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  1. Mitch, thank you for a good review! I see in photo Dutch & Dutch 8c stand on the floor ... When are you going to make and publish a review of these direct competitors Kii Three? This is a practical question, since I am currently using Kii Three in one of my systems and very interested in listening to Dutch & Dutch 8c, but there is no such possibility. Very interested in direct comparison.
  2. You are right in your evaluation of sound - Innuos+Kii Three BXT (which you heard on the High End Show in Munich). I was not present at the show, but my friend (who has a very serious listening experience - analog and digital (Wilson Alexx+ D’Agostino+Berkeley Reference II), at my request thoroughly listened to both systems and communicated with Bruno and representatives of Innuos. He told me that the sound from both systems was like "plastic", "glass" - and all the other epithets by which you described your experience. He was also disappointed with the general impression and said that i
  3. As you can see the BXT is an extension for the Kii THREE that can be added at any time, turning the stand mount speaker into a veritable floor stander. Detailed tech specs will follow later this summer - however adding 16 drivers and another 4000 WATTs to the current Kii THREE will give you a hint on what to expect. For our Pro dealers and distributors: yes there will be a PRO version as well. There is a special Kii THREE BXT System HiFi startup deal available until end of the show (High End Show 2018, Munich).
  4. I would recommend a Curious Cable. From LAN cables I tried different - in order of improvement: AQ Pearl Ghentaudio CAT6A (ET02 Belden 1303E CAT6A Metz Ethernet(JSSG) Cable) Melco Audiophile Ethernet Network Cable AQ Vodka Fidata HFLC Coming soon from Japan AIM NA7. I will compare Fidata Vs AIM NA7.
  5. Just listen to these samples for comparison: Official release on Acoustic Sounds '2016 (24/192): http://store.acousticsounds.com/d/114115/Harry_Belafonte-Belafonte_Sings_the_Blues-FLAC_192kHz24bit_Download VS LP rip (24/192) (LP production 1958!): https://www.discogs.com/Harry-Belafonte-Belafonte-Sings-The-Blues/release/1520512 here listen to vocal (sibilants and speech articulation): 07B02 - God Bless' The Child (Test, OFF).aif 08B02 - God Bless' The Child (Test, 9.52).aif here listen to sax in right channel: 13B05 - Fare Thee Well-2 (Test, OFF).aif 14B05 - Fare Thee Wel
  6. Thanks for the comment. If you so praise the Metrum Adagio, then why did not you use it on the demonstration, but Zodiac Platinum (delta-sigma ...)?
  7. Antelope Audio Pure2 + 10M Atomic Clock. 24/192...
  8. Hi, FredericV. How could you play on Antelope Zodiac Platinum (which is not MQA) native MQA files? Please explain in more detail the whole process of listening ...
  9. I can try. I think that there is such an opportunity.
  10. Monetarily Questionable Agency aka MQA? I did not have the opportunity to read the entire topic, perhaps this information was already discussed here ... I apologize if I repeat, but I found this information interesting: "If you've wondered why 6moons hasn't yet formally covered MQA, you might have also wondered why not more hardware companies have signed up by now. After all, Dolby was massively embraced very quickly. Consider this information from an industry insider. Given three signed NDA, their contributions here are by necessity most generalized and terse to remain
  11. Ok, I applied a steep filter of 30Hz and added a "brickwall" to all 16 / 44.1 files. I used this software: Here is the result of DR measurement:
  12. Here are screenshots of DR states from LP rip The Crusaders - Images (1978, USA). The whole process: from recording without RIAA (RAW) and to converting (SRC) to CD format): 1. The Crusaders - Images (1978, USA) (Raw) 2. The RIAA curve is applied and cut into separate tracks 3. Gain Output Levels (software): Side A - 3.39dB and Side B - 3.84dB 4. Gain Output Levels (software): separately each track 5. Conversion (SRC) of tracks to the quality of CD (16/44.1)
  13. Under the means for synchronization, everyone who works in professional studios usually means only clock. Not a DAC, not an ADC, but only a clock (internal in interfaces or external Master Clock). And nothing more. I hope that you will not wipe your feet about this great man (Andrea Bocelli): Andrea Bocelli Closer to Home | Antelope Audio My good friends have this in the studio: TAS 180: Esoteric G-ORb Rubidium Master Clock Generator | The Absolute Sound
  14. Yes, the Atomic reference oscillator is not a clock, but only a frequency generator (10MHz). It just gives more precision (accurancy) for the master clock (Isochrone Trinity).
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