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  1. How does charging $20 move the chain and reset things? As a huge advocate of your current products and a very probable client for further products, this just rubs some of the luster off of your brand. Had you noted when the uRendu first went up for sale that it would be supported BUT a fee would be charged to optimise it at some stage perhaps we would not have had a problem with it. As it stands now it does feel like a money grab on a product that cost hundreds of $. It is clear that you have a great team and a comprehensive understanding of all things digital however your customer servic
  2. Thanks Dmitre, I have been google translating it over the last couple of days however it does not always get it right. Are you able to give us a snapshot of the outcomes with each dac. Your input would be most valuable and I would like to thank you in advance for your time and help. PS I have the version 3 kitsune Holo Cheers, Greg
  3. I am really impressed with the attitude that you are taking in exploring some of the current dac's. Its a journey of discovery for all of us. Thank you!
  4. Any further information on its sound combined with your gear?
  5. To the contrary, yours is the first formal review, that's why we are all so interested in your thoughts
  6. Thanks Ted for your follow ups. I think that due to there being no formal reviews on the web until now, we were all hoping to get a view of the HSKE DAC compared to some well known and reviewed dac's. We would all value your thoughts in this regard to try to create a benchmark of where it sits sonically. Thank you as allways for taking the time.
  7. I receive mine from Tim at Kitsune next week however I'm in Australia . I like many are just waiting for more reviews to surface, in my case however it's partly impatience, excitement and justification of my unheard purchase. From what I have been able to garner from Tim, Ted, Google and Google translate, I have done the right thing.
  8. I have just ordered a version 3 from Tim to be delivered to Australia. Custom wound 240v silver transformer etc. Tim's support has been phenomenal. Hopefully more people will share their experience with the dac as there are very few reviews available atm.
  9. THATS HUGE NEWS! I was just discussing this with a fellow member this morning and wondering what the solution would entail and then this. Do you have an ETA on your review?
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