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Audio System

Fronts - Speakers: Epos ES22

Surrounds - Speakers: Tannoy DC4 centre, Kef Q800DS

Subwoofer: MJ Acoustics Refernce 1

Media Center: Fanless, 32Gb memory DDR3L, 11TB storage, Strix GTX950, intel core i5 6400, SOtM tX-USBexp

Software System: Win10 latest build.

Software movies: PowerDVD

Software music: Audiophile Optimzer 2.20Beta, Fidelizer 8.0, Process Lasso, jRiver 23

Amp: Arcam AVR600

Dac: Teac UD-501

TV: Panasonic TX-50CX802

Projector: Sony VPL-HS50

Cables: Chord Signature, IXOS Signature & QED Cables

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