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  1. Can we hope to see the Extreme on sale @ Boxing Day? ...Black Friday? ...Bloody Sunday? ...COVID-19 Anniversary Day? ...Any Day? ...On 'Q' for a Holiday?
  2. I thought the Extreme was a Music Server, and reviewed by a musicophile well served? ☺️ A discussion about it and comparaisons seem advanced knowledge fairness...yes. And in particular for the Extreme build quality and extreme asking price.
  3. Audiophile Style ... that's $26,000 Music Server Style for sure. The component is extremely well build and so is this top notch review. This is peanuts for high heeled shoes. For casual readers (AS) it demands a dose of reality, a balance of perspective, a double look @ our bank statement. It's normal, we don't wear high heeled shoes...nowadays we wear masks and collect stimulus cheques. There's nothing stimulating about the Extreme's price of entry. But the music has to be extremely stimulating I am extremely sure of that ... I marvel @ the build quality...It's something I'm able to do, and I admire the words translating from the review...It's something I'm able to do too. If I could I would, but it's somehing I'm not able to afford today. Tomorrow? You never know...perhaps after the storm (pandemic)? The US stock market have climbed 30% from its low. NASDAQ is back up to where it was @ the top. Good time to invest in a fake market? It defies all logical conventions and principles as if this world didn't make any sense. ...Like if our foundations were built on slush and sinking mud, illusions boosted by falsified data from an invisible beautiful woman riding a white horse that doesn't exist. Nobody knows what tomorrow might bring, we only go by today, the music playing...in audiophile style, our style...high heels or not.
  4. Is there a section for measurements? Thx Ray-dude for listening, enjoying and sharing in words with us all.
  5. This thing is build bullet-proof, anti-shock, anti-vibration, anti-virus. The price is build like heart attack. Looking forward for more organs damage; lungs, blood vessels, liver, goldbladder, etc. ... all in music heavens, the other side of life. Ray dude, do you wear white gloves when you remove the top cover? ...A mask?
  6. You need to practice your skills in posting a Portable Network Graphic image; access denied. _____
  7. I fully agree with you Allan. Humour can work in mysterious ways ...
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