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  1. Can anyone comment on the performance of the PhoenixUSB at RMAF?
  2. I’m still running it in. Only around 45 hours so far. @austinpopRajiv, do you know if your Farad Super3 review unit came with the stock fuse or the Furutech rhodium TF-series fuse that Mattijs offers as an extra cost option?
  3. I’ve already had some very helpful exchanges with Sean and feel myself ever closer to placing an order for a 2-rail fixed voltage supply with all the upgrade options, including the same regulator parts used in the Innuos Statement, which Sean says bring a slight advantage.
  4. Mine is already in transit to me. Will get it either tomorrow or Monday. Mattijs seems like a great guy to deal with.
  5. @nvitorino Nuno, would this re-clocker improve on the re-clocked USB output on the Statement? https://darko.audio/2019/09/innuos-to-launch-phoenixusb-re-clocker-with-a-b-demos/
  6. Thanks for that write-up, Rajiv. I know the TT2 can benefit from a better than stock power supply because I’m currently using it with the Poweradd Pilot Pro 2 and hearing a slightly cleaner sound, albeit at 12V. But I would like better than that if I can get it, and at reasonable cost. Just looking back at your wonderful “My quest for a new DAC...” report I see that you said of the DR SR7 “On the TT2, the effect of the SR-7 was modest at best”, so I’m just wondering how big the jumps were from stock to 12V Super3 to 15V Super3 to SR7. I expect now with greater familiarity of the TT2, and perhaps with further refinements to your system, are you finding it easier to hear these differences? I’ve surrendered my SR7 build (felt like I wasn’t going to see it for between 2-4 years), so the Farad Super3 and Sean Jacobs DC3 seem like my best bets for an upgrade supply to drive the TT2. The Farad with silver dc cable would be about half the price of a single rail DC3 with Mundorf caps, upgraded silver wiring and silver dc cable. What to do, what to do...
  7. I'm in between servers at the moment (not yet decided on the successor to the one I've just sold) and have been making do with a temporary system that has no connection to mains power. That system is a Chord Electronics M Scaler/Hugo TT 2 combo, which is fed from an AK380 DAP via optical. The identical smps supplied with the Chord devices were good enough to give me some insight into what the M Scaler and TT2 could do but it was soon clear that swapping out those supplies for a pair of Poweradd Pilot Pro 2 battery packs brought clear benefit in terms of a noticeably cleaner sound with less grain and unnatural brightness. Things sounded more natural. I bought a couple of these (hard to get in the UK) battery packs only because the Chord DAC's designer, Rob Watts, let it be known that those were the ones he uses with his M Scaler and TT2 when travelling. They are clearly general purpose power sources intended primarily for charging phones, laptops and laptops and I expect they do not represent the best that this type of power source could in theory bring to high-end audio. So I have two questions. Does anyone know of better off-the-shelf battery packs for audio with dc output in the range 12v-15v (the two voltage settings most useful to me)? With current materials and understanding, how much scope is there to design an audio grade battery pack that would be significantly better than general purpose packs like the Pilot Pro 2 that could challenge the very best linear power supplies?
  8. It would be interesting to learn from those lucky enough to own both SR4-12 and SR4-19 whether they sound and perform the same at the voltages they share (9v and 12v).
  9. Firmware version 1.4.3 now available to download. http://www.innuos.com/en/go/release-1-4-3 Essentially a bug fix release but new features includes - “Improved internal player engine resulting in better sound quality”
  10. Nice post from @austinpop https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/30376-a-novel-way-to-massively-improve-the-sq-of-computer-audio-streaming/?do=findComment&comment=975720
  11. Interesting to learn that it takes this long for the caps to reach their peak. The obvious question then to occur to me is how long do these caps stay performing at their peak before they can be expected to start deteriorating? I remember from my Naim days many years ago that the caps Naim used in, for example, their power amps needed replacing periodically to keep these units performing at their peak.
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