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  1. Hi all, it’s been a little while since I posted anything, but just upgraded to 3.0 and even though I’ve only had an hours play time with it since installed, what a difference. More transparency, sound elevated stronger bass too. if you haven’t already made the upgrade, do support Phil, don’t delay, it really is brilliant. Loving the extra shell too, now I can open that to do a reboot or shutdown my system has the latest installed versions of windows 10 Pro, Fidelizer Pro, jRiver and Process Lasso on it and have seen no problems
  2. I’ve heard 8.3 is coming soon, so if your unsure about it, I’d wait until it’s launch as it seems Microsoft has changed a few bits on W10 which has altered the way it sound (or at least that what some are saying) myself, I’ve used it for quite some time and have found it to vastly improve the audio performance. I do use it in conjunction with AudioOptimizer and Process Lass which I feel does benefit musical playback too
  3. Hi all, as I have a quite a few DVD, blu-ray audio music disc’s which I’ve converted into wav files, are there any programs out there which enable you to check that the software being used to archive these onto the HDD are doing their job correctly. I can see that HDTracks uses a program called “bitter” and wondering if others have tried it to check there files? cheers,
  4. Shanepj

    Process Lasso

    having used process lasso for a quite a while, I found that running it in bitsum high performance mode together with selecting the program you wish to use for audio in real time. I also isolated that program so it runs in a single core mode 0 and everything else shares 2/3 with fidelizer running on core 1. I also upped the memory for my audio program. But apart from that, I’ve not dabbled any further I also know that fidelizer also runs the audio program in real time and single core mode now which must mean it’s a good thing As I only use this PC for playing audio via a multi-boot w10 pc, I haven’t found lose of other features running process lasso in that configuration hope that helps others using it in the same way
  5. As all cables are basically aerials, unwanted interference can be a problem and although a digital cable is either sending information or not, I would surmise that the shielding on the Fisual cable is doing it job properly. On another note, I would try and find out where the unwanted interference is coming from as you may further improve what you have already experienced
  6. Yeah, the soundstage was further improved allowing me to better place where record producer wanted the band members. As for frequencies and textures, I didn’t detect anything
  7. I use the signature aray at home and had tried it against the c-line. At home, this cable easily delivered better placement, yet when I tried it on a LMS (lesser musical system), it was almost indistinguishable to the c-line cable, which was a little alarming considering the price differences (LMS: i5 Laptop, JRiver, Arcam a39, teac UD-501 and Kef R700, Chord cabling - Music: Standard CD (accurate rip - wav files) plus 96/24 & 192/24 files) So, if I was struggling to experience a difference on a LMS. I would say that in order to experience a better result, you’d need the right level of toys between it to appreciate what it can do. £2.5k - £3.5k might not be enough to experience what the cable has to offer as I didn’t experience a difference hope that helps
  8. I played around with three cables, one was a basic printer cable worth a couple of quid, another was chord C-USB and the other was the Signature ARAY. Basic cable worked fine all be it a little to bright for my liking C-USB removed the brightness from the audio as was extremely pleasing to hear Signature ARAY brought a level of placement to the instruments that I hadn’t noticed before Did try all three cables with a differing system located in another location and found it very difficult to hear the difference between the C-USB and Signature ARAY cables. So, to that end, it highlighted that the room and cheaper electronics had a much bigger effect that the cables especially when using digital cables. I’ve carried out a similar hearing experiment (nothing factual, just actual hearing experience) with analogue cables and it’s far easier to audiably hear the differences with analogue cables than digital cables as it seems the electronics that govern this side seem to level off much quicker. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this before, but I found it very interesting
  9. Shanepj

    Fidelizer 8.0

    Your system and usage is similar to mine, although you have a higher processor and a little more memory. musically using JRiver with Fidelizer will make a massive difference to your setup and with movies, it makes a difference to the audio to (you will have to choose which program your going to use with Fidelizer before hand as it tunes itself for that program - simply run Fidelizer and select which program you want to run and restart) To avoid this I would recommend building a multi boot system enabling you to use a clean install for JRiver and another for your normal windows operations (but it’s not necessary) for me it was the best thing I did and haven’t looked back Fidelizer transforms your system like the best interconnects do. When i tried the free version, it only took a few seconds to realise how good this program was. I then purchased the program and waited for the pro version of Fidelizer to be made for me. This can take a few days to come though, so don’t panic. Its one of the best things I’ve added to my PC and is significantly better than JRiver at making music sound music remember, purchasing the full blown program helps support the developer and gives you access to all its features
  10. I run AO, Fidelizer 8.0 and Process Lasso and I also use jRiver which I run in shell mode as I find that running Fidelizer running in shell mode always cause a few startup glitches. So with yours, I suggest using one of other the option for shell mode so long as it is listed. As for the setting, mines maxed out on all the settings, I also have Process Lasso running the programs I want I to use running in real time. I think some some of the setting with Fidelizer and Process Lasso as starting to cross over if you have the one core option selected for music, but for me, music just sounds great with these programs installed what you could do is get Fidelizer to start one program and get AO to start the other in shell mode. hope that helps
  11. 2.20 Beta 6 Installed on a W10 PC with Fidelizer, JRiver & Process Lasso. Everything seems to be running perfectly. Shell mode with JRiver 64bit went without any issues, re-run everything and no other issues. Big thumbs up Phil
  12. No I didn’t see that post. Could someone point me to it so I know what to do in future
  13. With you saying will have no fixes (I know it’s not technically broken - just changed), will that mean that the path to JRiver 23 64bit will not be patched in version 6?
  14. Hi there is a new thread for version 8 as the improvements are quite large Fidelizer 8.0 this sounds like one already listed on the Fidelizer 8.0 thread. It might be the version you have upgraded too windows x has posted on there with an explanation
  15. Shanepj

    Fidelizer 8.0

    If you’ve run the program once GUI mode and it’s asked you to restart, then the executable file will be there somewhere. Within windows 10 it is located on the c drive under the main windows folder. You may may have to switch back to GUI mode to find out what the folder path is, the program your looking for is fidelizercore.exe
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