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  1. I have also had very good experiences upgrading power cords to my SR4-12, SR4T-19 and Super3 15v, but I have yet to try upgrading the IEC inlet. Has anyone had experience hearing a difference between standard and upgraded IEC inlets (e.g. one or other of the Furutech options) with any of these or similar power supplies?
  2. Can anyone report on a good experience they have had upgrading the standard IEC inlet on their power supply to one of the Furutech rhodium options?
  3. I need to buy two or three more dc cables for my various Pilot Pro battery packs, OPTO.DX and DXP-1A5DSC/DXP-1A5S units, and Chord M Scaler, and am wondering if I should take the opportunity to try one or two different cables from the Ghent DC-GAC4 Gotham cables that have served me well so far (I wouldn’t be surprised to be told to stick with the same cable). Looking at the options Ghent has available, does anyone have experience hearing how the Ghent DC-7N16C (16awg solid-core) and/or Ghent DC-7N18C (18awg stranded-core) perform in the same device compared to the DC-GAC4? I do of course realise that any feedback must come with the rider that this is all system dependent. I will be using double-regulated DXP units between my PP5s/SR4T-19 and the OPTO.DX units, M Scaler and Netgear switch, so there will never be more than 16v passing through the dc cables and most of the time not less than 12v (possibly less if and when I upgrade to the EtherREGEN). The DXP units limit things to 1.5A. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  4. It is better explained on the standard SR4 page https://www.paulhynesdesign.com/sr4
  5. I won’t know for a while because I have some key components of my system out on loan to someone.
  6. 1.4.4 is now out http://www.innuos.com/en/go/release-1-4-4
  7. It’s a selectable voltage from 9v/12v/15v/19 (see photos)
  8. Sorry, I forgot all about that. I did try Furutech fuses in both, but have gone back to the stock fuses. As for comparing the SR4 to the Farad, I found the Farad to be a little brighter and more dynamic with the Chord M Scaler, but the Farad was delivering 15v with up to 3a while the SR4 max’d out at 12v 2.5a. Most people feel the M Scaler does better with 15v. I now have a SR4T-19, which beats both SR4 and Farad powering the M Scaler - subjectively less noise, tighter bass, more dynamic and generally more authoritative and in control.
  9. Do different voltages within the accepted range of input voltages affect how hot things get? Do they affect sound quality performance?
  10. I’m in the UK and benefitted from next working day delivery. In truth, I had actually reserved a slot a little earlier than 9th March, but only confirmed the order spec and paid on that date. I originally wanted a standard SR4-19 before learning of the turbo version.
  11. Happy to offer some impressions, but it will be a few days away as I have other things I need to focus on first and I also want to give the SR4T a few days run-in.
  12. The SR4T-19 I ordered on 9th March arrived today along with the new Upocc cables that PHD Ltd can now supply (not yet up on the website). I already have the 2.1mm/2.5mm silver cables that came with my first SR4 and just wanted some good copper options.
  13. I think if you order now it should be ready for delivery sometime in May, that is assuming Stephen can stay on top of things. He is taking things forward on his own at the moment.
  14. Alexy shipped a couple of units to me last week. Just heard from UK Customs and I should receive tomorrow. His website is currently showing out of stock.
  15. For those not yet aware, PHD Ltd have just announced a “Turbo” version of the SR4 https://www.paulhynesdesign.com/sr4t
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