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  1. Bummer! • https://bgr.com/2019/05/17/huawei-mate-20-x-5g-release-date-price-and-specs-official/amp/
  2. Is it safe to say that some people might be insane in regards to 5G (and many other life elements)? Is it sane to play 5G safe than sorry? _____ Back to ultra high audio frequencies and all the benefits for the brain and heart's pressurization. ...Not discounting the neural effects on universal security.
  3. Yes I checked already several places to sample her music, and consequently some of her background and history. I didn't know when I've first read the post mentioning "Dessa" if it was the name of an artist singer. I thought it meant like a "Diva" local to Munich or region. So I took a chance after asking about if it was her name and Google indeed confirmed it.
  4. Thanks, new music new artists new discoveries are all enriching to me, more than this.
  5. Do you have a set of instructions on how to locate some music of hers? Dessa is her name? That must be her:
  6. You sure know how to use it adroitely. They are all excellent (your videos) visually and auditory.
  7. Test: She's Canadian (Montréal). ¤ http://www.ensoulrecords.com/en/artists/domi-en/ She's nice, I like her style and voice and music...my style.
  8. Those are very nice quality videos sir. And that lady singer I like her too. Now that's a good style to report a music/audio show to an audiophile audience. Can I borrow one of your videos to share with friends @ another audiophile site?
  9. Hmmm the 5G thread has been resurrected...who would have thought. It sure is making the news recently. And I think it's only the beginning ...
  10. Lend the DAC to Archimago so that he can put it on its paste from his test bench. Hey, I'd like to see that, I always like to see more and hear more. That'll be the day ... Stereophile, with the proper connections ...
  11. I thought the latest ESS Sabre DAC was the best. Anyway, it's the sound that counts, coming out from the measurements and the measured loudspeakers...the entire connection. ...The synergy of the implementation of all parts...big and small...everything's important, even our bank accounts, and cable transfers.
  12. Serious question regarding the casing: Would it influence the audio signal a wood enclosure versus an aluminum/metal enclosure? ...Say in an audio rack in proximity of other audio components and in the vicinity of audio interconnects, AC power cords and outlets, etc. ...Even a display nearby, or a laptop.
  13. Good tune for comparing DACs ... not necessarily this specific version ...
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