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  1. Doubt I would be capable of appreciating the music on this album. The cover photo is agreeable enough though. 🏔️
  2. Hindsight is (‿|‿) In your case so is forethought. Secondhand pop culture references are usually Ralf's bailiwick. I think you'd be kidding me saying you two didn't work 'Ok Rando' out together. Especially since I've made it clear in the past when one or both of you were engaging in ageism. Predicate to this discussion was the suggestion that far from lacking any social skills. Mans perhaps was still in a working mindset and was being ribbed to finish clocking out before he missed/discouraged too much fun in here. He wasn't the only one being asked to loosen up, just the closest.
  3. I searched "Berliner Philharmoniker" on US version of play.qobuz (browser) and it only shows a complete cycle dated August 2019. This mirrored results in W10 desktop app. No issues playing any of the symphonies or tracks greyed out.
  4. I've been sitting on a comment about Chris sitting in his office chair dreaming about the new Mac Pro while trying to go cross eyed looking at his amps. Then reality intrudes. Trashcans are so last week now. The horror.
  5. That was enjoyably short and to the point. Timely too, invoking the reason for the season. What I especially enjoyed was questioning not whether any one of us personally feel called to god, but to behave like one.
  6. Is it convenient to set up a relay here through @The Computer Audiophile containing a form we could use to report small issues? Missing or incorrect artwork, typos effecting a small area, general low importance errors that can be put into a neat pile directly atop the correct desk. My suspicion is a large number of us are weeding out petty mistakes in our own areas of expertise too small to bother with otherwise.
  7. If you prove a reliable fixer we'll set up concessions (gambling) and CC can wash it for us. Conditioning to expect no evidence of fixing impairs ability of further steps to be taken.
  8. Any computer used as a base upon which to effect the requisite number of changes you implement for your own listening pleasure. Whether that is choosing to use what you have, trying everything on the market, or conducting a mad science project without end. Partial answer is all that is possible. Adding a second device with considerably larger and better implemented handling of power will have an effect. Not necessarily fitting the loosely structured question as presented. The amount of noise present from your home's electrical source is certainly a consideration. We live in an age where there are countless solutions to problems you may not have or have any need to solve. Half the fun is figuring out if the addition of them fixes a problem you actually have or do anything at all. Common sense and experimenting will offer much in the way of wisdom. Cable construction makes a bigger difference at either end of the spectrum where atypical methods are most likely to be encountered. Using a good quality $10 USB cable will take you quite far in price and SQ. You may have to step up to a custom made one if your needs expand beyond straight connectors in standard lengths etc. Cable debates are anathema, though I'd say most would take this in the context offered.
  9. @AudioDoctor The original is something else. She really crammed a lot into those first 10 years to sing like that. Ignore the linked video in favor of the much better version including her singing it again. Can't believe I missed that.
  10. I've updated your reference. Consider this a harsh reminder to expect the unexpected when you clear YT's data repository and it begins thinking for you.
  11. Not so sure she would be keen on it being named "Mathilda" nowadays. @AudioDoctor I'm saving you time by just directing you here. You are welcome.
  12. For those who wish to ease into seasonal listening. 🌲
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