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  1. Sorry. I had done some trial and error with different master clocks with my w20. Common upgrades use a rubidium clock instead of the standard crystal clock although the reason for the sound improvements of the rubidium clock is not clear given that short term stability is often not better. the BVA clock produced by Oscilloquartz in Switzerland uses one piece of crystal cut in such a way that temperature gradients are reduced producing very good Phase noise. As part of some experimental work, I had the opportunity to try an Oscilloquartz 8607 BVA oscillator in my System and was very definitely blown out of the water! Sadly Oscilloquartz have now stopped production as too expensive though I understand Cybershaft had managed to source something similar. i hope that helps although I’m sorry I can’t give you a detailed description. Oscilloquartz datasheets might show up om Google and that might provide some information
  2. I agree. Blowing out of the water is a lot to ask. Last time it happened to me was when I added a BVA clock to my Aurender w20/ DCS System. The unexpected degree of improvement was staggering. it is possible that there are other changes of major magnitude. For my bank account, I hope I don’t meet any others soon!
  3. The latest app version depends on which model. 4.18,125 is the latest for my w20. check in the software box in the Conductor App. It will check you have latest software for your player
  4. I tried a number of usb cables with several twin AES and BNC cables. For all cables, usb was worst. twin reference Siltech Aes was, in my system, slower and less detailed than my best BNC reference cables from Shunyata and Furutech. Comparison using both my current Aurender w20 and my previous Aurender s10 into DCS (both Vivaldi and Scarlatti) between Qobus and Tidal, I prefer sound quality from Qobus, particularly with their HiRez files compared to somewhat coloured Tidal. hope that helps, but remember as always, your own mileage may differ!
  5. Having compared various usb cables with top BNC cables from Furutech and Shunyata, I must declare it no contest. Asynchronous usb might be a clock solution but at a high price in sq. for me, any alternative streamer must have facility to synch with my Oscilloquartz bva 8607 masterclock. The improvement of ultra accurate clocking is huge.
  6. Interesting piece of equipment. How does the Taiko synchronise the time clock with the rest of the digital system? For me, being able to lock the time signal to my external BVA master clock would be an essential piece of the spec. The Taiko site seems a bit sparse with information.
  7. Thanks for your interest. i use two of the large single thickness damping plates side by side. The w20 sits on the m3x platform. i use same arrangement under each dcs component and BVA master clock and Ayre KXR preamp. each Halcr monoblocks sits on an m3 platform. the effects on the w20 are additive so I don’t have any info on effect of single dampinb plate without m3 base. hope that helps david
  8. I agree that footers make a significant difference. Also damping plates on top of the Aurender can help sound quality. I use HRS support (equipment rack plus feet) and the HRS damping plates. All make a worthwhile difference for my W20.
  9. Since many w20 users chose the w20 because of the facility to lock to an external masterclock, the clock upgrade in the w20se will be redundant. Replacing the psu with a linear power supply should be worthwhile. That should be possible as an upgrade if Aurender or a third party supplier would help. Otherwise not too much to tempt me to trade up.
  10. Sound quality is the most important thing for me. Aurender w20 with high precision external masterclock wins every time compared with current Roon offerings. Hopefully Aurender will stay abreast of developments such as Roon and incorporate them where possible however never at the expense of sound quality.
  11. I am very happy with my W20. The main feature for me which makes the W20 so good is the ability to synch to the external master clock which, in my system, is a BVA Oscilloquartz oscillator which provides unequalled stability. Any possible alternative streamer would have to have the ability to synch in the same way.
  12. I have to agree. It sounds like you have a system problem somewhere that is making Tidal sound so bad. I have w20 and I often get to listen to my old s10 which I gave to a friend. W20 is clearly better but s10 on Tidal still sounds fine. Check out your system!
  13. i guess that’s what makes this hobby so interesting. In my system, the use of 75 ohm digital cables easily outperform either 110 ohm or USB. Difference is a more dynamic sound. Of course it is important that you have good quality clock cables in use. a good friend who bought my original s10 Aurender had exactly similar experiences with connection to his DCs Paganini.
  14. I am surprised that you are using usb to connect usb to dcs. In my experience, spdif 75 ohm plus separate clock cable gives much better results. Top Shunyata or Furutech Cables give superb results. i have used Siltech signature series usb in the past but I would not recommend using usb connections here.
  15. I like the top. I use the Harmonic Resolution damping plate which is very effective but your option is much more of a conversation piece!
  16. Do try the Shunyata Sigma 75ohm coax. For my money, that is the best cable I have heard
  17. That could be the difference. I use DCS Scarlatti DAC, the second test was DCs Paganini. with both DACS, 75 ohm coax was much superior to both testers so definitely worth shot.
  18. I used to use Siltech Signature AES/EBU. i replaced with Furutech top of the rang spdif but I also evaluated MIT Magnum. Both gave a faster, more detailed image than AES. We repeated this with a friends system system who found similar results.
  19. I think w20 makes a lot of sense. Basic sound quality is significantly better. I would recommend spdif 75ohm in preference to dual ABS/EBU in any case.
  20. Are you talking about W20? if not, lack of central clocking will decrease AES performance relative to USB. With W20, I was stressing how I found spdif through 75 ohm connection seems better than twin AES. i was using DCs Scarlatti DAC and Masterclock. DCS masterclock was externally controlled by a 10mhz master clock based on a BVA Oscilloquartz 8607 which is significantly better than DCs clock alone. as you rightly say, individual mileage may vary!
  21. I used to use dual mode AES/EBU with Siltech signature cables. Recently I replaced these with Furutech spdif cable. The spdif gives a much more detailed and better defined image. I found this surprising but the differences are very clear. Both AES and spdif are much better than usb which has a slight softening of the image (Siltech Royal USB cable)
  22. I agree. Used W20s are not common but they do appear fairly regularly. I bought mine around 2 years ago for £7000 which seems to be the going rate. i remain delighted with it. The clock connection more than justifies the price I had to pay to upgrade from the usb connection on my previous s10.
  23. I’m continuing to enjoy my W20 with Qubos and Tidal and decent clock input. Nothing new to report here.
  24. I went for the new MQA unfolding option this morning. Straightforward to install and first results very worthwhile (Aurender W20/DCS Scarlatti). Most of my listening is from Qobus but good to have the alternative.
  25. I’ve put SR blacks in my Ayre preamp and my DCS DAC with positive results. I had wondered about fitting them (or the SR blues) to my Aurender w20 but because of the Battery PSU, I’d wondered whether it would be worth bothering.
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