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  1. I completely agree.its pointless to discuss! steve
  2. Hmmm why do you reckon Aurender makes the W20...because they can charge more? The fact that the W20 uses batteries to power the drives to me and that alone clearly provides a lower noise floor. What do you have showing the N10 delivers everything the W20 does? steve
  3. I highly recommend that do not audition the W20 in your system unless you are willing to pony up the $$$$$ I own a W20 and speak from experience! Steve
  4. I had heard through my Aurender dealer that the MQA option was coming to all Aurender models. I'm kinda surprised that anyone would complain about paying $55 to get the MQA option. Seems to me to be a steal since there has to be costs associated with this offering, and it keeps my W20 current!. Steve
  5. W20 does run on batteries, but my preamp, router, rest of my components do not. Steve
  6. I agree these external improvements can make a big difference. The single biggest improvement I've experience is dedicated circuit to my audio room. I use some very high power amps that can crank out 1000 watts each at 4 ohms. I also have 3 subs. Therefore I ran 2 dedicated 20 amp circuits to my audio room. Only my audio system uses these circuits. I also use PS Audio P10 power regenerator for W20, and all other components other than the amps and subs. I've been amazed at the graphing the P10 shows on voltage fluctuation, specially during peak demand hours, plus add in the amp draw a high end audio system puts on your homes electrical panel, having a voltage regenerator for the components makes sense to me. Good power cables help, good outlets themselves help. Not necessarily the outlets that cost $75-$100 a pop, but heavy duty outlets rated for 20amps instead of standard 15 amp outlets. I also use the PS Audio LanRover USB Transporter than enhances USB audio into the W20. I bought my W20 as a used demo and it had over 6TB of high end music downloads on it. Thats about $4k-$5k worth of music! I also agree the a solid audio ran is important. I use a totally separate piece of furniture that my turntable sits on to avoid any vibration, and the turntable sits on its own stand on the furniture. Steve
  7. I did the updates on my W20 without any issues. Did you go to the Conductor app to update? I updated via App store, and the W20, and Conductor app. I also had to reconnect via Conductor to W20. after that everything works for me. Good Luck! Steve
  8. One thing that seems to get lost in translation is the thing that makes Aurender special. That being the main boards and electronics are not modified computer parts, rather they are specially designed by Aurender to do what's most important: Play his res music as well as possible without compromises. Whether thats downloads, hi-res files, or streaming I'm not aware of many other players that do it better. We can debate all day long about the short comings of the apps, but that does not change the basis on the key aspects of hi res music play back without many of the challenges faced by other options, whether another brand, or modified computers, the base hardware for me is superior through Aurender and to me thats what matters most. The apps can be updated. Beside MQA, which to me is more of a preamp, DAC, processor issue outside of the main hardware made by Aurender (except for 1 unit that includes the DAC and can do MQA) the hardware remains 1st class and meets at multiple price points what most people care about in digital music playback and storage. Steve
  9. No question the Aurender App could be better. I agree that improvements will continue if Aurender wants to remain competitive in the market place. Overall the App works for me, with a few issues but none that would cause me to abandon my W20 for something else. Steve
  10. Gives Aurender some credibility and certainly happy for you! I felt like there was no way the USB would be damaged in shipping or that Aurender would have dome something to damage it. Steve
  11. I typically have to push a button to wake it up and then the app connects. Not saying that is the only way. Steve
  12. Thats messed up man! Hope they do the right thing for you on this. I see no way the USB got damaged in shipping. Keep us posted! Steve
  13. I think sending to Aurender for the drive upgrades is a smart choice. I love my W20! Steve
  14. For the sake of discussion you should be able to replace the hard drives in your W20. However...what it will take to do that could be a different issue since the W20 isolates the hard drives in shielded boxes. I would suggest you contact Aurender and see if your W20 is ok to change drives, it should be but you never know what the boards inside the unit allow for max size, I have the most current W20 which has 2 8TB drives...I think. Steve
  15. Does anybody do any tweaks to the internet/Ethernet incoming side of things to their Aurender? Sent from my iPad using Computer Audiophile
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