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  1. Hi - Our differences about how to post aside, I got a couple of PMs from someone on the SR7 list who claims Paul is running a Ponzi scheme on both models, using money received to live on but delivering only enough to keep up a front and the money rolling in. Plus, he's not readily refunding and doesn't actually have an assistant. That is, it's essentially a fake operation. I suggested he post this and let it be sorted publicly, but he declined. It's not for me to do, but being new to the Hynes operation and having an order in, I have to hope it's not true. Small audio operations are often unstable, sometimes somewhere between flakey and lacking integrity, and by their nature typically operate hand to mouth, unless there's another source of income. So those factors in themselves don't prove anything. You have any sense of it all?

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    2. highstream


      I didn't realize you had replied. I assumed everything is above board and paid via a bank transfer from the States, so have no protection except PH's integrity. TopQuark wrote me that one of the two SR4's he just received was ordered last July for August shipping. Guess I'll be waiting for awhile.

    3. greenleo


      Hi Highstream,


      I actually do not understand how this single status works and how do you make it.  But you told me that you did realize that I had replied did surprise me.  You initiated it but you didn't check?


      Sorry to hear that you did not pay through PayPal and I hope that you may receive your SR4(s) ASAP.  Please advise your friends to pay through PayPal in future and consider to claim a month before the end of the protection.


      I'm not sure if PH's playing Ponzi, but I'm sure that if he keeps on supplying the LPSs to the customers, he should be able to recover and get new customers.  He must be able to make a substantial profit (percentage-wise) by making the LPS without any cheat.  Then the rest of the already paid customers may have a chance to receive the units.  This is the best that I can think of for the CAers and any other of PH's customers.

    4. highstream


      Thanks. All I meant was that I didn't get a notice that you had replied to my second message, which is strange because I got one just now for your latest. There's also a glitch in the Audiophilestyle website (as there was with its previous name), where I open the link in the email and it goes to an error page. The owner hasn't been able to replicate it, but I've also come across another site that does it, so it may be a software thing.


      As for PH and the SR4 (or 7), II guess there's nothing to do with PH but to wait.



  2. @highstream I guess you're quite new in CA or quite new to search the SOTA LPS. The PH's behavior is realtively well known in CA/AS. Usually the buyer knows the behavior before the purchase. I didn't post the link because it's well known to me and quite a few CAers who likes PH's LPS. Given that the SR7 thread and the SR4 thread are under the same sub-forum, I thought that most CAers know them. It's not uncommon to have an audio product that stated that the delivery time should be 3 months but the actual delivery took more than 2 years. I'm not promoting this behavior nor finding it acceptable but when one wants to have the best, unfortunately, sometimes this is the price to pay for. For some of these products, the maker handles the situation in a satisfactory manner and most of the buyers are satisfied, some makers don't and lots complaint were resulted. PH's usual delay in my post was posted as a fact. I do not understand why you said I didn't post fact. Anyway, this is no big deal. Even though I do not like the delay, I try to be factual rather than condemning or judgmental. A buyer should also use the protection period of the PayPal or any other protection wisely because this is more or less what we can do. I do hope that anyone intended to deal with PH should know this beforehand.
  3. Please read the SR7 thread. Quite a few CAers (among other people not CAers) ordered the SR4 and did not get it as the original promised schedule. I did not say what Paul has been doing is right but just telling the facts. If it's reaching the end of the protection period of PayPal, one should consider to claim the money back. This is the only thing that a buyer can do.
  4. Don't worry. It's too early as usual and please check other threads as well.
  5. Sorry for you Paul. English is not my 1st tongue and I can't provide anything humorous but only a sincere greeting. All The Best.
  6. WiFi provides GI that the audio grade switch filters. So it's not unreasonable that WiFi may offer better SQ. On the other hand WiFi introduces its own EMI. It's a matter of which harms less.
  7. SQ wise, which is better, the DIY or the finished box version?
  8. thank you Johnseye. Why 1.6x? What's the size of the fuse? Any links to their story and the benefits of changing the fuse? Thank you again.
  9. To the owners of the SR7, Do you change the its fuse? What power cable do you use to fully unleash the potential of the SR7?
  10. I wonder if anyone has tried the LPS from Plixir and the Clones Audio?
  11. So Audio Sensibility did the upgrade for you or you request the wire from SOtM?
  12. In terms of SQ, probably SR7 is the best with SR4 the 2nd according to this forum. The delivery of these two products don't look promising according to the SR4 and SR7 thread, again in this sub-forum. Please read it and make your decision. HDPlex 200 was good according to some ASer's here. HDPlex often has QC issues and this one is no exception. Please search here. Apart from this, the CP value of the HDPlex is pretty high, MPOV. Hope this post helps.
  13. Any ASer bought the M12? it's been around for years but I find it too expensive. This may not be the thread to discuss the M12. Any guy will point a thread of M12 in AS for a poor soul?
  14. I mean infamous for "to wait for the shipment forever". Probably well-known is a better wording but this word sounds too positive to me.
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