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  1. @hols I just noticed your HD Plex build, very nice work. I would have one recommendation for you, which in my case improved the sound of my PC. I see your custom hook-up wire run parallel to each other. Try twisting them around each other. This will help with electrical noise reduction and will improve sound quality. See attached image for an example.
  2. What do you think about JCAT USB XE? Did you by chance compare it to JCAT USB Femto?
  3. Anyone upgraded from JCAT USB Femto to JCAT USB XE? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
  4. Isn't ca clean sound what we are all after? Can you describe why the sound seems unreal?
  5. From Uptone website: JS-2 has can generate up to 7A of current and each output can be used at 5V, 7V, 9V, or 12V. The EtherRegen has an input range of 7V/1.4A, 9V/1.0A, 12V/0.8A Uptone Audio recommends powering the ISO Regen with the UltraCap LPS-1.2, which has an output of 1.1A. From the above info, it's very clear that JS-2 can easliy power the two devices with its max 7A output. The question you might want to ask is whether using two separate UltraCap LPS-1.2 for powering the devices might yield better results due to the galvanic isolation of the LPS-1.2.
  6. Hans is a very respected reviewer and his opinion is worth looking into. At the same time, from personal experience, I found out that the performance of a component inside a system depends on the synergy with the other system components, so this pretty much means you have to test it in your own system to know for sure. Maybe this article can be helpful as well: https://audiobacon.net/2017/07/11/uptone-audio-iso-regen-review/
  7. What video was that and what was the answer you got from it?
  8. That didn't work for me either...
  9. And how should I test the connection between phone and computer?
  10. Just tried a second phone and got the same result. Looks like there might be something on the HQPlayer PC side that is not allowing the connection. FIY, I am running WIndows server 2012 R2 with AO installed in core mode. Any help in solving this issue is much appreciated.
  11. OK, thanks. Will try a different phone and see if that makes any difference.
  12. Looks like it's working. Might be something wrong with my phone?
  13. I have "allow network control" enabled and got my phone on same network. The error I get is "failed to connect to [ IP ] (port 4321) after 100ms" I just tried connecting via telnet from another computer. When I do that I get this blank command window...not sure if it works or not.
  14. I have used the address of the computer that runs HQP, but still with no success. What else am I doing wrong?
  15. @clang I personally coulnd't find a solution. @Ales Prochazka any new ideas would be much appreciated.
  16. @Ales Prochazka Yes, just checked and I'm using IPv4 address. I also disabled Firewall, but no success. Do you have any other suggestions?
  17. @Ales Prochazka Thanks for the quick reply. I got the IP via ipconfig command and filled it in the HQPDcontrol settings, but that didn't work, unfortunately. Do I have to change the port as well? Is there a way of checking that the HQPlayer Desktop machine is properly communicating with the HQPDcontrol app?
  18. @Ales Prochazka I am getting a connection refused error, similar to the one described by lucretius. I am running HQP desktop 3.25.3 and the latest HQPDcontrol. I have enabled "Allow control form network" on Desktop side and also removed&rescanned my entire library. None of these fixed the issue and I can't get past this error. Adding screenshot showing the error. Can you please advise how to correct this? Many thanks!
  19. What changes in SQ should we expect from this upgrade?
  20. Thanks much for the detailed reply, Kelvinwsy. Interesting reading the NUC vs. NEO comparison. I was looking into an NAA solution for some time and a lot of reviews are pointing to SOTM Ultra Neo, so that is now on my radar. I don't have any experience with NAA endpoint, so can I ask how does your chain look like from the main PC to the NEO? You mentioned using an usb to ethernet bridging Usb 3.0 adapter. Is it audiophile-grade adapter? Could you enlarge on that? Also, would you mind letting me know what filters are you using on your main PC? Do they bring big improveme
  21. Hi Kelvinsky, I'm very interested in the SMS-200 Ultra Neo as NAA. Could you please share your listening impressions with it? Also, were you able to have stable playback DSD 512?
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