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  1. I have an oR but it was not paired with the ISO Regen. But recently, I got my hands on an ISO Regen with LPS 1.2. The original plan was to use the ISO Regen on something else but I came upon this thread and I tested the pair. I agree, it's magical. I agree with everything said. Wow!
  2. First Post! Not too long ago I added the Intona USB isolator to the system and it provided a big boost in performance. This made me a believer in galvanic isolation. I added a Regen (borrowed from my car system) post Intona in the USB chain but this slightly lessened the performance. I was powering the Regen with the 5V from an iFi iUSB. So off came the Regen and back to the car it went. Then I read about great performance from an Intona and Regen USB chain with the Regen powered by battery. This provided the excuse I needed to get the LPS-1. I came home today and found the LPS-1
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