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  1. Thanks Jesus ! I found this to also be interesting regarding the overall picture of AOIP : http://controlgeek.net/blog/2019/6/30/audinates-dante-and-avbtsnmilan-an-audio-networking-update-after-infocomm-2019
  2. Interesting...thanks Chris ! Perhaps it's time for AudiophileStyle to do a write up on the latest developments in AES67/AOIP ?
  3. Since Dante is a pro audio setup....I believe the maximum is 32 bits/ 192khz.
  4. I'm testing Dante (AOIP) to a Burl DAC (with Dante card installed) as a possible alternative interconnection method to all this USB/SPDIF madness. PC serves files through Dante virtual sound card or dedicated PCIe card, delivered direct over Ethernet (optical isolators used), with everything reclocked at the DAC. There is also an input for an external clock if you want to up the anti.
  5. Congratulations Jesus and Sonore/SGC team....well deserved !
  6. Google can stick their Home Hub where the sun don't shine
  7. That was it ! Thank you Jesus ! You're the best !
  8. Hi, due to my desire to run a vst plugin in my playback chain (PC>>Signature Rendu SE>>DAC), and the inability of Roon to accept plugins, I am trying to get JRiverMC 24 to work over DLNA with my Rendu. I have gone through all of the settings. No matter what I do, JRiver does not show the Rendu under 'Players'. I remember once a long time ago I had this working. I cannot see any firewall conflicts (Norton). Can anyone offer any advice ? Thanks very much.
  9. Second that. Thank you to Jesus, Andrew, and Superdad for all the great work !
  10. Anyone ever going to offer thoughts on listening comparisons with the Sonore LPSU ?
  11. I have the HQP/NAA problem (see my earlier posts) with no switch in the setup. Everything (Microrendu, PC) wired direct to modem/router. I can run Wireshark (promiscuous mode helping ?) and get HQP to finally see the Microrendu, however, it's not persistent (Wireshark must be started). Wireshark can be shut down at this point, and the communications are still present and working.....but on a restart of the PC, the communications is lost, and one must start up Wireshark and initiate a capture all over again to re-establish the connection.
  12. Update: So not getting HQP/NAA to work with microrendu and roon, and HQP not seeing my DAC, despite microrendu having no problem seeing it, I fire up Wireshark to do some network analysis, intending to capture the network requests and answerbacks. I go check all the settings on the various equipment/software, and guess what ? Suddenly my DAC has shown up in the "device" feild in HQP. It plays. No changes where made anywhere prior. Same exact setup that wasn't working since the beginning. Will have to see if it's going to work without Wireshark running. I will update. Seems HQPlyers network protocol is not very robust. (Running latest HQP beta V7). Just a wild guess from a non network engineer.
  13. Thanks firedog. Tried HQP beta, no luck. Tried disabling firewall. I agree it seems to be a network issue. I'm not clear on where exactly this "save" button is though. Is in the microrendu GUI ? thanks for your help !
  14. I don't use any vpn's and I have the same symptoms. I've never seen HQP/NAA work wih Roon and microrendu on my system ever. HQP works as an engine for Roon playback, and RoonReady/microrendu works with Roon, and microrendu "sees" my DAC in "DAC Diagnostics".....but Roon/HQP-NAA/Microrendu do not work together on my system. Any one have this working ???
  15. No problem, I will update on this thread after I talk with him, but it might not be until this weekend. In the meantime, if anyone here has HQ Player working as an NAA with Roon and the microrendu, please feel free to elucidate me on the settings/configuration ! Thanks !
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