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  1. But much better than SMPS (or linear PSU) as they are 100% de-coupled from mains power issues (ground / leakage current loops and associated mains RF). This can sometimes (depending on system) be much bigger issue than voltage regulation (which gets sorted inside the DAC eventually). I know SMPS issues don't show on S2D measurements shown so far, but the sound seems smoother running on USB powerbank than SMPS to my ears... Re-connecting SMPS makes things sound a little brighter (again, subjectively). I've found this with many 5Vdc powered DACs, not just S2D. Even Chord Qutest - Rob Watts like powerbanks for the same reasons: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/chord-electronics-qutest-dac-official-thread.869417/page-65#post-14097431 https://www.head-fi.org/threads/chord-electronics-qutest-dac-official-thread.869417/page-11#post-13970690 Ideally yes, ultra low noise linear regulated battery power would be best but you may already get some immediate benefit by de-coupling from AC power, even with USB powerbank...
  2. I use this Mophie: http://www.mophie.com/shop/universal-batteries/powerstation-XXL
  3. Would be really nice if you could be Technical Editor of Innerfidelity also... measurements have sadly stopped since Tyll retired..
  4. For critical listening, I just power S2 DAC and UpBoard Gateway with a single 5Vdc USB powerbank. Even though sharing same powerbank for 2 inputs of S2 DAC means sharing some noise, the mains ground loop (and mains RF) is killed.
  5. Em2016

    HQ Player

    Hi, yes that's Roon in the background. That's the Tidal main screen within Roon showing.
  6. All noted. But I was only referring to Ted's post..
  7. Absolutely no collaboration between Rob and Ted. Ted has previously mentioned ESS use similar method too... So yes, all sound like they're doing a similar thing at a high level but as I mentioned, all probably slightly different in the nitty gritty details.
  8. Understood but I was asking if this double USB ground isolation ever caused you any performance issues (dropouts or static or other). I guess it's been fine for you then, so that's good.
  9. Have you ever had any issues with using external USB isolator, which means double USB isolation (since DAC8 DSD has USB isolation already?)?
  10. Does using NAA help at all with 8kHz USB packet noise measurements?
  11. Funny you mention Double Dutch... I've seen Dutch & Dutch 8C, Kii3 and KEF LS50W owners swear that better external DACs make these active DSP speakers sound even better... even though the internal D-to-A cannot be by-passed... Apologies JR. Going off topic here.
  12. At a high level that sounds like the way Ted Smith and Rob Watts do it too, although hard to know without nitty gritty details of how they do it.
  13. Yep, so that means he's still using Sprout100's internal DAC because as mentioned above, it converts analogue to digital... But as I mentioned, that's not your problem.
  14. Not your problem of course but the Sprout100 converts analogue inputs to digital... original Sprout did not...
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