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  1. Just curious, did you actually report any of this as bugs/wishes or are you just waiting for someone from Aurender to come over to your house with a questionnaire?
  2. Meta data is not in the redbook specifications. So technically, if a cd contains meta data, it was not made according to industry standards. About the album art, there are sites where you can download many album covers which can be added.
  3. A solid state drive produces no sound whatsoever and barely any heat. It also is MUCH faster than a regular hard disk. Unfortunately they are also quite a bit more expensive.
  4. I use Tag&Rename, AFAIK only for Mickey$oft. In the end it's probably a personal preference thing, I never liked mp3tag...
  5. The FLAC format does not allow for gain/volume changes "on the fly". This is something that is specified in the player, like (e.g.) Foobar. If you change the volume of a track, it is rewritten. So if you ever want to change the volume of certain tracks, be sure to only use copies of the original track, because the process can NOT be reversed.
  6. Congrats on the new toys! I personally have never heard any difference between WAV and FLAC (if ripped properly), I have compared both on a system so frighteningly revealing that you could hear what brand of jeans the drummer was wearing. There are people that will swear X is humongously better than Y, but those people also always knew what they were listening to, or they were comparing different masterings of the same album. FLAC has the great benefit of metadata tagging, something WAV somewhat allows, but it is not in the official specifications for the format. If you
  7. Am I correct in discovering that AMM cannot be installed on an iPad?
  8. An email was sent! Please also go back in the inbox, I replied to your email on December 27.
  9. I just discovered that my N100SC apparently does not automatically upgrade its system software, it is still on the previous version. Checking for upgrades via the app states there are no new upgrades, which according to the Aurender site is incorrect. Is there a way to download it and do it manually? Also, is a temperature of 50 celcius normal? There are no moving parts whatsoever in it.
  10. Hello @AriMargolis, It's been over 2 weeks since I sent a support request... No reply whatsoever though...
  11. I have a N100SC that goes into a Benchmark DAC3. I know that the Benchmark has been deemed too "clinical", but for me it is the perfect sound. I like my detail to be merciless. Before the DAC3 I had a Schiit Gungnir MB, but that was never paired with the N100SC.
  12. Ah, I missed that... one issue taken care of. I will send a support request. Thank you!
  13. @AriMargolis, I use a Benchmark DAC3 B which does native DSD conversion. (https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0321/7609/files/DAC3_B_Manual_Rev_A.pdf, page 16, page 30) According to my N100SC it doesn't? I tried to change this in the settings, but it refuses and claims my DAC3 isn't capable. I have turned the N100SC off, made sure that the USB on the Benchmark DAC3 is set to 2.0, turned the N100SC back on, but no game... Also the display shows that it is connected to a DAC2, which is incorrect.
  14. Did you actually read my entire post or did you stop after the first line?
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