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  1. If your friend has the same issue on a different system, the problem is not with Aurender.
  2. That is indeed how it works. I have requested to make it possible to turn it off for people that don't use this.
  3. I think you don't have a clue what you are talking about.
  4. Uhm... No. MQA came because Meridian wanted to make a ton of money from people's gullibility, and it worked. MQA definitely does not fix anything.
  5. I think this would be a nice idea, but there are a few small problems... The Dynamic Range Meter is attempting to cover this area. Unfortunately it is quite flawed. It measures thye wrong thing. You can create the most perfect super dynamic mix and master, but add a tiny bit of low end (bass) and down goes the DR measurement. A much better unit would be the LUFS measurement, as used in studios. Unfortunately I don't think there is any (free or really cheap) software program to analyse music for the LUFS levels that can be installed/used by consumers. Until you fi
  6. My friend estimated the material value at around 25 to 30 euros. This of course does not include any additional cost. I have always used my node with external DACs, first a Schitt Gungnir, later a Benchmark DAC 3. The Gungnir was definitely an improvement over the internal DAC, the Benchmark another improvement over the Schitt. There was a gap of about 6 weeks between the node and the Aurender, so I never was able to do a direct comparison. But with the node I always had a "close, but no cigar" feeling, which I have never felt with my Aurender. So there definitely is a differ
  7. I know of at least one other that caught fire. I actually was lucky to be home, things could have ended up VERY bad. A friend of mine (he modifies all sorts of audio equipment) did some surgery on it after and he told me that it had the cheapest of the cheapest components inside. If you go through their forum there are quite a few posts complaining about the caps they use, but there's more wrong with it. I am beyond happy with my Aurender.
  8. Ever since my node2 caught on fire I'll kindly skip anything NAD related.
  9. I apologize for the late reply/quote, but Pasteur was a fraud. He admitted this on his deathbed, and in 1995 (if I am not mistaken) his entire research was debunked. To this day there is no proof whatsoever of any virus being contagious, but certain very large corporations don't want you to know this, because it would instantly render their gazillion dollar industry obsolete.
  10. Unfortunately this cannot be changed right now, but I have requested it as an option. It can dim to 75% when the display is off and to 25% when the unit is turned off, so it would be really nice if we would be able to dim it through an option in the menu. Send a message through support, the more requests the better!
  11. Just curious, did you actually report any of this as bugs/wishes or are you just waiting for someone from Aurender to come over to your house with a questionnaire?
  12. Meta data is not in the redbook specifications. So technically, if a cd contains meta data, it was not made according to industry standards. About the album art, there are sites where you can download many album covers which can be added.
  13. A solid state drive produces no sound whatsoever and barely any heat. It also is MUCH faster than a regular hard disk. Unfortunately they are also quite a bit more expensive.
  14. I use Tag&Rename, AFAIK only for Mickey$oft. In the end it's probably a personal preference thing, I never liked mp3tag...
  15. The FLAC format does not allow for gain/volume changes "on the fly". This is something that is specified in the player, like (e.g.) Foobar. If you change the volume of a track, it is rewritten. So if you ever want to change the volume of certain tracks, be sure to only use copies of the original track, because the process can NOT be reversed.
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