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  1. greenleo

    AudioLinux and NUC Troubleshooting and Tuning

    There should be a heatsink kit that comes with the Plato X7D for the NVME SSD.
  2. Thank you. Then it means even with only the SCLk-EX clock, the switch is already very good.
  3. Please tell how large the impact of the ext clock in your report as well. Given that Ref10 may not be affordable for everybody (and the cables, PS as a combo), this report will give the CAers quite an insight apart from Roy's. Thank you.
  4. Yours is without the external clock fitting the switch, only the SCLk-EX that come with the switch, correct?
  5. I hear more imperfections after using AL. However, I do not regard a bad thing but a merit of the AL. Live recording sounds more realistic.
  6. Can you explain how to do the WinS2016+AO in RAMDisk? I have AO and then I can try a shoot out myself.
  7. This is a serious shootout in extreme dual PC setup environment. AudioLinux is only $50 and should do pretty well for its price. I hope the future of Linux-based OS will be bright for those who don’t mind paying for products and services in near future. Hi WindowsX, Any more of the details of the shoot out may be exposed? I can see that 3 different computers were used, 2 for the dual AL PC and 1 for the WWin2019. More descriptions of them are needed to comprehend the context. Otherwise, that's never apple to apple. Given that PF2.16 uses AL and you use PF, the statement that "the sound of Linux is always exile, lack of harmonics compared to Windows." is not easy to harmonise.
  8. Why not another machine using AL headless? Wow, the holy grail. I envy you, pal. I hope that I may visit you and hear your system. Lol. One question. In your opinion, how large is the improvement of the switch due to OP20? I would be very happy if you may pm me if you find that more appropriate. I remember that you posted the best Intona cable. I guess that was being used. Correct? Can truly sense the pain. You've already answered a lot.
  9. Thank you hols for the post. May I calrify few things? 1. Did the dual PC system sound better than the single box system given that both of them were using HQP? I guess that both of the PC were using AL, correct? 2. What's the switch being used? 2. What's your server's Linux system? Regards
  10. greenleo

    AudioLinux and NUC Troubleshooting and Tuning

    elpampeano, Has it the same issue when not in Ramboot mode? Network trouble shooting through words can be a nightmare on words but could be quick on spot. You've done so many things and it is hard to give you a full picture in one go. I'm not an expert in this area. Just try to help by breaking case down into atomic size subcases.
  11. Thank you very much Larry for the very detailed reply. Anyway to dual power a NUC? Leo
  12. Hi WindowsX, I'm sorry for you. I'm both an owner of your Fidelizer Pro and AudioLinux. Your suggestion that try something free first sounds very fair.
  13. greenleo

    Best alternatives LPSU to Paul Hynes SR7

    What is the meaning of snd? Would you mind describe the differences between the new 200 and the old 200? Thanks.
  14. Get it. Is it correct that your current system is i7DNBE both as server and endpoint with endpoint powered by LPS-1.2 and server powered by the HDPlex200W?
  15. Larry, Just want to check if my understanding of your posts is correct. Is the following table correct? Time. Mid Sep 2018 Now Config. 1. 2. 3. 4. Server. 7CJYH i7-6700K i7-6700K i7DNBE (HDPlex200W) Endpoint. 7CJYH 7CJYH i7DNBE i7DNBE (LPS-1.2) SQ. Good/Great Better Even Better Best