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  1. Short off topic question: Is this the most viewed thread @ Audiophile Style forums? ...Roughly 200,000 views short of a million.
  2. Hydraulic Crimping Tool ...
  3. I agree...power cables comparison ... * I made a small typo ... it was 186 posts, not 106 (tiny keyboard).
  4. I know that it's off topic but you have me curious; from 106 posts what's your postcount?
  5. The material purity, the geometry, the connectors, the soldering, the insulation, ...they all act effectively accordingly. ...And yes added network filters, noise in noise out, synergy with the rest of the system, and so on. Nobody said that it'll be ever easy, not in this audio pursuit of perfection. Everything counts, every little small detail. Thanks for that pdf link.
  6. I was sincere; it's about advancing our power cables knowledge. I encourage you in that pursuit. If one can do it, two more can do too. It's not about us, it's about our music purity from the wall outlet and through the conductor. ...Good solid geometric engineering, smart analysis with measurements, premium hospital grade connectors. Listen to that music video again, if you haven't yet, concentrate on the female vocals, her pitch, on the banjos, listen accurately. Re-read the article again, imagine being there. Buy a dozen power cables with a 30-day return period, ask for already bresk-in cables, but the best recording mic in the audio business, but the best analysing tools (with programs from your computer), do a thoroughly examination of all parameters with clear and accurate graphs, just do it. I am serious or I wouldn't be here starting a serious thread about high end audio power cables. Maybe he's wrong on few things and right on others, let's ask him first than we can discuss. Would you like me to invite him here for you? If yes I sure will let him know. But good behavior is primordial, there is no time to waste, from no one. It's not about you, or him, or them...it's about audio power cables from the best dedicated audio researchers and manufacturers...high caliber audio engineers @ the service of the art of accurate music reproduction in all its valuable glory. Money is irrelevant in that pursuit ... our ears and music emotions are.
  7. You could go on his site, or below his article (comments section) and ask him directly. Us we weren't there, we know less than nothing else than what was presented in the article with words, video, music playing, ...all that jazz. Maybe he'll be delighted to answer any question you and other distinguished people here have for him in order to advance their knowledge from the author's mouth and ears and anything else of important relevance. We can do all the criticism for the next century, our grandkids will take over if they follow the path of ultra precision audiophile grandfathers (us), and the future of high resolution audio power cables will be assured for a very long time, longer than before all the forests disappeared from the surface of this globe. Because music matters. Because high end analog audio matters. Because mono, stereo, multichannel matters. Because good solid audio engineering in power cables matter. Because we all want peace and happiness.
  8. You do it then, your own way; we'll let you know first hand, you can count on us 100%, what we think. Best of luck, take your time, couple years if you have to, with more cables, twice as much more, triple. You have my full support, I have tremendous confidence on your success. Bests,
  9. It's terrible reading stuff like that, must be tough for the psyche. ...More for the writer than the reader.
  10. I know most of you don't appreciate anything that is not scientifically measured and analysed and proven reliable by the best tools the mathematicians physicists audio scientists used over the last fifty years and more, and you are partly right in your expertise. Some are even more right. I also know that you are open minds and appreciate values when you see and hear them. This is a good site with smart people, then why not acting the part? There is nothing wrong with this extensive study on power Cables, to the contrary, someone took the dedicated passionate time to listen, compare, listen more, adjust levels, change audio components, ...brief he did an exhaustive testing beyond what any other human before him did not. We are witnessing power of audio in the making, thanks to him, to his sharing generosity. You can do your own without undoing his. Me I think sincerely that there is more valuable information than not, and that alone counts for a lot. Here's something for the analysts and critics to digest ... • https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/audiophilestyle.com It's only a guide, but used in a comprehensible advent/development it sure can improve in the upwards of many departments. You'd feel better contributing positively to your own home...Audiophile Style (website) with the people you love, including yourself and your own family @ home. Yes, no? Of course yes. Each new day is a brand new day, yesterday's emotions and distractions are gone to new better tomorrow's destinations. By reinventing ourselves each day we get closer to the gift of music reproduction of a higher plane. Don't expect others to to the things you can do yourself, take charge in a constructive discussion towards advancement. The world needs it.
  11. 133 posts now; just to say that the music video above is not my favorite; it was only for the title...nothing else because it sounds truly awful.
  12. 132 posts in this power cables thread. The guy did a tremendous job in my opinion and he has my respect. Mr. Archimago, you are one of the members here who I also enjoy reading your blog tremendously. You are one of the very bests. Two different styles one story...the pursuit of music satisfaction. _____ "I have to say that many posts bring nothing constructive; it's a critic of posters acting like kids in their own personal sandbox. Who's right who's wrong I'm better than you no you are not I have more experience I know what I'm talking about no you're not you have no proof but me my system talk better because I set things up according to the plans of audio gold from the scriptures written before we were born. How could you be better when I am?" That's about how it sounds like for 75% of this thread, minimum. That's a very low percentage for intelligent people in a world of music reproduction and everything else in it. It doesn't inspire me much @ all. And instead of playing this childish game I'm better off. Wait a minute, I don't have to; I have stuff in this audiophile style affair that I want to share to, and if only few smart people can have a smart discussion it's all worth it. I simply ignore all that has zero relevance and zero benefit and zero advancement. It's my thread and I'm responsible. I'm moderating it. I try anyway to do the best I know without being despicable but amicable. ...Like a bunch of good people here. Time to wisen up ...
  13. I have no doubt. I'm also from the school of diversified opinions (more) to advance our own.
  14. Neil Young supports the safety of our children and of our planet. He also supports music.
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