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  1. Oops... I apologize for my incorrect answer, I wrongly assumed a switching powersupply because the box states 110 - 240 volts.
  2. Yes, my pc was built for serious speed and has a lot of muscle. Still, the Aurender OS doesn't have to do all that much. It takes ridiculously long to start up. Sometimes it happens that I am away for days to weeks. I do not want to leave it on while I am gone for these periods, I had a previous streamer catch fire spontaneously, fortunately I was home when that happened. I also noticed my N100SC does get quite warm, even when inactive. Also something that makes me go "hmm..."
  3. My home computer, windows 10 pro, from press-the-powerbutton to ready-to-rock in 6 seconds. My N100SC from press-the-powerbutton to ready-to-rock in 3 minutes... Yes, this annoys me. It's all solid state drives, Aurender used a stripped version of an already lean OS, why does it need to take that long to start up?
  4. Software complexity, for one. Then there are the security issues. And as mentioned in my previous reply, accidental deletion of files is possible. I for one really don't understand why you would want to delete any music file. My server holds close to 7500 albums, if I don't listen to one it's fine just sitting there. If space is the issue, buy a bigger harddrive.
  5. Isn't that what Windows Explorer (or any other OS's equivalent program) is for? The app is just the controller for the player, and IMO it definitely should not be something that allows me to accidentally delete stuff.
  6. I know! A genuine clown! De schoenen van Hugo, maar dan in levende lijve! No, not all of them. I compared the N100SC to the N10 to the Bryston BDP3 (or maybe BDP2, don't remember) to the Aurelic (forgot the type), all via USB on a Benchmark DAC3B. Day and night differences? Not in the studio where I compared them. Nuances maybe.
  7. Did you listen to them in a blind A - B setting, where someone else only needed to flick a switch to listen to the other player?
  8. In the end it's the DAC that creates the sound. Before that it's all just dips and peaks. Digital gear mostly differs in options, not in output.
  9. The only way to definitely determine this is to get a second brand new unit from the box and do an actual A - B comparison. Any changes determined "from memory" are complete worthless.
  10. Now here's an interesting experiment. Are you actually "breaking in" a new piece of electronics, or are you just getting used to the way it sounds? When you reach the 500 hour mark, get another N200, brand new from an unopened box and do an A - B comparison. Hear if it actually does sound different.
  11. Interesting... Specially since human memory for sound is about 20 seconds, at best. A - B comparison only works if you can literally flick a switch.
  12. If your friend has the same issue on a different system, the problem is not with Aurender.
  13. That is indeed how it works. I have requested to make it possible to turn it off for people that don't use this.
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