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  1. Mutec ref just good powered xo?????
  2. Why low phase noise ocxo 12v? Reg inside????
  3. Superdad measured better spec bcose powered better power than factory????
  4. Somebody trialed normal xo like crystek powered with 4xlt3045-4xlt3045-4xlt3045-following Paul design???
  5. Ocxo inside ? 12v better? Phase noise? Why expensive? Power matter? We have good power.....
  6. hurka

    New PSU Build Together?

    Sps500 70 rmb smps relationship
  7. Tx usb ultra use single regulators and cheap xo.
  8. Pico save your stupid gamer mobo, otherwise demaged.supermicro mobo can’t demage.
  9. raill separation with pico just the joke
  10. Witch rail feed mobo xo’s??? 3.3v???thats why so good???
  11. Mobo xo become extremely low noise power, tx usb ultra just worse.
  12. Pico works great with innuos z , new model no more pico.little better haha...
  13. Same as innuos zenith mk2 se....