings into line. Security and core functionality have been noted as the primary concerns being tackled. Recompiling the entire catalog and fixing daily new entries is probably not a fast process even if given a high amount of attention. Just in case you don't get a timely reply from Qobuz staff over the holiday.
  14. I like the idea of doing multiple trials and deciding which of the bit perfect services is for you.
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