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  1. Interesting to learn that it takes this long for the caps to reach their peak. The obvious question then to occur to me is how long do these caps stay performing at their peak before they can be expected to start deteriorating? I remember from my Naim days many years ago that the caps Naim used in, for example, their power amps needed replacing periodically to keep these units performing at their peak.
  2. Hi Nuno. It’s good to learn that the USB reclocker’s release is not too far off. Would I be right in thinking that its weight/casework would argue against stacking on top of an SE? The SE of course lacks the strength and shielding effect of one-centimetre thick aluminium.
  3. Did the Rep give any indication of price?
  4. Thanks. I am already hearing that after just two days.
  5. Just received a new tX-USBultra with all the upgrade options, including silver dc wiring, Evox caps, eABS paper and 75ohm master clock input. I’ve been told it will take about a week to fully run-in but being a little impatient I’m keen to learn from others what to expect from the Evox caps in particular as they run-in.
  6. Update 1.4.2 now available to install http://www.innuos.com/en/go/release-1-4-2
  7. Can anyone offer a view on how long it takes to fully run-in a new tX-USBultra with Evox caps? I’ve got one arriving today.
  8. Thanks for the advice about the hot glue but I now realise that that you do not need to take the board out to remove the jumper to convert to 12v. It’s there within easy reach when you remove the front faceplate.
  9. A question to those with some experience of taking the board out of the tX-U (for whatever reason), or any similarform SOtM device. In putting the board back in, how have you secured it to the chassis? Looking inside my tX-U I see that the board is held securely in place with blobs of some kind of plastic material. I am assuming these blobs are no longer usable when the board is removed so I am wondering how best to re-secure the board if I ever had reason to take it out. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  10. I updated my SE with the latest firmware (1.4.1) the day it was released. But I do not use Roon. Thanks for the update on the external Innuos reclocker. Nuno mentioned it was coming soon in emailing me about other things.
  11. @romaz, @austinpopand @RickyVthis is just to mention that I've posted a short write-up of my time with the Innuos Statement last week, which I have put over on that thread -
  12. This is just a short post to tell of my experience with the Innuos Statement server I had on loan last week. I didn’t manage to spend as much time as I would have liked listening critically to it in comparison with my Zenith SE. Following Brexit (there’s simply no escaping it) and dealing with other things limited the time I had available, some of which I wasted playing around with different power cables before realising it was better for the comparison to run both units with the supplied cables. My system for the comparison was DAVE, M Scaler, standard tX-USBultra (SR4-9v) and Focal Utopia (Prion4). Power cables/smps were as supplied for servers and MSC, Shunyata Alpha HC for DAVE, and Jorma Trinity for SR4. These cables were all plugged into a Shunyata Venom UK6 distribution block connected to a non-dedicated wall socket via a Shunyata Alpha EF cable. WAVE Stream BNC cables connected DAVE/MSC. A Lush^2 cable was used for the server/MSC and tX-U/MSC connections, and a Sablon Reserva Elite cable for the server/tX-U connection. In straight head to head without the tX-U, the Statement (which had 200+ hours on it) was cleaner, unearthed more detail, had more body, depth and texture, and was a little darker. Everything was more natural sounding and convincing. The acoustic with choral and classical music was more natural, both in tone and weight. These improvements were very clear to hear. Introducing the tX-U helped the SE to narrow the gap, allowing it to show more delicacy, detail and focus. Things were a little cleaner, though never as clean as the Statement. But the downside for me was a slightly leaner sound, which is why I sometimes prefer to use the SE without the tX-U. Bottom line, there was still a clear gap. The Statement just sounded my believable with texture, tone, weight and acoustic. I have yet to hear a tX-U with Evox caps and silver wiring but I am struggling to imagine that upgrade being able to take the SE up to the Statement’s level based on what I hear my tX-U doing. Next up was to try the tX-U with the Statement. There were differences but I’m not sure that for me they added up to a net improvement. It sounded mostly like the tX-U was just imposing its character on the sound rather than improving the fundamentals. I got no sense of it pulling out more information. The sound was perhaps a little brighter with possibly a touch more emphasis on detail and air but it was also leaner, leaving me missing some of the Statement’s weight, especially the subtle weight around acoustics and with fine textural and tonal changes with choral pieces and with the complex sound surrounding the striking of gongs. The Statement has now gone back and I am still undecided about upgrading. Objectively (in as far as I can be objective), the differences between the SE/tX-U combo and Statement were not night and day. But subjectively, I felt the differences to be important, which registered most strongly with me when I stopped trying to focus on performance and just listened to the music. As with the SE, power cables do make a difference with the Statement. But I did not have time to be clear on what each of my upmarket cables was doing.
  13. When I asked May about this, probably more than a year ago, she said there might be better sound quality from running at 12V but there might also be heat issues for some people doing this. I didn’t press to get a better understanding of what the heat issues were, and I haven’t yet tried switching to 12V.
  14. I’ll be happy to, if the hourly distractions of the Brexit end-game don’t mess-up my plans. Do bear in mind that my tX-U is the base unit, without any of the upgrade options most of you other guys have gone for.
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