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  1. No offense intended, you are an excellent writer. But you write very long paragraphs--in one case above, over 800 words. Unless your name is James Joyce that's a major no-no. Tough to read on a regular computer screen, almost impossible on a cell phone. Take a look at the NYT or WP: short, punchy paragraphs. I won't be offended if you delete these comments. Just offering some constructive criticism. I wouldn't have said anything if I wasn't interested in what you are writing! PS--I'm a (successful) professional writer and I teach writing at a university.
  2. Thanks for the excellent review, but for the love of whomever break up your paragraphs.
  3. Windows 7 computer/Linux server Bryston BDA-2 dac McIntosh MC275 75 WPC amp DEQX HDP-4 as preamp/room correction system Lipinski L-707 monitors For my next act I'm going to pull the crossovers from the Lipinskis and biamp using the DEQX. I listen at a minimum 8 hours a day
  4. It looks like the Ragnarok is 100 WPC, it would have no problem driving either the 93-db Studio HD or the 92.5-db Calibre to intolerable levels. So yes, if you really want the Schitt products I wouldn't see any issue with that setup at all. You can drive the sub through the preamp out. I have no idea about the answer to this question, but it looks like the Calibre has a top-firing driver. Given that you live in an old house I'm wondering if that would get super noisy in other rooms. You know that Legacy's NY dealer is in Vestal, NY, right?
  5. I haven't heard the smaller speakers or the largest speakers in Legacy's lineup, but I have heard the Focus and Signature, and they are absolutely spectacular--top of my list for when I renovate my media room. I also heard an Aeris (I believe) with the Wavelet processor, or maybe it was the next step up in the line. Anyway, it is truly an impressive piece of technology and, from a completely rational viewpoint, a massive step up from uncorrected speakers, to the point where I wouldn't even consider a system without a Wavelet (or DEQX, as I have in my desktop system). I've talked extensively with people at Legacy regarding the Wavelet, including the potential to use it with speakers other than their top of the line (meaning down to the Focus SE). This conversation was like 2 days ago, and they said they'd get back to me. I suspect that the Wavelet might be a little bit of overkill for the monitors, but I am not sure. They told me repeatedly that the Wavelet works best when used in a biamplified system, so I guess to get the best out of it you'd need two amps even for the Studio monitors. Finally, regarding the amp--I am truly a fan of Legacy's speakers, but I have no experience with their amp. It is probably good to great in build quality. I've never been able to hear a difference between Class D amps, and I suspect this one is no different. I think 350 wpc would be way overkill for those speakers. Despite being a Legacy fan, I will say this: I've never been a fan of ported monitors. I much prefer a sealed monitor plus a sub. I personally use Lipinski L707As (sealed) and a pair of powered subs. Won't bore you with the additional details of my system. And by the way, I'm driving the Lipinskys with 75WPC tube amps. They are 90db sensitive and the SPL gets uncomfortable for me around the 12 o'clock mark (nearfield listening). The studio monitors are 93 db, not sure you'd ever need 350 WPC.
  6. I think he means that Magnepans are exceedingly insensitive; if the Ragnaroks or whatever it they are called can drive a Magnepan they can drive anything. (Just acting as an interpreter, I really have no idea if what he says is true). I have to say I detest Schitt, but only because their juvenile name seems to have captured the interest of a certain, uh, segment of audiophiles/Maxim enthusiasts. I have little experience with their products. There are very few amps that won't drive 4-ohm loads appropriately. As long as you avoid output transformerless (OTL) amps just about anything is fine. Again, I have no experience using an OTL into a 4-ohm speaker, but Atma-Sphere recommends against it.
  7. There are some very nice Legacy Focus speakers on Audiogon right now right in your price range. I've only heard the latest models, which are quite spectacular, although I've read that Legacy has a long history of building superlative speakers. Anyway, at that price range I'd definitely go used.
  8. Sorry, I just realized the post above mine linked to the same article. Still, this review has value because it is from a non-professional reviewer with considerable measurement and listening expertise--and more importantly, no advertising to sell.
  9. Amusing and honest review Zu Essence Floor Standing Speakers
  10. I have Monitor Audio Gold 300s. Not very impressed, they are quite bright and lacking in bass for a relatively large speaker. Definitely an "audiophile" speaker in the pejorative sense. And really, you're not going to fix your hankering for a floor-standing speaker by changing cables. Save that money and buy a good speaker and/or a powered sub. You can cross over the sub using Fmod attenuators if you are so inclined. I love the Tannoy Heritage models--they are extremely impressive; I have no experience with the models you are proposing. I have Lipinski L-707 monitors/2 powered subs/DEQX/McIntosh MC275 combo for my office system and it is quite adequate for my need.
  11. Capacitor. Here's an overview of how to choose: https://ridingthecatskills.com/2016/09/13/personal-finding-the-right-cap/
  12. Interesting, you make me wish I lived in Australia so I could hang out at your place :-) What you just said is gibberish to me right now (despite an extensive graduate level math education!), but I am learning quickly. I've plowed halfway through the Acoustics and Psychoacoustics textbook as a primer, hoping to finish it while on vacation. I have the DEQX in place for one system, but you have certainly convinced me to make an attempt at a software-only solution for my other system. Plus I get to spend many happy hours learning. The DEQX is connected properly. Do you have any recommendations for a small, quiet, high-quality, and decent looking computer that I can drop into my system as a home theater computer? It would also be nice 'cause I could run HBO GO etc through it instead of through g*ddamn Roku (which you may or may not be cursed with in Australia).
  13. 1. It's good enough for background music (which I listen to 12 hours a day while I'm working) and for exploration; I listen to music seriously for about an hour a day and then it's time to break out the high-res 2. Why ASIO always? 3. Unless I am confused by the DEQX manual, my outboard DAC is used "instead" of the internal DAC so only one digital-analog conversion is necessary. But you know I'm going to check that, the DEQX manual is not particularly well written, and definitely does not provide the level of detail I'd like (even though it is 180 pages long). So digital signal --> DEQX --> DAC --> Amplifier
  14. Huh, interesting. I wonder if that is sanctioned by Spotify or not? They have been notoriously difficult about keeping users inside the Spotify interface. Just thinking they could get shut down which would leave me SOL. But if it does work that's very exciting, I really wanted to play with Acourate.
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