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  1. using two computers a macbook air and an imac i am getting distortion only in exclusive mode on tidal. i've tried different cables//wifi//ethernet wired to no avail. i'm using a chord hugo 2 as its my only dac i can't check against another dac. can someone please run their dac through tidal exclusive mode and let me know here if you get distortion. thus we can eliminate tidal as the culprit here or not. cheers to all mk.
  2. is anyone getting distortion with exclusive mode? tried 2 computers with my chord hugo 2 same result?
  3. hello to all,i'm using hugo2 with imac and tidal hifi. i'd like to confirm that exclusive mode enables direct communication from tidal to dac bypassing all osx interference//settings? here tidal has full control of the dac. also does exclusive mode in any way change the way the hugo2's asynchrous usb timing works or any other internal workings of the dac? thanks to all
  4. Will i be able to order from UK dealers to bypass any customs charges if bought direct off the website?
  5. basics again, with a mains powered dac after the intona is the isolation provided by the intona compromised here? also if say using a hugo where here Rob Watts has told me as long as the source is isolated there is no further problem. is it the same when using an intona with a usb powered dac? i ask because i know if you insert a regen for eg after the intona due to it being plugged in unless using lps1 is used again intona is compromised. this is very basic stuff but i am not from a technical background. cheers mk
  6. does tidal hifi streaming via wifi at home to a laptop work fine. is the quality as good as a wired ethernet connection
  7. Thankyou very much Manpowre. with regards to hugo and intona it must work because reports are there talking about hugo with intona. i asked because i wanted to double check but still don't understand how intona's works with microusb.
  8. 1) how does the intona feed a clean 5v supply to some dacs. linear internal psu maybe? 2) i understand the 5v is for usb powered dacs, a mains powered dac does not need 5v from intona? just handshake. 3) with the chord hugo which is battery powered even when the charger is plugged in, does this affect the benefits of intona because charger comes after intona? does it utilise the 5v from intona or is it just a handshake again. confused here? hugo is not usb powered but still a portable with a battery. 4) is the intona compatible with micro usb ports. i will check also with danie
  9. getting new intona for hugo. is there any likelyhood and putting aside all the positive effects of the intona that it can interfere with the finely tuned sound signature of a dac like chord hugo. ie making the dac sound different to the manufacturers intention, possibly as the dac was not intended to operate with an intona type device?? cheers mk
  10. Will there be an mqa indicator light led? the manual states galvanic isolation on coax do you know for certain if usb is galvanically isolated too. can't find this out . cheers mk.
  11. For a prospective musette buyer without technical know how to fit parts into a dac how can i get the dac 2 modules and mqa upgrade upfront in a new musette purchase? also the price for all this cheers mk,
  12. i thought it is meant to eliminate computer noise. i find it hard to believe its transparent too. are these devices more beneficial with the good reports flooding in
  13. If the intona reclocks and reproduces the signal on the downstream as stated on the website is the usb signal or data reclocked on the upstream path from intona back to computer? if so if the dac is controlling the timing of packets of information in its communication to the computer how then is the intona not affecting this process again on the upstream if it also reclocks. the intona i had sounded nice but is it changing the sound signature of the dac?
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