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Audio System

Update: Feb 2021


Network (made mostly redundant with Euphony buffering - see reviews): 

Orbi 40 Main WiFi router (power: Gophert 1610ii Lab Supply --> Stammhein HPULN 3A LT3045)

Orbi 40 Satellite WiFi router in HiFi room (power: sPS-500/Stammhein HPULN 5A LT3045, 16 strand PoE DC) --> ethernet cabling dCBL-CAT7, iSO-CAT6, dCBL-CAT7 -->


Main System:

--> Pink Faun 2.16x Ultra custom server * (w/ PF tinned copper Ultra Powercord/Furutech FL-50 NCF) --> Pink Faun Ultra USB (tinned copper) --> Vinnie Rossi DAC 2.0 (running off 6,300,000,000 uF ultra capacitor power from LIO) --> Vinnie Rossi LIO DHT (Takatsuki 300B tubes) preamp (running off 6,300,000,000 uF ultra capacitors power) > Duelund tinned copper XLR/Furutech copper heads --> YBA Passion 1000 monoblock power amps -(w/ pair of Duelund 12GA tinned copper power cables w/Furutech FL-11 copper heads through Shunyata Hydra 8 w/6 strand Duelund 12GA power cable and Furutech FL-31 head) -->  Duelund DCA tinned copper speaker cables with oiled cotton dielectric --> Wilson Watt Puppy 6 w/Puppy 7 woofers on Townshend Podiums (size 3, load cell D) isolation platform


* Spec: 20 linear supplies over 3 transformers with 3 rhodium PF fuses and Furutech FI-06 NFC, 800,000 uF capacitor buffer, 3 Pink Faun OCXO Ultra clocks on processor, motherboard, USB PF card, internal cabling all zero inductance PCX-1 tinned copper wiring in a Star Earthing configuration, EuphonyOS, Stylus player, Embedded HQPlayer as option. Apacer 8Gx2, industrial DDR4, 2400Mhz ECC, unbuffered, unregistered UDIMM RAM running at double data rate, overclocked at 2800MHz @ 1.14 volts. CPU 3400GHz @ 0.9 volts undervoltage


Second system: Only for Roon music information and track listing, not for playback. Used in parallel with Euphony whose music management sucks:

- SonicTransporter i5 w/Roon


Some Review bookmarks:


Review 1: The Pink Faun 2.16 Streamer



Review 2: Pink Faun 2.16x setup, listening tests and a comparison with Antipodes Cx+Ex



Review 3: My 4 Pink Faun Ultra clocks have arrived! 😄👍



Review 4: Year 2020 discoveries and Buffer finding in Euphony



Review 5: RAM timing and voltage adjustments for better sound





Stuff on the way:

- Custom Paul Hynes SR7, 2DR rails 

- Furutech Clear Line power cleaner

- Furutech FT-212G, FT-211G heads


Gathering dust:

- Habst Ref III USB

- SOtM tx-USBultra

- Cypershaft OP-14

- SOtM DSG105 switch w/clock mod

- SonicTransporter i5 (Bridged Roon Server (bridge WiFi router and SOtM switch) 1T Samsung evo 860 SSD USB with a few JitterBugs

- SOtM sMS-200 neo w/clock mod (power: sPS-500+LT3045/1A, 8V)

- USPCB USB, ISO Regen (power: LPS-1, 7V/100W R-core LPS)

- PoE DC wires in many configurations

- iSO-CAT6 black ethernet

- Stammhein 1.5A/1.5A double regulated LT3045 with Gophert 1610ii Lab supply



Not Main:

3 more systems including Meridien, Linn LP12, Totem Model 1 signature, Audio Research CD7 (mod DAC), BAT VK-5i, Astell & Kern, Tralucent etc



Too many to list including Shunyata, MIT, Cardas, Harmonic Tech, Phasure, Curious Cables, Wagnus, Whiplash etc



Too many to list including Shunyata Hydra 8, Topaz Isolation Transformers etc



Too many to list including all of Symposium stuff, Isis rack, Rollerballs, Ultra Platforms, Sand bases etc


Room treatment:  

Purpose built room to Louden Ratio dimensions (1: 1.4: 1.9) with customised corners, bass traps, sound dispersion stuff etc.


Ears:  👂 

Regular cleaning, Pure Tone Audiogram and Tympanogram tests


Brain:  🧠 

Whisky or Wine depending on mood or weather .. and if you've read this far, you're worse than me ..

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