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  1. How you compare sound with Sonore/Uptone and Summus? which mode do you use in Summus?
  2. skatbelt, thanks, indeed I did not killed all other aps. Will have another try.
  3. out of topic, but best sound I got with snakeoil/MPD, roon is not as good as this combination. so software player still important. Roon is most convinient to me for my large library(>20TB), MPD is best sounding on same hardware.
  4. I just share my impression, not trying to convince anybody "pro" or "contra". iphone is probably close to microrendu/LPS-1, howeverer sound through iphone is less natural. Well-prepared PC still better.
  5. - Running from battery of course. As I wrote above, my audio PC is highly opitimized - it has pico psu powered from linear 12 v PS, sotm USB card powered from linear PSU, Snakeoil OS on CF card, powered from linear ps, sotm 4x clock ( for USB card, and 3 clock lines to motherboard) with external 10MHZ gps disciplined clock. ethernet switch powered from battery with modified clock. It sound close to CD, or even better. And I compare files, CD and LP. Another interesting finding - with good short USB cable I don't need iso regen. And Microrendu powered from LPS-1 indeed is close to i-devices on sound quality to me.
  6. Tried iPhone and iPad as an endpoint today. Not bad, but far not good as my DIY PC. Sound with apple devices is far more "digital". PC is highly modified so not surprised. Apple devices may be good second sources to use in another rooms.
  7. yes, indeed I have older regen, but did not tried yet to compare.I compared what I hear with iso-regen/lps-1 and without it. not a laptop. highly optimized pc -setup. First PC, you can name it "network player". windows server 2012, installed Audiophilie optimizer (AO) in core mode, roon server. SSD powered from separate linear 5V PS. this PC connected to a music PC via direct LAN cable( no router or switch). Music PC also WS 2012r2, AO, process lasso, HQ Player, upsampling everything to DSD256. Other components: preamp (10Y) and phono corrector (D3a) from Thomas Mayer, power amps - SE 845 Jadis, speakers from Wolf von Langa (SALON) - very tall and large, piece of art field coils speakers. TT- from PTP audio. CD transport and DAC - Metronome T7A / C6 signature. on a top of it - Studer A810. Sound from tape is number one, very very far, no questions. =) It's hard to say how much time I spent to get music quality from PC which is somewhat comparable with vinyl. My opinion today - it is much much more easy to get perfect sound from vinyl setup than from files. I'm not an expert, this is just my experience. but this is another story, not for this thread...
  8. Hi there, I received my ISO-REGEN and LPS-1 two days ago. Can't stop listening it. it provides great improvement indeed, sound from my dual-PC setup became very close to what I hear playing vinyl. I compared Jazz at the Pawnshop file and LP. Lp still a bit more "alive", but it is indeed very close now.
  9. this is possible I think only if there is DC-DC converter on-board, which is not very good. please correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. but it has an option for external master clock input. people ( in russian audio forum) say that having motherboard clocks+usb card clock synchronized from one source improves sound. I have this sotm with 4 clock outputs and plan to connect it to my audio pc, but don't have masterclock unit unfortunately. so if somebody know place to find not bad and not expensive one, I wouldbe happy try.=)
  11. Hi Shredder, most probably you have to uncheck DoP checkbox in HQPlayer settings.
  12. Thanks, ElviaCaprice. should I do that additional things each time manually or there is a possibility to make a batch file? BTW did you try AO? If yes, what you decided?
  13. Problem solved! restarted in safe mode, enabled "application information". Still I will apprecitiate your recommendation what else can I disable. I can't imagine how you guys get ~25 processes. Macbook pro/bootcamp. Which services related to wifi? I have now ethernet connection, but may need wifi sometimes.
  14. I need a help from experts. After being happy a day with performed steps suggested at page 1 and some additional tweaks, I decided that 46 processes is too much and to disable some processes manually. Unfortunately I did not recorded the name of service which created problem: I can't run exe files, including regedit, and can't run windows power shell as administrator. Attached list of services. If somebody can ponit me to the sarvice I must enable( and how to do that) it would be great. Thanks! services_20161224.txt
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