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  1. In terms of SQ, probably SR7 is the best with SR4 the 2nd according to this forum. The delivery of these two products don't look promising according to the SR4 and SR7 thread, again in this sub-forum. Please read it and make your decision. HDPlex 200 was good according to some ASer's here. HDPlex often has QC issues and this one is no exception. Please search here. Apart from this, the CP value of the HDPlex is pretty high, MPOV. Hope this post helps.
  2. Any ASer bought the M12? it's been around for years but I find it too expensive. This may not be the thread to discuss the M12. Any guy will point a thread of M12 in AS for a poor soul?
  3. I mean infamous for "to wait for the shipment forever". Probably well-known is a better wording but this word sounds too positive to me.
  4. I can find at least two products in the AS forum. Definitely not from Uptone. Will not name them here but the two products are pretty infamous, MPOV, and you can see people losing patience rightly, again MPOV.
  5. Confused, Did you order the SR4 in early Oct or late Oct?
  6. I would rather order something that's ready to ship than to wait for the shipment forever. The work of Alex and John are very much appreciated.
  7. The Davina will be a long wait I believe.
  8. @Confused, burning the SR4 now?
  9. Thank you Bob. Just read the FreeNAS things. Will resort to the 119j which is more environmental friendly and cost effective. Not sure about the SQ though.
  10. PC + DAC is a single box solution. Once you're in CAS, you may not need the CD and SACD player. Mine are gone anyway. If money is no object, there are quite a few great single box solutions that should be within 25k. But that should be in other threads.
  11. That's not entirely true unfortunately. A new box may reduce the jitter as well. Otherwise, IR will not exist. It's fair to say that given the same amount of money, a multibox solution usually outperforms a single box solution. Hence why we're here. However, the noise between the upstream and downstream of a DAC (as an example) always needs attention. Finally, as an example, one may use Toslink to send data to a DAC. In this case GI is perfect. But the conversion from light to electrical inside the DAC will still introduce noises.
  12. Bob, I've already built my NUC endpoints and now building my HQP server. What what you said was a custom built server can be better that a general purpose Synology NAS, which I agree. Hence I'm asking how to built a NAS because I thought that's what you mean. Or could it be that the NAS in your context also plays music rather than a single purpose file server?
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