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  1. Thanks for the info Franatic , I read that somewhere W4S using a PWT with that it was one of the reasons I purchased the PS Audio , Both components were a recent buy fir a second little system , the W4s dac was purchased used just 3 months ago and the PS Audio transport was recently purchased as a refurbished component so I guess if I ask for the pin configuration from the both manufacturers should hopefully solve the mystery,.
  2. On a slightly different topic , I have a 2v2SE and wonder if anyone here have used the Wyred4sound Dac with a PS Audio Perfect Wave Transport ? I'm having an issue with no signal through the 12s connection however the other outputs on the PWTransport work flawlessly with the 2v2SE . For those whom are currently using this combination or have once paired these components in the past have you experienced any issues with the 12s HDMI connections with either component ?
  3. Thank you for your reply, I have sent an email to Wyred4sound yesterday . I'm using CD only and yes I tried a Toslink and the same symbol appeared ,..TOS 1 <?>...
  4. That's not the issue between these two components , many have been using this combination of components and 12s connection for years ,..
  5. I just took delivery of my 2v2SE which I will be using with a PSAudio Perfect Wave Transport with the 12s port. I hooked it up this morning , select 12s only to see this 12s <?> on the screen of the 2v2. Checking the connections I tried playback again only to see the same results, I changed out the cable and tried another one only to get the same result 12s <?> .
  6. Hahahahahahahaha,.........Hahahahahahahahaha
  7. There is an in-depth article in Psychology Today about poofs like Sal1950 , just pay no attention to this angry childish ,.....man?
  8. Yes Sal and I would agree off the bat as I used Bluejean HDMI cabling for PS Audio 12s connection , a five dollar cable VS Audio society approved and award winning brand bull sh* t cabling costing hundreds .,.. It's just packets of information so how on earth is a Off the shelf USB printer cable differ from Curious Cable or any other USB cable? I would sooner spend under $10.00 for a wire because I understand it's just packets of digital information and nothing else . Well I was fully prepared to return Curious Cable even before I took delivery of it however it didn't turn out that way .
  9. SonicTranspoter AP 8 TB Roon server with SSD including Roon activation codes for six months of free Roon Purchased New in July 2016 , In Brand New Condition , Roon activation codes UN-Used. Attach a MicroRendu or Soniorbiter for a complete digital transport Store and protect your entire digital library Rip perfect digital copies of lossless to Flac of your CDs Red Book , DSD and Hi-Res download into a 8TB driver with a capacity of over 200K Huge storage drive cache with SSD for super fast and silent operation Network
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