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  1. I'm more into Blues, Jazz, Classical, Tango, International music, and Electronica too by periods. I like very much sci-fi flicks, including 'Tron: Legacy'. On Blu-ray in 3D it's a blast...visually and auditory. A rework ...
  2. A rare photo of the band from 1995, before they adopted their masks. Guy-Manuel is on the left, with Thomas on the right
  3. I see ... club members only. * Yes bluesman I am aware of what you mentioned; not the best solution. Gentlemen I thank you both; stay safe, keep playing/listening.
  4. Audiophile Style has a dark mode yet? I take good care of my ears, and my eyes too. I only listen to good music, and watch good flicks and documentaries with pitch dark blacks. Would be nice ... Stay safe, stay home, listen to music, watch movies, eat well, exercise and give all your lovin'...Double mask up, learn to play the cello and the piano, life, love & the blues.
  5. I bet electronica music and Opera and Tango sound fabulous through those. ...Like being (t)here, I wish I was (t)here. * Mahler 5th would do just fine. Keep it up, we're all in it for the common mortal good...the music reproduction @ home. And writing about audio in style is a dignified and respectable hobby. We keep that in our files ...
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