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  1. Film on pellicules from reel-to-reel tapes, yes I would enjoy watching them, very much so. They fuel better in my brain, more natural filmic, smoother for my inner chords. It's the same for music listening...long term. I feel my brain more relaxed, less stressed. This is my own personal disposition on music and films for the long run. In the short runs, blips, I'm ok with hires ultra high def audio and picture. In the year 2020 I watch films 100% digitally, but what I do with the film evolution doesn't automatically mean that I prefer it all the time. It's an adaptation with the tech we live in. The ones watching movies in the analog form are the vintage niche people. I have the greatest respect towards them and they are among my best friends. Analog and digital music I can easily alternate between them and I do; it comes in periods when my brain tells me. It's a personal thing, not a generalised one. I was asking genuinely on a scientific medical neuroscientific way about the side effects between the two. And you are 100% correct, we ear music in analog. Also correct that it is very important how it was engineerly recorded and mastered. Main thing is I believe it's worth discussing to explore further, discover and a higher learning.
  2. I'd say so, both analog and digital audio have improved since then. In 1989 music recordings use different audio gear and mic techniques. Everything was different in 1989. Going back in time and comparing with today everything has changed; most of the audio past and preferences are mostly irrelative with today. We should ask Bob what he thinks today, with his older ears behind all those years.
  3. What are the long term effects of digital music listening versus analog music listening on the human brain? * As an aside, there is another thread on "forum decorum", locked, and I was wondering what the fuss was about? I was going to comment on couple points but what is the purpose of a thread in a forum if you can't comment?
  4. I'm interested to give some of my time in helping this community by providing feedback for some new features you are contemplating and about to implement. 

    I have no clue what they are but I fit the requisites, I think. 

    Any way, we have nothing to lose and besides it's the Christmas holidays with Santa coming soon to town ... 🎅




  5. @joelha, may I ask you sir where you got the inspiration from to write that short editorial?
  6. Good clean solid build quality those Lumin products ...
  7. I don't know, I never met the guy, I never measured its level of authenticity. We are going to put a man on it...it's a French expression...from a famous songwriter.
  8. Audiophile Style Ethernet Audio Cables This guy (Jay Luong) has tried few different Ethernet cables ... • https://audiobacon.net/2019/11/02/the-jcat-signature-lan-a-1000-ethernet-cable/amp/
  9. It's not as bad as it sounds like; there are much worst things in the world today. Anyway it's a cool little rechargeable wireless USB light with many good uses for audio lovers and all. Same with USB turntables. ...And so many other great audio components in our rigs. I'd rather have it and not needing it than not have it and needing it ...
  10. Me I think it's a neat little light, practical, easy to position and angle, for many duties, all love (music listening, reading, ...) related. And humor is good for life's longevity, health and happiness. It's not cheap though. But what is today. We live in a battery world, electric world, USB world ... that light fits perfectly with it, and our audio/music hobby (passion, audiophilia and further exploration). It's the little things of life that make our musical world a better one...with sounds and lights. _____ * MQA is not yet a swearing word, according to the latest dictionary's entries. And TTs are still a beautiful thing that keeps spinning in the sweet friction of the analogue domain.
  11. It depends...do you have a turntable? Do you like reading books @ night while listening to music from your MQA music server?
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