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  1. using two computers a macbook air and an imac i am getting distortion only in exclusive mode on tidal. i've tried different cables//wifi//ethernet wired to no avail. i'm using a chord hugo 2 as its my only dac i can't check against another dac. can someone please run their dac through tidal exclusive mode and let me know here if you get distortion. thus we can eliminate tidal as the culprit here or not. cheers to all mk.
  2. is anyone getting distortion with exclusive mode? tried 2 computers with my chord hugo 2 same result?
  3. hello to all,i'm using hugo2 with imac and tidal hifi. i'd like to confirm that exclusive mode enables direct communication from tidal to dac bypassing all osx interference//settings? here tidal has full control of the dac. also does exclusive mode in any way change the way the hugo2's asynchrous usb timing works or any other internal workings of the dac? thanks to all
  4. Will i be able to order from UK dealers to bypass any customs charges if bought direct off the website?
  5. basics again, with a mains powered dac after the intona is the isolation provided by the intona compromised here? also if say using a hugo where here Rob Watts has told me as long as the source is isolated there is no further problem. is it the same when using an intona with a usb powered dac? i ask because i know if you insert a regen for eg after the intona due to it being plugged in unless using lps1 is used again intona is compromised. this is very basic stuff but i am not from a technical background. cheers mk
  6. does tidal hifi streaming via wifi at home to a laptop work fine. is the quality as good as a wired ethernet connection
  7. Thankyou very much Manpowre. with regards to hugo and intona it must work because reports are there talking about hugo with intona. i asked because i wanted to double check but still don't understand how intona's works with microusb.
  8. 1) how does the intona feed a clean 5v supply to some dacs. linear internal psu maybe? 2) i understand the 5v is for usb powered dacs, a mains powered dac does not need 5v from intona? just handshake. 3) with the chord hugo which is battery powered even when the charger is plugged in, does this affect the benefits of intona because charger comes after intona? does it utilise the 5v from intona or is it just a handshake again. confused here? hugo is not usb powered but still a portable with a battery. 4) is the intona compatible with micro usb ports. i will check also with daniel. was the intona even designed to output to micro usb..umm? 5) is there any better device on the market now or does intona still lead the way? uptone device? 6) transparent intona means zero effect on dac sound signature.? 7) if the intona is bidirectional and asynchrous dac clock is master controlling communication of data packets to and from the computer this works downstream with intona. but with upstream how can the reclocking of the data by intona work upstream and not interfere with the asynch. control of the dacs clock. never understood this. ok so this requires more than a yes or a no...lol yes/no replies much appreciated. learning fast here. thanks to all. mk.
  9. getting new intona for hugo. is there any likelyhood and putting aside all the positive effects of the intona that it can interfere with the finely tuned sound signature of a dac like chord hugo. ie making the dac sound different to the manufacturers intention, possibly as the dac was not intended to operate with an intona type device?? cheers mk
  10. Will there be an mqa indicator light led? the manual states galvanic isolation on coax do you know for certain if usb is galvanically isolated too. can't find this out . cheers mk.
  11. For a prospective musette buyer without technical know how to fit parts into a dac how can i get the dac 2 modules and mqa upgrade upfront in a new musette purchase? also the price for all this cheers mk,
  12. i thought it is meant to eliminate computer noise. i find it hard to believe its transparent too. are these devices more beneficial with the good reports flooding in
  13. If the intona reclocks and reproduces the signal on the downstream as stated on the website is the usb signal or data reclocked on the upstream path from intona back to computer? if so if the dac is controlling the timing of packets of information in its communication to the computer how then is the intona not affecting this process again on the upstream if it also reclocks. the intona i had sounded nice but is it changing the sound signature of the dac?
  14. with asynchrous usb the dac is control with its clock in timing the signal from the computer by sending packets of data to the pc controlling how and when information is received. with an intona or something like a regen is the dac asynchrous usb still fully in control as these devices also reclock the incoming data. if the dac is sending info and commands upstream back to the computer for timing does the digtal data have to pass through the intona or regen in the opposite direction back to the pc. if so do these devices interrupt the dac usb asynchrous to computer communication? thanks mk
  15. What about if using a usb to spdif convertor. can i think of the convertor as having a master clock like a dac. with a convertor how does this relate to the above query. ie how to ensure the convertors clock is master not the imac one. i understand asynchrous dac therefore dacs clock is master but what about a convertor ddc.
  16. Ive joined this forum to try and find the answer to a question that i cant find elsewhere. i use an external digital to analogue convertor (dac) with my imac late 2013 27inch. the dac is linked to a dedicated headphone amplifier. i want to be 100% sure that the clock in the dac is the one being used and NOT the macs clock. i use usb out of mac with a usb to spdif (coax) convertor to the dac. here's the problem. very simply in audio midi set up there are two options for controlling the dac. one reads clock source default and is greyed out. here you can alter the sample rate and bit rate. the other option is to add the dac as an aggregate device. here the clock source now reads out the name of the dac but i think you now only alter the sample rate not the bit rate. i like the fact here that the dac shows up in clock source but i am still not sure which option is correct to ensure it is the dac clock which ultimately gets used and not the clock in the computer. or am i off target here? do both of the above options lead to the dac being in full control. i appreciate your help. after many enquiries i still dont have an answer to this. why would some people use one of the above options and not the other or vice versa. THIS IS WHAT THE APPLE WEBSITE SAYS: "Clock source: Leave the “Clock source” pop-up menu set to Default unless you’re using an audio device that sends its own timing (clock) messages." The "normal" setting in audio midi setup says clock source default. only when my dac is set as an aggregate device does the name of the dac appear next to clock source. this is what i want. to make sure the dacs clock is being used as it is an expensive dac used for audio hifi through beyer dt880 headphones. so it would be okay to set the dac as an aggregate device but i thought aggregate devices were for multiple devices. i only have one external device device connected to the imac ie my dac. also i am not an audio expert by any means. here is the same query from someonelse on the computer audiophile website: "I just purchased a NuForce U Dac2 SE that is Asynchronous. You have to forgive me if this is a newbie question, but does the internal clock of the DAC automatically get utilized? The DAC itself is working fine but the screen in the Audio MIDI setup says the clock source is: default. The Help menu for clock source says: "Leave the “Clock source” pop-up menu set to Default unless you’re using an audio device that sends its own timing (clock) messages." The thing is I can't seem to find any pop up menu to select clock source, Again it just says "default" which leads me to believe the macs own clock is being used. I can choose the format and set it to 96khz. I include a screen shot if that helps. Any thoughts?" it goes on: "Just trying to verify if it's own clock is being used when connected to a Mac since the Mac lists the clock as "default" and I don't know whether that means the DACs own clock or the Mac's." i would be so grateful if the real experts here could dig deep and find the definitive 100% correct answer to this. after nearly a year i have been unable to. the dac i will be using costs in excess of £1300. many thanks to all.MK. musickid Posts: 1
  17. HI, Do you know what kind of info shows up on mac audio midi set up with a usb to spdif convertor. ie sample and bit rate and can it be altered in the same way that a dac's settings can. especially for breeze du-u8 but in general for usb to spdif convertors. ive been told for eg some convertors have a fixed sample rate output regardless of sample rate input from usb side from computer. finally how do you know 100% that the convertor is actually inputting a coax signal into the dac as the dac does not show up in settings. or is that an obvious question ie the dac would not output any signal to the amp and you would have no sound if the coax signal was not entering the dac. i am completely new to the usb convertor world. thanks mk.
  18. HELP NEEDED..... Ive been using usb on my dacs till now. im buying a gunjnir multibit and a breeze du-u8 usb to spdif convertor in april. i prefer coax here. im new to coax implementation and have these two questions.. 1)is it a matter of importance that the convertor has galvanic isolation built in to offer the same protection that say an intona can. i rarely see this described in the specs as on the breeze unit or other convertors. or is usb isolation something different here. i understand optical is not affected for eg. 2)is a chain as i will be using due to budgetary limits and a believer in keeping things simple okay like this...imac--bridge(du u8 breeze)--gungnir multibit dac. with decent cable connections. is this enough without the need for extra hardware tweaks (psu's ,regens etc) to do a good job. i understand the breeze convertor has excellent feedback low jitter etc. many thanks to all.
  19. What about os sierra and future osx operating type software compatibility. heard of serious issues with el capitan etc.
  20. IMAC late 2013 8gb ram quad core i5 512gb ssd/////os sierra thanks
  21. simple questions, 1) what happens to hiface2 when imac is asleep? is it in standby or on etc etc or powered off? 2) if imac is asleep but dac is on warming up would the hiface be affected by the dac power or vice versa? 3) finally only hiface2 shows up on audio midi settings so whatever sample rate is shown for hiface2 can i ensure that that is the sample rate going into the dac and being processed by the dac? 4) and if the imac is on but not playing music is the hiface2 on or in standby? is it taking power here for no reason? many thanks to all may be getting one soon.
  22. HI JUD, do you know for certain if usb on musette is definitely galvanically isolated? the manual says coax inputs are which is another reason i wanna go that way. the email from metrum was a little confusing so not sure about usb here. funnily enough i will get a musette in april funds allowing but i only have the budget to implement one input well. my confusion about the usb is making me think sell intona go fully coax. some reviews seem to favour coax plus my dealer told me usb will give me 95% of coax. something tells me coax here is more suited to high quality music reproduction. any thoughts please. if i knew the usb on musette was not isolated for sure i would probably use my intona but i dont want to risk double isolation as that can cause unwanted distortion so i read. im thinking of hiface2 convertor if you know it?
  23. i was told by metrum via email that the usb is galvanically isolated. would therefore an intona help improve usb here? im a bit confused double galvanic isolation no good? im getting a musette in april and wonder if a quality usb to spdif convertor would sound better. coming from a history of usb useage on dacs. ive also read that coax seems to get better results on headfi. one guy with his musette.
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