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  1. An email was sent! Please also go back in the inbox, I replied to your email on December 27.
  2. I just discovered that my N100SC apparently does not automatically upgrade its system software, it is still on the previous version. Checking for upgrades via the app states there are no new upgrades, which according to the Aurender site is incorrect. Is there a way to download it and do it manually? Also, is a temperature of 50 celcius normal? There are no moving parts whatsoever in it.
  3. Hello @AriMargolis, It's been over 2 weeks since I sent a support request... No reply whatsoever though...
  4. I have a N100SC that goes into a Benchmark DAC3. I know that the Benchmark has been deemed too "clinical", but for me it is the perfect sound. I like my detail to be merciless. Before the DAC3 I had a Schiit Gungnir MB, but that was never paired with the N100SC.
  5. Ah, I missed that... one issue taken care of. I will send a support request. Thank you!
  6. @AriMargolis, I use a Benchmark DAC3 B which does native DSD conversion. (https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0321/7609/files/DAC3_B_Manual_Rev_A.pdf, page 16, page 30) According to my N100SC it doesn't? I tried to change this in the settings, but it refuses and claims my DAC3 isn't capable. I have turned the N100SC off, made sure that the USB on the Benchmark DAC3 is set to 2.0, turned the N100SC back on, but no game... Also the display shows that it is connected to a DAC2, which is incorrect.
  7. Did you actually read my entire post or did you stop after the first line?
  8. I do have to state that so far my experience is with the Android version of the app, which really is just sad. My first streamer was a rotel which had a text based control, the second was a bluesound node2 which literally went up in smoke, the third a borrowed Lumin which I quite liked, and now I have a N100SC. I thought long and hard about what I wanted, what I wanted it to sound like and what options it should have or were not needed. As it turned out my N100SC "plays a song" when using the Android app, but basically this is it. I cannot manually enter the path to my NAS. T
  9. There is quite a difference between a "hostile Roon takeover" and asking another company to develop and design an integral part of the end product according to your set specifications. There are very few loudspeaker builders that actually manufacture their own woofers, mid units or tweeters. Those usually are built by a third party to specifications. I was an internet developer for little over a decade. I worked on the very first version of the online banking site for the Bank of Canada. They told us what they wanted, we built it, they tested it, we tweaked it (repeat quite a few
  10. So do I. I want the functionality of JRiver, but not the mysery of having it running as a server on my streamer (or anywhere else). What I would like to see is that Aurender takes care of the hardware (because I LOVE the sound of my new toy, even though I had to slide in an SSD to get some music from it, I cannot connect to the NAS through the Android app), and then have a company with over 40 years of experience in this field to design the software running and controlling it. For some reason every company is dead set on re-inventing the wheel, and more often than not the new wheel i
  11. I do think it is "interesting" how Aurender builds such phenomenal streamers but expects us to control them with such crappy apps. I honestly don't understand why companies like Aurender continues to be dead set on designing their own apps, when apps like JRiver exist and with some adaptations can easily be used to operate anything. We spend thousands of dollars on this gear, how hard can it be to pick up the phone, call JRiver Inc (+1 612 677 8200) and make things happen... As mentioned yesterday my N100SC arrived yesterday. I do not own an iPad and am now suffering through the Android
  12. Yay! My new toy finally arrived! First challenge... How do I connect my NAS using Android... I don't get the "Connect manually" option in the NAS part of the settings.
  13. Awesome! Thank you very much! I have over 5000 albums, a "random" option would surprise me with albums I rarely/never play and reacquaint me with them.
  14. I would actually LOVE a "shuffle" or "random" option for sorting the album list.
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