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  1. Like the tone of the review. I would avoid any amp that takes numerous power chord attempts to finally enjoy it. I would have expected a lot more pleasure out the box for $2500.
  2. Thanks for reviewing something at a high but not astronomical price point. While I love the site I feel it caters to a real high end on average so it's nice to see products in the $500-$1500 range that are not tweaks or "lifestyle" products but actual serious core electronics/gear to an audiophile.
  3. I was curious on the ACS10 how you use the "folder" function. For instance it says it has a "Music 1" as the first folder. If you wanted to use one folder as device ripped cds and a separate once as imported from an HDD and label it "Music 2" is it just in the background how the files or stored? Or when using the App do you have to go between "folders" for your different libraries? Also still curious how it handles dsf files. On the website it looks like it handles them natively without any issues or conversion...
  4. I was hoping to read a bit about DSF/DSD files. I assume it can see those files once loaded into it. Can you change metadata on those? How well does this unit work with dsf files for sending them to a USB Dac? Any conversion to PCM? Great article by the way Chris.
  5. So I have been doing a little research on the Aurender products. Don't think I will like their app though. It does not seem to allow changing meta data, can't use iphone (only ipad), doesn't even seem to sort album by release year. So I think I am not going to go the Aurender route. I started reading up on Roon. It sounds like my 2015 iMac (which is an i7) could easily run Roon in the background. The iMac is in an office. How do I get it to talk to the stereo room if Roon is setup on it. One of those Sonore USB/Ethernet devices? Does that receive native DSD (dsf files)? Does it require much setup? I understand I am looking at a new DAC, but I want to understand the server part first.
  6. " i7 NUC with Audiolinux headless/LXQT OS" That sounds way above my level of computer knowledge.
  7. My breakdown of music is: Approximately 75-100 24/96 hi-res albums in ALAC format, Approximately 300 DSD albums and growing (will have about 500 when I am done ripping) both iso format and dsf. 3,000 ripped cds in ALAC. No streaming from services. DSD is important to me so need a DSD dac. Again the iMac is not on all the time and is used by all family members so it can't be a dedicated stereo component. I do use it for all the ripping though and organizing storage on SSD drives. The oppo 205 clicks loud all the time when switching formats and the user interface as a server is poor. I am trying to get away from it as the main server/dac.
  8. I first came upon this site in 2008 and in early 2009 I started putting together my music server. 2009 Mac Mini with Wavelength Proton USB DAC. Music in my home was better than ever for years after that. The 2009 mac mini is still alive but lost all its zip. It crashes a lot and is sometimes hard to get booted up. Still have the Proton as well but never liked having to set the volume to 90%. It never felt like a true stereo rack dac and more of a mobile accessory. I bought an OPPO 205 earlier this year and have since unplugged the Mac mini/Proton setup. Bought a 2TB SSD external drive for the OPPO 205. I also have successfully ripped about 300 SACD's in the last year and play them through the Oppo. It sounds decent and works well, but it is not my long term solution...I miss easily and reliably searching through my music in the iTunes world without the TV on. I miss Shuffle play, playlists, etc. So, current setup: Oppo 205 and external SSD, Retired after 9 years: Mac Mini + Proton + external HDD. I am ready to upgrade! I want something great sounding, easy to setup, preferably hard wired (my wifi is not strong). First class user interface and not something that requires a lot of extra things to squeeze every ounce of audiophilia out of it. I am not a tweaker. I have been intrigued by the Aurender 100H because it looks simple. It is about that most I would want to spend on the server side though. I also need a native DSD DAC. The Chord Qutest caught my attention because its small. I like small. I don't care about multiroom stuff. just have the one stereo setup. Roon and the Nucleus also sound interesting but have never played with the software. Can I get help with what you would put together? Looking for recommendations on music server, software and DAC. Also note: I have a large 2015 iMac that I can use to help set things up but its the family computer so not dedicated server stuff on it. I have the 2TB and 0.5TB SSD external Samsung drives fill with AIFF and DSF files. No NAS. I am willing to spend up to about $2500 on the server/software and maybe another $1500-$3000 on a DAC but of course would rather spend half of that if its a stellar combo. What would you recommend? I don't need any other digital inputs.
  9. The MFSL One-Step super vinyl version is coming soon which if past performance equals future results means we will get a definitive sounding best. It will probably make its way to digital hi-res files from ripping at some point.
  10. Too bad the preamp doesn't have a built in DAC. I guess that's what their high end dac is for. I wonder if it integrates well with this preamp. I actually really like the new power amp too. Nice design change from the 275. More power than the 275. Classy looks. I will be curious to see what the non LE version ends up selling for. As a McIntosh owner, these are true eye candy. Wish I had the funds and space to do a simple dedicated 2 channel setup with this duo.
  11. I am opposed as well which takes products like Schitt out of my selection. I was curious if the the time you spent with both audibly confirmed the "disadvantage" of not supporting DSD natively. Occasionally products come along that defy this type of logic and folks preach...don't look at the stats, use your ears, etc. In my mind (not ears) seeing PCM converted to DSD (like the DirectStream) seems mathematically uncompromising compared with DSD to PCM conversion.
  12. Something I was hoping you would touch on is the DSD through the Schitt. I know the ifi pro iDSD's strengths are its native DSD for DSD content. How did the sound of this DSD content (either native or upscaled DSD) compare to the Schitt conversion of DSD to PCM? My personal library consists of 1000's of DSD (DSF) files and very little hi res PCM. So I am always interested in hearing modern analysis on native DSD playback vs DSD to PCM conversion on non native DSD DAC's. I was expecting to see the ifi and schitt were very close on PCM, but on DSD files, the native DSD player had an edge.
  13. Thanks you for the response! very helpful!
  14. I have a few questions about the Aurender N100H. I have been eyeing it for about two years now but haven't pulled the trigger. 1) If I get the 2TB model, can I add a SSD externally or swap out the HD to a larger size? What are my options here for upgrading. (I don't intend to have a NAS, but I am not opposed to hooking up my 2TB external SSD I have. 2) The N100H and C have been out for many years, any word on model updates or discontinuing? Any new "entry level" Aurnder products coming soon? 3) Do you folks enjoy the Conductor app more so than other software like J River or Roon if files are stored locally? 4) how well does it manage DSD content? I have a lot of ripped SACDs, both original ISO and converted to DSF formats. How does it handle these? Does it pass multichannel? Does it send DSD gapless? Are there any quirks between sending DSD vs FLAC vs ALAC formats? I would be connected to my Oppo 205 USB input for a while until I upgraded to a separate DAC and my long term goal is gapless DSD natively and of course all PCM based formats natively.
  15. I always thought concert videos always sound better with the tv on too. Something about watching it while you hear it brings it to the next level.
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